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July 14, 2023

10 Trendy Modern Coffee Table Designs for Balancing Style and Utility


Coffee tables are classic living room staples, a must-have spot to stash your snacks, level up newspaper storage, and binge-watch your favourite TV shows by sipping hot coffee. When shopping for a new  coffee table you may want to buy eye-catchy designs, but a little planning can help balance the utility and style. Buy  living room furniture  and enjoy hassle-free delivery to your doorstep.


Spruce Up Your Living Room With These Unique Living Room Furniture

A modern  coffee table  is a focal point of living rooms and impress your guests with their sheer elegance and minimalistic designs. It can be daunting to buy stylish focal points while preserving functionality. Buy from the below-curated  coffee table  designs and complement your decor without fearing making your  living room  into a mismatched playhouse.


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Trending Modern Coffee Table Designs from Nilkamal

Whether you prefer a  glass coffee table,  wooden or plastic with rustic vibes or a convenient storage option, Nilkamal has exquisite collections.


Simplistic Plastic Nilkamal MAGNUM Centre Table

This simple  centre table  is a go-to option if you want to shop for affordable  living room furniture  yet superior quality for your regular coffee breaks. To sustain the polish and look, apply wood wax every six months. 


Nilkamal Tamas Coffee Table (Honey Brass)

It is an unearthed gem that reveals warm honey tones in style. The graceful stripe metal base complements the naturally-grained mango wood top and provides space to keep your books, plants, and handy essentials. It forms an exquisite centrepiece offering a regal look to your living room interiors.


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Nilkamal Oaken Marble Coffee Table (White)

A sturdy wood acacia and a contrasting tone are a must-have for contemporary decor. Adorn your living room with this ideal centrepiece boasting a resistant melamine finish. It is durable, minimalistic and appropriate to munch on your fries or coffee on a rainy morning. It is a sturdy alternative to your regular  plasticcentre table  and helps to keep heavy ceramic items.


Nilkamal Bromia Solid Wood Handicraft Nesting Table (Honey/Brass)

This steel-legged nesting  centre table  is a chic yet sophisticated design crafted by hand. Use this artistically refined  coffee table  with a grainy wooden top and gold-finished mild-steel legs to elevate your living room. A striking blend of honey and brass tone is ideal for your aesthetic lounging area.


Nilkamal Mondrian Marble Pattern Top Centre Table (White)

If you want to brighten up your space with robust engineered wood with a twist, choose marble- patterned top  modern centre table.  It is a marvel design with a deep storage drawer to store your living room essentials. It vibes with a contemporary decor style with a gold-painted strip in the middle to give an aesthetic appeal. It is spacious and can steal the spotlight of your living room. 


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Nilkamal Fancie Wooden Round Coffee Table (Dark Brown)

Revitalise your living room with a statement-style wooden  round coffee table.  It has a solid sculptural design that complements mid-century style anchors. It has a spacious top to keep your everyday magazines, display decorators, or snacks. Linear patterns and organic grains are modern, eliminating the boring four-legged designs. If you want a robust foundation lasting through generations, this  round coffee table  balances style and utility effortlessly.


Nilkamal Hope Coffee Table (Walnut/White)

Want to go with a wild storage option yet stay modern? Nilkamal Hope's  living room furniture  has a unique design with an open shelf and a shutter compartment. This dual-toned walnut and white combination with a melamine finish is ideal for your home and office interiors.


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Nilkamal Stuart Glass Coffee Table (Black/Walnut)

A glass table top always stays on trend and catches visitors' attention. Nilkamal Stuart Table offers a leaf shape design with mild steel legs and gives a structural yet characteristic look. You can serve your refreshments on top while storing your book beneath. It is sleek, modern and an ideal  glass coffee table  for people wanting minimalistic designs or suffering from space crunch in their living room.


Nilkamal Trevi Engineered Wood Centre Table

A sleek white  modern centre table  is a vintage charmer that supports multiple decor ideas and catches everyone's attention. A glass PU finish and a detachable wooden tray keep your accessories handy and reachable. You can store your magazines, newspapers, and books in the drawer and keep your laptops or tabs on the open shelf. Opt for this  centre table  if you need a wide tabletop for serving beverages or displaying showpieces.


How to Choose the Perfect Living Room Furniture?

Some significant pointers to look for while purchasing your  coffee table  is as follows:

  • Choose a  coffee table  shape you love or one that complements your decor. Choose from round, oval, square, rectangular, curvy, angular or unconventional shapes.
  • Pick a style and decide whether you want patterns, dual-toned colours, or sleek designs.
  • Measure the dimensions beforehand and choose the one that suits your living room space availability.
  • Prioritise the  coffee table  material from wood, plastic, and metal to  glass coffee table,  depending on your lifestyle and budget.
  •  Consider the amount of storage you need depending on what you want to showcase.


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A well-crafted  coffee table  design can uplift your living room's ambience and attract guests. The dedicated space on the tabletop is essential for storing all your knick-knacks and souvenirs. Choose the perfect  centre table  design that complements your preferences and blends charm with functionality. A Plethora of  coffee table  designs is available in  Nilkamal furniture  according to your style preference, personality, aesthetics and budget. Choose from hyper-functional to elegant masterpieces from Nilkamal Furniture and benefit from hassle-free doorstep delivery.

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