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June 27, 2022

Sofa trends may sound like a niche dialogue. However, there is more to this versatile piece of furniture than one can imagine. A sofa is not just a sofa! It is a package that is set to dominate in 2022. The hottest trends on the sofa design circuit are not just the sink-into-me ones but cleverly designed ones that will create conversations, help with storage, and seamlessly merge with décor and blend with the architecture surrounding them. Suppose you are unhappy with your current  two-seater sofa  set and need one where your family bonds or you chill. Wipe your slate clean. Current  sofa trends in 2022  are interior design ideas that are more than just someplace to park yourself to sit. Styling living room with sofa sets is about unique, one-of-a-kind, personalised cushion sets, with prints, patterns, textures and designs playing a racket that can be updated and changed easily and garner rave reviews as well.  Explore  the significance of sofa designs to invest in one suited to your needs.

Different Types of Sofa For Your Home

Double-Sided Sofa

An emerging trend is perfect for living rooms in urban households as it adds a lot of seating space whilst looking sleek and elegant. Choosing an unconventional colour could stand out from your home décor. Add a low-lying cabinet to the TV unit for storage and complement it with the  sofa set.  Paint your walls in a contrasting shade to the  modern sofa set  to make it the showstopper of your living room and home.

Sectional Sofa

A  two-seater sofa  does not offer enough space for a bunch of people living under one roof. If you are a party animal or love having friends and family over, then a  sectional sofa  design is the right choice. A comfortable and sufficiently big piece of furniture, it has ample space for seating, and you and your family could snuggle in, sit, play games and watch movies together. It is also great when you have guests as everyone can be seated together and have a conversation. The design also fits conveniently in the corner of a room and helps use space to the fullest. Opt for a contrasting colour tone for the walls to make the room look more spacious and bright. You could also add a quirky piece of art or a traditional mural to bring a striking ambience to the living room.

Classic Cabriole

If you are a lover of all things vintage and believe that what is old is always gold, then this trending design is what you must adapt to your living room.  Vintage sofas  have made a comeback and are highly popular in 2022. The cabriole is a masterpiece and lends that classic, antique and old-world charm look to the interiors of your home. All you need to accentuate the entire look is to pair it with some more antique accessories, mirrors and other classic décor elements. Opt for a coffee table with some golden accents to add bling to your room's interiors.

Rattan Units

If you wish to live in peace with the environment and like simple, earthy tones in your home, the  rattan sofa units  are a perfect choice. If you happen to live by the sea, they are a great choice as they will complement the climate surrounding you. The best part of the rattan sofa set is that it is a  modern sofa set  that you can use externally and internally, and it is also easy on your wallet. Place some potted plants around your living room and a rattan swing to inject a boho theme into your living space.


Recliner sofa sets are comfortable pieces for those who wish to bring a relaxed vibe to their living spaces. It is also good for those with nagging back problems as that could be a great back rest.  Recliners  in earthy tones or leather fabrics can create a cosy and warm mood for your home. Recliners are great for those with elderly parents at home, even if you want to enjoy a theatre-like experience. Just relax on your recliner and watch your favourite movie. You could add a bar cabinet to showcase your wine collection, and it could be a cool spot to hang out when friends come over.


Two-seater sofa  sets don't offer the space to have a lie-in. Futons are the latest trends in  modern sofa sets,  especially for young people who live in small apartments and do not have much space. Futons can double up as sleeping beds and fold away when not needed. For families who do not have enough room to host guests overnight, a futon is a budget-friendly option as it can offer comfort and host them simultaneously. With some vibrant cushions, you can add a pop of colour to this piece of beauty in your living room.  Check out  these comfortable, functional yet elegant pieces of  @Nilkamal furniture  online or in retail stores.


The pandemic has forced people to spend more time within their home's confines and rethink their home décor. With people now realising the importance of spending time at home, there is a desire to improve the aesthetics and comforts of your home. People are now trying to convert their living spaces into multifunctional areas. The living room, of course, is where everyone wants to make a start. The living room has evolved from the entertainment room to the spare room to a staging room and much more. The sofa is the most crucial piece of furniture, and it is important to know the latest trends when investing in a sofa set. So the trending sofa set designs in 2022 could help you blend your interiors and transform your space into a chic, contemporary and classic area.  Buy  sofa sets from  @Nilkamal furniture  to make your living room a luxury paradise. 

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