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April 16, 2022

11 Reasons Why You Need to Get a King Size Bed!

Remember when you fully enjoyed a good night's sleep in a hotel suite room and realised the level of comfort and luxury a king-sized bed offers? You wished that you could get that peaceful sleep again? Didn't you? Now you can get that sound sleep every night with the Nilkamal range of king size beds. Never compromise on a good night's sleep and treat yourself and your family with the ultimate comfort. Now, you can  Buy King Size Bed Online in the comfort of your home. You can choose from a variety of king size bed shapes, sizes, materials, upholstery, storage space,  Mattress Type and many more and grab the one that best suits your requirements. 

"Sleep is the best meditation one could ever get"

It's a known fact that one-third of our lives go to sleep and nap time. Sleep is a vital part of our lives, and it is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together. While one of the secrets to better sleep is a comfy and cosy mattress, the other is the space of bed you are getting. Here, let's get to know the 11 reasons to get yourself a king-size bed for a healthy and happy you. 

  1. It's worth it!

King size bed with storage and  bookshelves are not only better personally but also financially. Considering the sleep hours and bed usage, this bed serves you more than expected throughout its entire lifetime. This king-size bed is the ultimate size you can get among other bed sizes like queen size beds. While queen size bed provides 60 ^ 80 dimensions, that is 30 ^ 80 space for one sleeping partner, which is approx to a standard twin size bed, i.e. 38 ^ 75. 

The  King Size Bed Dimensions in width range from 188 cm (74) to 250 cm (98). The length of queen size and king size beds will be the same, which is around 80 inches. The standard width of king size bed is 76 inches, and a queen size bed is 60 inches. Here, the 188 cm width king size bed is the smallest one could get. For the ultimate family pleasure,  Nilkamal Empire King Bed with 250 cm width and hidden storage cabinets providing whopping space of 50 ^ 80 to one sleeping partner is the highest and most luxurious option one could opt for. 

Those extra standard 16 inches matters the most for a better sleep experience. While our spine gets slightly compressed throughout the day, a little extra room for a good stretch will be worth it.  

  1. Wake Up Refreshed and Re-Energised

Being in the digital era and having a long and tiring day call for a peaceful and satisfying sleep. Having enough space to stretch and move around without disturbing your partner's sleep is the first thing you can get with king-size beds. So, get a productive deep sleep and wake up refreshed and fully re-energised to rock all day. 

  1. Better Sleep and Better Health

Get a sound sleep in more than enough space and see your muscle aches and back pains decreasing, just like with qualitywfh chairs. Sleeping in a compressed and small area comes with many disadvantages, one of which is no free movement. You will sleep like a statue and wake up with several body aches. So, get a better sleep with king size bed which results in better health, thereby becoming the best version of yourself and giving your best shot in every moment of life. Get enough space you deserve which allows you to breathe fully and sleep soundly.  

  1. Spacious and Luxurious

Get your hands on these trendsetting king-size beds, which are even preferred by popular countries like Switzerland, Iceland, Belgium, and many more. Due to their spacious and luxurious comfort, one can indulge in better and more memorable sleep nights.  

  1. Hidden Storage Cabinets and More!

There are king-size beds that are equipped with hidden storage spaces. You can also choose from the beds with zero or no storage cabinets. These secret and hidden cabinets allow you to store items like pillows, blankets, clothes, and more. These beds also have headboard display spaces for giving you the extra storage space for storing small trinkets and everyday items like spectacles, jewellery, clock, books, medicines, stationery items, and many more. One of the  King Size Beds with Storage space options is the  Ranchi king bed. 

  1. Complements any Style of Furniture

Whether you are going for a rustic look with knot wood or a traditional look with brown and white colours, this king-size bed complements any style of furniture you are going for. For a contemporary and aesthetic look, walnut and wenge are perfect. You can also check out for  Bedroom Furniture and start a makeover of your main bedroom right away. You can choose from various furniture categories like wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing tables, and many more. Also, read  Awesome Ideas to Design Your Bedroom 

  1. Your Own Private Space

You deserve your own private space for an uninterrupted and soothing sleep. This king-size bed is your ever wished sleeping partner and supporter of you. After your loved ones, this is the strongest ally and best buddy for you.  

  1. No Compromise

Never compromise on a better sleep that could do wonders for you. It would be best to never compromise on sleeping positions and other personal preferences. Say goodbye to annoying bumping into each other and say hello to these king-size beds. 

  1. Elite Couple Goals

Get the best gift for yourself and your partner with these king-size beds. You can also gift these to your aged loved ones for their ultimate and smooth sleeping experience. Care for each other by showing your love with these king-size beds. 

  1. The Spacious Treat For Productive Family Time

Gather at one place with your partner, kids and fur buddies and enjoy a productive family time by watching TV, folding laundry, having dinner by binge-watching your favourite movies and many more with these king-size beds. 

  1. Keep it Simple

No matter your body shape, height, weight, and other criteria, these king-size beds are made to accommodate everyone and the bigger, the better. 


Now that you have plenty of solid reasons and an easy way for better sleep and life explore a variety of king size beds and buy the one that satisfies your needs. You can also check out other  home and  office furniture for your diverse needs at  Nilkamal, and you are just a few clicks away to opt for the best.

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