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November 14, 2022

10 Amazing King Size Beds For Couples This Wedding Season

King size bed is typically for large master bedrooms, with enough area for the bed and all the other furniture and bedroom accessories. They are an excellent choice for couples because they are the most oversized standard-sized bed on the market that can newly married couples can sleep comfortably. Tall people can also fit on the bed without problems, which is more significant than a  queen-sized bed

The king-size bed is the most crucial piece of furniture that appeals to a couple in a house. After all the festivities, wedding planning activities, and events, couples need a comfortable bed to relax on and have a peaceful night. Nothing cozier than relaxing and unwinding on a soft bed and getting the time they need for rest and sleep. This makes them happier and also helps them focus and concentrate better, which gives them a great start to the day. With lots of guests and friends at home for the festivities,   beds can be used to sit and chat, play games, and have fun with friends and family because it is more roomy and comfortable.

Types Of King Size Beds

There are numerous sorts of king   beds in varied styles and patterns. There are several modern and stylish   king size bed available from Nilkamal for this wedding season. A few of them are listed below:

The Riva King Bed

Thisking size bed with storage  is made of walnut wood. It’s storage compartment can occupy small items and utilities. One of the most preferred hardwoods for homes is walnut. Its colour is a deep cocoa brown. This  king size bed with storage is approximately 78x72 in size and has a depth of 221.5 cm. It weighs around 135kg. This will be useful to store your new clothes, wedding presents and more,

The Mozart King Bed

Mozart king bed is constructed of walnut wood and features a storage area for all the necessities. Its dimensions are roughly 78x72 and 185cm deep, and it measures 128.97kg in weight.

The Arthur king bed With and Without Storage

This bed is available with and without storage. It is made of walnut wood. It is approximately 78x72 cm and 204.5 cm deep and weighs 122 kg. You can choose this bed according to your needs. 

The Willy King Bed

This  king size bed without storage is available. It is brown in the shade and eclectic in style. The wood used in its construction is sonama oak. This  king size bed without storage is about 78 × 72 cm and 213 cm deep, and the total weight is 110 kg.

The Czar 1 & 2 King Bed With Box Storage

The wood used to build this bed is walnut and beech.  Czar king size beds have  modern and contemporary designs. This bed includes a box drawer for storage. It measures 218 cm deep and 78 cm wide and weighs 135 kg.

The Terence King Bed

Terence king bed is made from fresh wenge and untreated ebony. Wenge is a particularly dark brown wood with lighter stripes or between dark and light colours streaks. It is a hard tropical wood that is dense, fungus-, termite-, and borer-resistant. As a result, there is no need to treat it. One of the world's strongest woods is ebony, solid and dense. Different shades of dark brown and black make up the stripes. Box storage is included with this bed. It is constructed from a mixture of 15 to 18-mm thick pre-laminated particle boards with a melamine finish. It measures 218.5 cm deep and 78 cm wide. It weighs 140.3kg in total.

The Brawny metal king bed

The iron used to construct  Brawny metal king bed is 0.8 mm thick and MS powder coated. Legs are also made of iron and it is black. Its dimensions are 189 cm wide, 46 cm height, and 206 cm depth.

The Brussels King Bed With and Without Storage

Brussels king bed with and without storage  is constructed from a pre-laminated particle board that is 15 mm and 9 mm thick. Both the head and footboards are in a different shade. These beds have a top-lifting storage compartment. Its dimensions are roughly 186 cm wide, 90 cm high, 203 cm deep, and 107 kg in weight.

The Rolex King Bed

Rolex king bed is made of 15mm thick MDF and has a decorative headboard cushion with beautiful and soft upholstery of PVC. The footboard side includes hydraulic storage, while the top lifting box storage is balanced toward the headboard. Its measurements are 233 cm wide, 132 cm height, and 220 cm deep.

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Here are a few reasons to buy king-size bed furniture this wedding season

According to studies, sleeping in a larger  bed is preferable for couples to use than a regular bed. In a poll, 15% of participants stated they would buy more extensive beds before a trial, and more than 50% said they would do so following one. 

If you think a king-sized bed would be out of your price range, you should know that company like Nilkamal now sells king-size beds in good condition for affordable prices. Large beds are a significant financial investment. 

A big bed might be the answer if you frequently have restlessness or insomnia. A giant bed helps lessen pressure points, joint pain, and soreness in the long run, and it provides more breathing room, and a larger bed makes breathing more accessible at night. 

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Before choosing the type of bed, you want to purchase, consider all the things mentioned earlier to select a king-size bed. Even though a king-size bed can be the best option, you can only use it if you find the ideal one. Choose a simple design if your  bedroom is relatively modern to balance the outlook. You can select a king-size bed based on comfort, style, and price preferences. Buy from  Nilkamal Furniture to furnish your bedroom with the best  bedside tables, closets, and chests of drawers that take up the least amount of room.
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