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June 12, 2023

Trendy and Stylish TV Unit Designs For Your Home in 2023

Entertainment unit comes in exquisite styles, and choosing the best  tv unit designs  for your home can be overwhelming. While decor, individual preference, price, and maintenance matters, here are some trending  tv unit designs  for your living room. Buy a  tv unit online  with eye-catchy collections at an affordable price.

Level Up Your Living Room With These Unique TV Unit Designs 

 TV units  are the focal points of your  living room  and the first thing visitors notice at home. When you buy one, it must be visually appealing without compromising your storage preference. Many TV units are available in the market, including minimalistic design cabinets, classic, sleek, contemporary cabinet designs and  wall-mounted TV unit designs.  Remember to incorporate your style and preference, but check out some cool trending TV unit design ideas below.


Top Trending TV Unit Design

TV unit designs  are of three types- Open showcase, TV cupboard and  TV cabinet  available in  low height units  and high-heights. Open showcase style fits for minimal storage options but lets you store your gadgets, accessories and decorative elements in the living room. TV cupboard style has elaborate storage space with cupboards, closed shelves, glass doors or wooden doors. It accommodates your TV between the shelves/cupboards, boasting a contemporary look. TV cabinet design modern  is stylish, encompassing your TV and other storage items to stock your old newspapers, setup box, and other stuff. Let us explore trending  TV unit designs  below:

TV Cabinet Design Modern Outlook


Nilkamal Kayla Wall Unit (Wenge/Oak)

TV cabinet design modern  Nilkamal Kayla Unit  is an ideal wall unit design with ample storage space, offering a perfect blend of open shelves and closed cabinets. It has a two-tone colour combination with a dedicated space for a DVD player. If your living room has elegant furnishings, select this  modern tv unit  design that perfectly balances warm and inviting vibes. The wooden components of this TV unit design give an earthy touch and act as a perfect backdrop for white walls


Out-of-the-box Nilkamal Greta Wall Unit (New Wenge/Urban Teak)

This Nilkamal Greta TV wall unit gives an out-of-the-ordinary  modern TV unit  design, offering a blend of wooden and glass panels. It has six closed and four open shelves with a glass door on the right. Offering a dual-tone colour combination,  Nilkamal Greta Wall Unit  supports TV and storage of other accessories incorporating style statements. It is a creative pick for someone wanting to choose pieces of furniture with added style statement.


Sleek Glass Nilkamal Nevada LCD Unit - Wenge

Studio apartments and small-space buildings would need more space for TV units. A minimalistic glass TV stand can significantly amp up your living room while staying budget-friendly.  Nilkamal Nevada LCD TV Unit  is an ideal option that fits anywhere, whether in the hall or bedroom. Open shelves give ample space for a media unit and other accessories. The compact shelf design comes with a metal boundary perfect for neutral-toned walls. This sturdy LCD TV unit is a go-to option to balance pocket-friendliness and space constraints for a comfortable viewing experience. 


Minimalistic Low-shelf Nilkamal Elliot TV Cabinet

Small living rooms demand fitting pieces of  modern tv units  without occupying much space. A low-rack TV unit can be a stylish yet functional option.  Nilkamal's Elliot TV cabinet  keeps your TV off the floor, with open and closed storage spaces. You can fit your entire media in the open/closed storage unit with enough top space for storing your souvenirs and other display-worthy items. Buy a  tv unit online  for a smooth and glossy finish to your living rooms.


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Classic Wooden TV unit- Nilkamal Beaumont Wall Unit (Walnut)

Classic  wooden TV units  add a rustic vibe and are an evergreen trend for your living room. You can choose teak, particle or Sheesham wooden  TV cabinets  according to your budget and requirement.  Nilkamal's Beaumont Wall Unit  adds a sturdy and durable finish that can match other living room furnishings. This moulded furniture gives you open shelves and wide cabinets for storage functionality. This wooden cabinet stands tall in versatility, functionality and ambience. Buy sleek  wooden TV units  and match your neutral walls to make your living room lively and beautiful.


Sleek White-toned Nilkamal Cora TV Unit design(Oak White)

Do you want to install a trending TV unit design in white? Are you looking for soothing touch to break the monotony yet go for minimalistic  TV unit designs?  Nilkamal's white-toned  Cora TV unit  can be an extraordinary option with enough drawers to accommodate your TV and other accessories. Buy a  tv unit online  and add a luxurious touch to the living room.


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Why Buy TV Entertainment Units from Nilkamal?


Did you know you have many benefits of buying TV entertainment units from  Nilkamal Furniture?  Let us explore some unparalleled benefits of buying online below:


High Quality

You always want to invest in a Tv unit design that stays fine in the long haul. You may not desire to change your TV units from time to time due to quality issues. The designs high-quality, durable entertainment units at affordable prices catering to your needs. The manufacturing process involves high-quality raw materials and gives design ranges to suit your needs.


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Myriad Options

The brand is a quality manufacturer offering various choices of TV units. Whether you want low-height models, high-height, or different materials like glass, wood, or blend, the store has the perfect product for your living room. Depending on your aesthetics and decor, you can browse the website to find many patterns ranging from traditional, compact, elaborate, comprehensive, contemporary, sleek, or modern.

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A modern chandelier,  sofa sets  and trending  tv unit designs  can elevate your living room to the next level. Spruce up your living space by buying a TV unit catering to your needs from Nilkamal Furniture.


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