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March 15, 2022

Unique Ways to Style Your Bedroom Like a Luxury Hotel

Luxurious lighting, 3 door wardrobe with mirror, fine linens, and well-placed furniture create an ethereal atmosphere in hotel rooms. While hotel rooms have a wide range of amenities, you can replicate these features at home. An excellent way to create the same feel is to add a beautiful lamp to your nightstand. If you don't have any lamps or have a matching set, you can purchase one and decorate it yourself. You should also add a few fresh flowers to make the room look beautiful. Another way to achieve a hotel-style bedroom is to get a retro-style alarm clock radio.

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What if we brought the draw inside our own homes? A quick and easy makeover is all that's needed, and buy king size bed from Nilkamal to cater for hotel-style bedroom decor. This post will show you just how to achieve it:


What is the Hotel-style bedroom design type?

The Boutique style is all about adding a touch of luxury to every part of the room. While this type is not for everyone, it can be the perfect fit for those looking for a private and stylish room. This bed design for the bedroom works with almost any interior design theme, as long as you can incorporate the right amount of eclectic touches and small intricate details. The most important thing to remember is to keep the colour scheme neutral, as this style is best suited for bedrooms with light, airy colours.


Design elements required for a hotel-style bedroom design.

Some of the significant characteristics of a hotel-style bedroom are as follows:

  • The 3 door wardrobe with mirror should be the focus of the room. It should be a large, solid platform frame, and you should frame it with a colourful pattern. You can choose a variety of bed heads to make your 3 door wardrobe with mirror stand out in a modern and minimalist way. Be sure to have the right bedhead to give your bedroom a hotel-style feel. Buy Bed Online with a slatted bed head is also an excellent option for a hotel-style bedroom design.
  • You can use a variety of decorative and sleeping pillows in this space. Use white or neutral-coloured sheets. 
  • It would be best to decorate the wall behind the Double Bed with colourful wallpaper to add interest.
  • Lighting is essential in a hotel-style bedroom design because guests need to see everything and have the right light in the mirror to get ready. You can achieve this effect by using a range of different lights to create a calming environment.

What are the best ways to integrate them into your hotel-like bedroom?

When it comes to a hotel-style bedroom, specific themes might influence the design. These guidelines will help you buy king size bed from Nilkamal and create the ideal, bright hotel-style bedroom décor. Check out their online store for more collections!


#1 Bedding

For a hotel-style bedroom, bedding is the first thing to consider. There are numerous ways to make your bed into the most luxurious space possible by using the right bedding and accessories. It is possible to add a dramatic flair to a room by placing pillows on the mattress. To achieve a classic look in your bedroom, use tucked-and-folded cotton sheets in white or neutral tones.


#2 Lighting

The second piece of advice for creating a hotel-style bedroom involves lighting. Rather than using the more commonplace fluorescent tube lights, upgrade your home or office with stylish light fixtures. Experiment with different types of lampshades and other lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights and wall sconces, table lamps and other types of floor lamps. You can achieve a calming atmosphere by utilising warm white LED lights.


#3 Window treatments

Bedroom window treatments with a hotel-like feel are my third idea. You can avoid the hassle and expense of purchasing pre-made drapes and curtains by opting for custom-made ones. You can also use stylish drapery rods to give your room a fashionable feel. It's possible to enhance the interior design of your home while controlling the amount of light and temperature that enters your space with sheer blackout curtains.


#4 Extra seating

It is an excellent idea for adding extra seating to a hotel-style room. Because they focus so heavily on the bed, many homeowners struggle to design a bedroom that evokes a luxury hotel. If you have extra space in the room, consider putting in some lounge chairs, a loveseat, or even a La-Z-Boy for reading or working on a laptop computer. You can rest assured that the area at the foot of your bed has always been watched over if you stay in a nice hotel! And it's possible to complete the look with a couch or ottomans that match the decor.


#5 Symmetric designs

It's important to maintain symmetry in a hotel-inspired bedroom. Symmetry is critical in the design of hotel rooms. Rooms look more cohesive when furniture pieces, such as nightstands, are thematically coordinated. 3 door wardrobe with mirror designs and various furniture should be carefully organised so that you can easily access items like books, computers, and stationery from anywhere.


#6 Feature wall

This is idea number six for a hotel-style bedroom: a feature wall. A stunning accent wall can completely change the feel of a room. Take advantage of an eye-catching pattern and enjoy the splendour of your surroundings while you're in bed.


#7 Rugs

A well-chosen carpet or rug is the only piece of furniture that can make a more comprehensive statement than any other. After a restful night's sleep, your toes will thank you. Make your bedroom into a mini-hotel room by putting one next to the bed or under the sofa. The following is an illustration of what I mean.


#8 Artwork

It's easy to transform the ambience in your bedroom by hanging a large piece of art over 3 door wardrobe with mirror. It's a great conversation starter and can make the room feel more festive when used correctly. Get inspired by these hotel-inspired bedroom ideas and start dreaming up your ideal staycation today.


Buy king size bed online to set the mood with vibrant hotel-style bedroom décor by purchasing Nilkamal items.



Some of the most sensual yet hotel-like bedroom design ideas incorporate old and contemporary components into a single space. A beautiful design alone will not be enough to create a warm and welcoming environment. Choose from an exquisite range to buy king size bed furniture and décor that will make your bedroom both cosy and exciting.

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