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November 25, 2022

Enjoy FIFA World Cup With a Comfortable Recliner

The perfect recliner chair is the personification of comfort and cosiness. Laying your body on fully cushioned armchairs can warm your soul and lead you to a trance filled with happiness. Bring home a set of recliner sofas or chairs to make this winter extra special for you and your family. Huddle around the  coffee table  with your family and friends and make evening sips even more magical. Invite friends and make your living room The Theatre of Dreams to watch the thrilling FIFA World Cup matches.

Read the blog to get a better understanding of the possibilities cushioned  armchairs  offer. You can make a well-informed and quick decision after getting an idea about these chairs and sofas.

Types of Recliners

FIFA World Cup is incomplete without your loved ones around you. The tussle between rival fans or the gaiety fellow fans share is priceless. Upgrade your living room with a recliner set and let the celebration of football elevate your spirits. 

Don’t pick the first loungers you set your eyes on. You can find various types of options. Some of them are listed below:

Lay-Flat Recliner  -  Sleeping on your chair is now a reality. The lay-flat options can spread flat, enabling you to comfortably lay on the chair in a sleeping position with the press of a button. You can throw a blanket on the sofa for a warm and cosy sleep after watching a late-night FIFA World Cup game. A throw blanket can keep you warm and cozy. 

Rocker Recliner  -  As the name suggests, this chair rocks when the reclining mode is not used. Nursing mothers can rest on the chair while their newborns snuggle on their laps during chilly weather. The rocker reclining chairs are mostly  1-seater recliners.

Glider Recliner  -  Similar to rocker chairs, glider chairs gently shift to and fro, creating a soothing experience for the user. Create your own comfort zone where you can think and work stress-free.

Power Recliner  -  A power reclining chair uses electrical connections to recline your chair. Some power reclining chairs need a direct electrical connection to work, while some work on batteries. You can find these comfortable chairs with various features, like speakers, a screen, a massage mode, and more. You can easily find  2-seater recliners  and  3-seater recliners  powered by electrical motors.

Lift Recliner  -  If you’re someone who finds it difficult to get up from your chair after sitting for long hours, then lift reclining chairs are perfect for you. The power lift chairs have electrical motors which make the chair upright from a seated position.

Push-back Recliner  -  Push-back reclining chairs need a little bit of physical pressure to recline backwards as they don’t have any levers or buttons. However, the best thing about most push-back loungers is that they can blend in with your living room decor. 

Swivel Recliner  -  Swivel cushioned chairs give you the freedom to turn 360 degrees and lean in any direction. These chairs can be the perfect home office chair. You can add a matching office desk to work with efficiency at home.

Wall-hugger Recliner  -  Who says you can’t have a reclining armchair if you have a small space? Wall-hugger reclining chairs are perfect for small spaces. However, they offer limited motion and recline less.

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Advantages of Recliners

Apart from providing comfort, cushioned armchairs have various other benefits as well. Here is a list of all the advantages of reclining chairs and  sofas:

Improves Mobility  -  Some might find it difficult to get up from a chair after sitting for long hours. Reclining chairs are useful as they let you spread your legs and arms whenever you want, reducing body stiffness. Furthermore, if you have back or joint problems, lift loungers can help you get up with a press of a button. The elderly will find reclining armchairs to be the perfect comfort place. It is also perfect for pregnant women who face back pain during pregnancy.

Gets the Blood Flowing  -  Your blood circulation can become irregular if you sit on imperfect chairs. This can make you feel tired or creates other health complications. Loungers with ergonomic designs give you the required support for even blood circulation in your body.

A Proper Back Support  -  Most reclining sofas have proper lumbar support, ensuring that the user will have optimal spinal cord adjustment. Suitable lumbar support promotes appropriate posture and reduces injury risks.


The Ultimate Comfort Zone  -  Get instant stress relief after sitting on a comfy lounger. The perfect cushioned chair will relax you to your core and freshen you up to work again. A stress-free mind is a sharp mind. These chairs become thinking zones and the roots for all creative ideas. 

Tips to Buy Recliners

You might have seen various reclining chairs with different functionalities and features. However, you have to keep certain things in mind before bringing home a new reclining chair to watch the football world cup.

Consider the Area  -  Remember that most reclining chairs need space to open up. So, you need to buy a chair or sofa that fits in your home. Furthermore, it is important to keep home decor in mind. A red-coloured leather reclining chair or sofa with a wooded coffee table won’t look good in your living room. 

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Check the Size  -  A sofa or chair that is too small or too big compared to your body won’t feel comfortable. Make sure that you can keep your head and your legs comfortably on the sofa or chair.

Comfortable Fabric  -  You can  buy recliners online  made from various fabrics. However, you need to know which fabric will be comfortable for you. The recliner price will inflate as you move to a more premium fabric.

Choose Quality Chairs  -  A reclining chair or sofa will be a permanent piece of furniture in your living room or  home office.  You must find matching tables, lamps, drapes, and  shelves,  so the sofa doesn’t look out of place. Thus, choosing a durable and well-built chair will last years, saving you time to redecorate.

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Reserve an area in your living room to keep super comfortable reclining chairs or sofas. The cushioned chairs are the perfect solution for a stress-filled day. Sit on the ultra-cosy chair and watch your favourite football team take the World Cup. Enjoy late night World Cup football party at your home with friends. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for reclining chairs and sofas from  Nilkamal  now.
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