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April 27, 2023

Coffee Table Designs For Different Décor Styles

Coffee tables are just one piece of furniture one thinks about when decorating their living room. However, it is a crucial piece of furniture without which your living room won’t function. It is an essential piece that ties everything in your living room together. Whether you have a small corner table or a statement center table, coffee tables serve both decorative and functional purposes. Every  coffee table  is a multi-purpose furniture piece that combines style and usefulness in one single package. From enhancing your living space aesthetics to providing a space to keep your coffee cup or books, or remotes, there is a lot more a  coffee table  does. 

Your  living room table  is the focal object of your living room. Therefore, it’s understandable the effort you put into choosing the perfect  living room table


Though all  coffee table designs  may look impressive, your perfect coffee table will be as per your décor style. As they say, for every décor, there is an appropriate  table.  Let’s discover yours!!!


Coffee Table Design Guide


When selecting coffee tables, your living room décor plays the most crucial role. Your  table  should complement your décor to tie your other furniture pieces together and present a cohesive aesthetics. Here we have listed different décor styles and suitable coffee tables. This guide will help you choose the proper coffee table design for your living room décor style.


Contemporary Decor

Most urban homes are decorated in a modern or contemporary style. Though both terms are used interchangeably, they are different. Modern décor implies clean lines, functional furniture, and décor focusing on minimalism. Whereas contemporary often refers to the décor style that is currently in vogue. The prominent feature of contemporary and modern décor is clean structure furniture high on functionality. For your modern décor living room, a  modern coffee table  design with a sleek and simple structure will be perfect. Your  modern coffee table  can be in any material ranging from wood, glass, and metal. 


A stylish metal table with a glass top would enhance the look of any modern decor living room. Another excellent design option would be a chic table with built-in storage/shelf or a hidden compartment to keep your miscellaneous items. It will add extra storage place along with an appeal to your  living room.  To create an element of drama or make a style statement in your understated contemporary living space, you can opt for a complex shape metal  center table  with a mirrored tabletop.


Rustic Decor

Rustic décor is about embracing the natural elements and exuding warmth and cosiness. The country feel is the main characteristic of this décor. It brings about the innate beauty of natural elements like wood or stone into your living space. For a rustic décor, a coffee table that complements the rustic aesthetics and adds to the charm will be perfect. Coffee tables with sturdy and solid construction made from reclaimed or distressed wood, stone, or metal. Designs with exposed metal accents, a weathered look, or a distressed finish will warm the décor.


Vintage Decor

The love for the past and nostalgia are the core elements of vintage décor. For such decor style, coffee tables will be eclectic and unique. They will focus on using vintage materials such as leather, brass, and wood. Popular vintage table designs include tables incorporating ornate accents, decorative elements, vintage trunks, old suitcases, etc. They add a touch of nostalgia to the vintage living space. To enhance the vintage vibe of your living space, go for a metal center table with ornate legs and decorative borders.


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Bohemian Decor

Boho décor is characterised by the usage of an eclectic mix of patterns, textures and colours to impart a carefree and relaxed atmosphere. You will find playful and whimsical décor with a focus on openness and natural elements. This free-spirited décor style needs coffee tables made from rattan, carved wood, macrame and wicker materials. The most popular bohemian coffee table design is woven rattan with macrame decorative elements. You can also opt for design elements such as hammered metal, ornate carvings, organic shapes, and distressed finishes. Add  ottomans  made from handwoven natural fibres in bright colours to enhance the boho vibe of your living space.


Industrial Decor

The stark and raw look of materials such as metal, brick and concrete with an unfinished appearance dominates the Industrial décor style. For such décor, coffee tables should be sturdy and utilitarian and made from metal such as stainless steel, concrete, weathered wood and reclaimed wood. A table design that looks like it was constructed from a piece of pre-existing furniture or has a salvaged look fits perfectly into industrial décor. Another great choice would be a metal frame center table with reclaimed wood or a distressed finish tabletop.


Minimalistic Decor

Open, clutter-free and relaxed living spaces characterise minimalistic décor. For such décor style, coffee tables with sleek structures, clean lines and natural colour palettes are the best. The material choices can range from metal and wood to stone and glass. A perfect minimalistic center table design will be a sturdy metal table in a slender frame with a glass, stone or wood tabletop.


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To  buy coffee table,  Nilkamal Furniture is the ideal website. With so many wide varieties of  coffee table online,  you will be confused about which one to buy. From simple to vintage and from wooden to glass, Whatever preference and choice you have, you can  buy coffee table  from the  brand that suits your décor and needs. So, which one of the  coffee table designs  to choose?

Choosing the right coffee table that perfectly complements your décor style will enhance the overall look of your living room. Whatever your décor style is,  Nilkamal Furniture  has the perfect coffee table that suits it. Check out our stylish range of coffee tables on the website.

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