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June 15, 2023

Unique Interior Design Ideas With Table and Home Furniture for This Rainy Season

The arrival of rain is a blessing after a long period of hot, scorching weather. The fresh air, the lush greenery all around, and, of course, the smell of rain, the rainy season, give us many reasons to rejoice. A coin, however, always has two sides. Along with the freshness, it brings gloominess, dampness, and musty odours. Redecorating our homes with new  home furniture  can help us combat these challenges and enjoy the pitter-patter outside in peace. Imagine a rainy afternoon while sitting on a  sofa  or a comfortable  bed.


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Rainy Season Décor Ideas to Try

With the gloomy season officially upon us, it is time to make some changes to our home décor so that it is not as gloomy as the skies outside.  Buy home furniture online  to give your space a new look. 


Some home décor ideas to consider this rainy season include:


Change Your Lighting!


We don't need brighter lights in the summer because homes have so much natural light. In fact, with all the light around during the summer, people prefer dim lights in their homes. During the rainy season, however, dim lighting adds to the gloom. As a result, it is best to choose bright lights that illuminate the area. The lighting chosen for the  living room  should be given special consideration as this is where we entertain guests or spend quality time with our families. Choosing the proper lighting above the  dining table  is equally important, as it can make or break the tone of the area.


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Experiment With Different Colours

We don't want gloominess to enter our homes when the skies are already dark outside, do we? One thing we can do to prevent it is to add a splash of colour to our rooms. You can change the colours of your bedroom walls. The most efficient method is to paint all the rooms in bright colours, but come on! Even we realise that getting homes repainted every season is not feasible. Instead, add brightly coloured cushions or bedsheets to  sofa  or  bed  for a cheery look. Bright colour  sofa  in the living room can be a game-changer for you. It can instantly light up the whole space. These colours instantly lift your spirits, and with the perfect weather to laze around in, these colours can help you stay productive. Add a marble pattern  center table  to your space to make it stand out while complementing the aesthetics.


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Bring in the Freshness With Flowers!

Monsoon means beautiful flowers all around. Why limit this beauty to the outside? Place your favourite flowers on the  table  to bring the freshness of flowers indoors. Brightly coloured flowers such as cosmos, sunflowers, lilies, and tulips are sure to transform the atmosphere of the space. Fill water with your favourite glass jar or wine bottle and place the flowers inside.

Given that the weather is pleasant outside, the flowers can last longer. Place them on your  center table  to add a touch of freshness to your  bedroom.  With the weather ideal for gardening, you can add your favourite indoor plants like pothos, areca palm, peace lily, and monstera to transform your home into a living paradise. Place small plants or succulents on the top of the  dining table  or  bedsidetable  and watch how they transform the entire look of the space.


Keep Your Home Clean

The rainy season brings muddy shoes, wet umbrellas, raincoats, and dirt. And if you have children, the situation becomes even more difficult! Should this prevent your children from enjoying the rain? Obviously not! Instead, we should make smart home additions like dirt trappers and umbrella stands. It is best to use coir or rubber doormats because they absorb dirt and water and act as a floor protector. Choose a vase that complements the aesthetics of the  home furniture  and place it near a  table  where guests can leave their belongings.


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Change to Sheer Curtains

It's time to switch from dark and heavy curtains to sheer and lightweight ones, allowing more light into the room and luring the atmosphere. Remove the heavy cotton and velvet curtains, which trap light and make the environment darker. Instead, invest in lace or sheer fabrics that not only keep the room airy but also allow sunlight to pass through, brightening the space. You should also select light-coloured furniture to complement the décor style and aesthetics. 


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Mask the Fungi Odour With Scented Candles!

Scented candles are well-known for bringing a sense of freshness to the surroundings while also calming our minds. You must take great care of your  home furniture  during this time. 

With the damp rainy smell all around, scented candles are a good investment because they effectively erode the fungi smell. You can place them on  table tops, like the  center table  or the  coffee table  beneath the window, to create a calming environment for your guests. 


Lavender-scented candles have been shown to promote better sleep while emitting a pleasant aroma. You can transform any corner into a meditation zone by gathering various candles and incense sticks in a single place. You can place a candle on the centre of your  dining table  for a refreshed vibe in your  dining room


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Make the most of the rainy season by investing in high-quality, low-cost home furnishings to redo your home. Suppose you want to  buy home furniture online.  In that case, you can head over to the  Nilkamal Furniture  and look at the various  table,  center table,  bed,  dining table,  sofa,  and other pieces for every corner of your house

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