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February 15, 2023

Why Benches Are The It Thing For Dining Tables

Stylish and charming benches have multi-dimensional functionality. Though they are not recent inventions, benches have become immensely popular as accent furniture pieces. In the contemporary décor trends, benches have emerged with a new stylising concept. Adding a bench to your living room or bedroom, or lounges is not just for additional seating option any more. They are used to update the aesthetic appeal and feel of the space they are used in. Therefore it’s no wonder many people use benches for various décor purposes in their homes in addition to living rooms and lounges.

 In fact, the latest décor trend is a  dining table with bench.  Contemporary dining table designs are available with a  dining bench.  Whether you want to buy a new  dining set with bench  or wish to incorporate a  dining bench  in your existing  dining table,  a bench will be a remarkable way to update the decor of your dining room. It will raise the overall comfort and cosy feel of your dining space and the aesthetic appeal manifold. Let’s know why stylising your  dining table with bench  is a great idea. 

Benefits Of Having A Dining Bench

In the trendy  dining table design,  a bench has become irreplaceable. A chic  dining table style  with a bench looks attractive, stylish and functional. Here are the benefits of adding a bench to your  dining table

1). Dining Room Looks More Spacious

A bench is a perfect solution to make a compact  dining room  look spacious. For a small space, an open-concept floor plan works best. It makes a compact space look grandiose. To make an open floor plan work, you need furniture that won’t clutter your space and view. Therefore, a  bench  is perfect for a small dining room with an open floor plan. The visual flow of your dining room is not interrupted by a bench. Chairs, with their backrest, interrupt the optical flow. Benches are without backrests, so the eyes travel there is no break. Also, a bench with its narrow structure can be tucked easily underneath your  dining table,  saving space and making your dining room look spacious. 

2). Seating Space For More People

A bench needs armrests to break the seating space; therefore, it occupies less space than three or four  chairs  and can accommodate more people. So, a bench is perfect when you maximise your seating capacity within the same space. You can replace three or four chairs from the table and add a bench with extra space, making your dining table look neat and orderly. 

3). Makes A Style Statement

With just a single bench, you can upgrade the look of your dining room. You can easily transform your plain and minimalistic  dining table design  into a stylish style with a bench. When you want a statement piece in your dining room, add a bench instead of a heavily designed or elaborate  dining set.  A simple bench will make a contemporary style statement, elevating the overall appeal f your dining space. 

4). Seamless Mix-and-Match

The simplistic and sleek design of benches makes them versatile and seamlessly blend into any  dining table style,  dining chair design and dining room décor. So, if you want a mix-and-match look for your dining set, you can add a bench instead of costly accent chairs or an extensive search for complimenting dining chairs. A wooden bench complements and blends perfectly without being inconspicuous, enhancing your dining space’s aesthetic appeal. 

5). Adds Extra Storage Space

Underneath the bench, you can easily keep bins and baskets that will be useful for storing various objects. So, you will have an extra storage option in your dining space. 

6). Balanced Aesthetics

The matching elaborate dining chairs can make your dining space look heavy and cluttered when you have a heavy or massive dining table with a thick top and bulky legs. A bench is perfect for breaking the heaviness and giving balance to the aesthetic. It anchors the dining set nearer to the ground, balances the heaviness and gives an airy feel to the dining set. 

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7). Affordable

Benches are comparatively more affordable than a couple of chairs. So, when you need to replace or add new dining chairs, a bench will be much more pocket friendly, and it’s one of the reasons behind their popularity. When you have a limited budget for your dining furniture, then a bench is the perfect choice to save cost and add a stylish look to your décor. 

Tips To Purchase The Suitable Bench

 A bench is a versatile and highly functional piece of furniture, and it suits and blends with any décor theme and style. However, when purchasing a dining bench that fits perfectly with your dining set, you must take care of a few things. Here are a few tips for buying an ideal bench for your dining space:

  • Length of the bench – Benches come in various lengths. So, measure the side of your dining table and then purchase a bench that will fit underneath it easily. 
  • Height of the bench– To get a cohesive-looking ding set, make sure the height of your bench is the same as your dining chairs. Otherwise, there can be a disbalanced look at your table.  
  • Width of the bench- If your bench is too narrow, it may fit into even the narrowest of spaces, but it will be uncomfortable to sit. So, to ensure your bench is comfortable to sit on, purchase a bench with adequate width. 

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Benches in your dining room are the epitome of comfort and convenience without obstructing the design flow. They add an airy feel to your dining set, making your dining space feel and look spacious. Browse the extensive collection of  dining set with bench  at  Nilkamal Furniture  to stylise your dining space.
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