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November 25, 2022

5 Amazing Ways To Care for Your Wooden Dining Table

Although wood is the most common material we prefer in  dining table,  it is also the most delicate to care for. The prevailing weather conditions and other factors like dirt and environmental pollutants can significantly impact the wood's durability. Also, the way to care for the  wooden dining table  depends on the type of wood used to craft it. 

5 Tips to Protect a Wood Dining Table

Damage to a wood  dining table  can result from mishandling and not caring for it immediately. Some tips to protect the wooden material have been listed below. 

1) Place the table away from direct heat

Removing them from direct heat is an excellent way to protect  wooden dining table.  Electronics like radiators used for producing heat in homes can cause wood to crack if the  dining set  is placed immediately in front of them. The cracks destroy the look and durability of the tables. Fireplaces are other locations that can cause damage to wooden tables. So it is essential to place the dining sets away from radiators and fireplaces.

2) Place the table away from direct sunlight

The harmful ultraviolet radiation from direct sunlight can lead to chemical changes in the wooden material. The changes are seen as fading on the surface with discolouration and even peeling off. Having curtains on the windows helps to protect the dining sets from UV rays. But placing the dining sets away from direct sunlight is the best way to protect them.

3) Applying wood polish twice a year

Applying good quality furniture polish to wooden tables is a smart way to protect the quality of the wood. Clean the table thoroughly and ensure it is scorched before applying the  dining table protector.  Using a lint-free material to rub the polish eliminates any residues from the cloth that may remain on the wooden surface. Silicone-free wood polishes are the ideal variety to be used as they offer better protection. A microfiber cloth is perfect for applying the polish onto the wooden surface. Using a wood polish or wax twice a year will extend the durability of the wooden table in the best manner.

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4) Covering scratches immediately

Everyday usage of the wooden dining sets will cause some scratches to be formed on the surface. Making sure these scratches or nicks are immediately covered up with suitable materials will not allow any worsening of the character. Superficial light scratches can be covered easily with a matching wax crayon or a marker. Deeper nicks ought to be filled and maintained with items like shoe polish in a matching colour or even coffee grounds. 

5) Maintaining constant levels of humidity

We all know that most wooden materials expand and contract with changes in the surrounding humidity levels. Wood literally breathes in changing weather conditions. So the wooden surface will crack if the heat is not controlled during the summer with proper cooling conditions like a cooler or an air conditioner. Similarly, in extremely cold conditions, there must be sufficient warmth maintained with a heater to extend the life of the wooden surface. 

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5 Clean Habits for Daily Maintenance of Wooden Dining Sets

1) Setting coasters and heat shock pads

One of the best ways to start caring for dining tables of wood is to set a stack of coasters and heat shock pads on it. In this way, whoever drinks any cold drink can use the coasters that will not allow the surrounding condensation to drip onto the solid wood. In the same way, any hot drink or food can be ideally set on a heat shock pad to prevent any scalding of the wood. 

2) Using Placemats

You must use a placemat every time you eat on the wooden  dining set,  and this will absorb any spillages that occur during eating and prevent any stains from being retained on the table. The pattern of the placemats can be matched to the curtains on the nearest window or the rug below to give an accentuated look. This can be done when you have special guests or at a party. 

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3) Cleaning after every meal

Despite using placemats, coasters or heat shock pads on a  modern dining table,  the most practical way to care for it is to clean the table after every use. This will cover any sticky spills, dust or stains from food and drinks. Skipping the daily wipe-down of the table will lead to a build-up of unnecessary items. A light cloth with a bit of dish wash liquid can help erase any sticking particles from the table surface. The table's durability is then extended effortlessly and creates a germ-free surface to eat upon.

4) Setting tablecloths

Using a tablecloth is the most practical way to care for a wooden table. No food will spill onto the table, nor will any stains be retained on the surface. This is ideal for parties or larger get-togethers as a suitably themed  dining topper  can be used for Christmas, birthdays, other festivals, etc. The tablecloth, once used has to be removed as the food spilt can stick the tablecloth to the table. This can be even more difficult to clean, so washing tablecloths once used is required.  Buy wooden dining table online  along with tablecloth.

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5) Regular dusting

Regular dusting of the table will not allow any build-up of dirt or environmental pollutants on the dining set. This will retain the dining set's lustre and original look even after using a dining table topper.  


Following the simple steps mentioned above for cleaning and maintaining the wooden dining set will maintain its longevity after the wood is a delicate substance prone to changes in the surface texture, colour and overall hardness. But if cared for properly, by using a  dining topper,  placemats, coasters, heat shock pads, etc., the durability of the table can be extended efficiently.  Buy wooden dining table online  fromNilkamal Furniture and enjoy selecting from a wide choice.

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