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November 15, 2022

Amazing Living Room Makeover Ideas With Modern Sofas For This Winter

Who does not like a change every now and again? Especially when it comes to the furniture in the home, we all like to either rearrange it or invest in a new  sofa set  once in a while. Know more about how to bring about a trendy makeover to your living room by going through the ideas mentioned below. Intriguing  sofa designs  will pip your decorating capabilities and motivate you to invest wisely. 

Trendy Sofa Designs to Select From

Whether you live in a modern apartment or a conventional cottage filled with standard or rustic furniture, it is time to change  living room  setting. Scroll through the different types of  modern sofas  available on Nilkamal and take your pick based on the existing look of your living room. 

  • Modular sofas

This is also called the  sectional sofa  and looks like a blend of two sofa sets assembled together to create a convenient variety. This is especially suitable for larger families or if you entertain very often and have many people constantly coming over. It has an L-shaped design and can be set in a way that allows passage based on the dimensions of the living room. The  sofa  may be a 6-seater, 8-seater or a ten-seater, based on the size you choose.   

  • Loveseat sofas

The loveseat is exclusively a  2 seater sofa  that is so named due to its capacity. With a rounded arm design or a square arm design, the sofa is a concept that suits any small space. Being smaller than most conventional  sofa sets, the restricted space calls for cosy designs. Choose a loveseat in a matching colour to the rest of the surroundings, like the wall paint and other  living room furniture.  

  • Sofa beds

These large sofa sets can be converted into a  bed  at any time. The built-in facility for a bed comes in the sofa assembly with a separate section that can be pulled out in a bed shape without much effort. Especially beneficial for those homes that have visitors over very often, the  sofas  serve a dual function of a  sofa cum bed.  Smaller apartments with restricted space can ideally be accommodated with such sofa beds for convenience. Whether you prefer a rounded arm variety or a square arm type, select a sofa bed in the desired design. 

  • Wedge arm-type sofas

These are available in different seating capacities like 2-seaters,  3-seaters,  4-seaters, etc. With rigid wedge arms open in the  sofas, they exude comfort and durability like none other. The high arms give a sophisticated look to the  sofa set  and a raised comfort. You may select a material you desire, whether leather or fabric, for the upholstery. 

  • Sloping arm sofas

Catch the latest designs in sofa varieties, like the sloping arm varieties that are not just comfortable but have a sleek finish. With somewhat rounded cum sloping edges, the sofas are available in any seating capacity. You may amp up the cosy factor by adding bolsters or rounded cushions. Now curl up on the practical sofa types with a durable design and a comfortable feel. The smooth look is very appealing to behold in whichever colour you choose. 

  • English reel sofas

The pleated effect in the sofa arms is another trendy look available in certain sofa varieties. Plush velvet or simple fabric upholstery are the options to consider in the designs. Get an accentuated and superior look on the sofa in the desired seating capacity. Check out the added cushions provided for more cosy comfort at all times.

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  • Roll arm sofas

These sofa varieties are exquisitely designed with a blend of sloping arm and roll arm designs. This gives a super smooth finish and an elegant appeal that can blend with any surroundings. Whether it is a contemporary setting in the living room or a vintage furniture collection you have, this modern concept is one of the best finishing available. The sofa is available in a 2 seater or a 3 seater capacity that may be chosen on the space within the living room.

  • Wooden arms sofas

Wooden sofas have always been trendy regardless of time and era. The evergreen wooden concept can never go wrong if coupled with a wooden  coffee table  and a wooden lampstand in the corner. Durability is what is offered with the wooden concept that suits any and every season. Select a complete wooden design for the  living room furniture  that is complete with matching curtains and a good-quality rug. 

  • Wooden sofa sets

Rosewood, teak wood, redwood, etc., are some of the popular choices to select in a wooden sofa set. Since wood can be shaped into any desired shape and curved edgings, these sofa varieties and  living room chairs  are best for a complete  living room makeover

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Whichever sofa you choose for your  living room makeover,  the durability, design, and cost are the essential points to consider. Not only will the sofa sets change the look of the room, but they will show your taste in furniture.Nilkamal has some of the most exquisite collections of  modern sofas  with unique designs. Check out the different designs available and make the most of the online shopping experience. With durable concepts and cost-effective furniture varieties, whether  living room chairs  or sofa sets, many options exist to consider when aiming to change the living room ambience. Suitable rugs on the floor, mirrors on the walls, paintings, lampstands, side stands, decorative shelves for photographs, the colour of the walls, etc., are some of the other items to consider when changing the living room look.
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