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July 18, 2023

Amazing Tips to Maintain Your Two-Seater Recliner Like New


Rain lovers would nod in agreement that there is no match to the welcoming scent of petrichor that lingers as soon as the first drop of monsoon rain hits the soil. Monsoons period is eternally pleasing with fresh-looking greenery spread outside your window with the chit-chat of rain playing a symphony. 

You would love to make the most of the monsoon season by setting up a cosy reading corner at home by converting a quiet corner near your balcony or window with a comfortable  two seater recliner  paired with a small study table to keep your favourite books. 

Throw in a blanket and a fluffy pillow to make it cosier. But do you want to maintain the functionality and beauty of your  two seater recliner  during the wet monsoon season? Ignoring maintenance during monsoon can make your  two seater recliner  can affect its overall look. 

The musty smell emancipating from the  living room furniture  during the rainy season is enough to stop using it, as the odour can be unbearable. Read on to know more about the helpful maintenance tips for  2 seater recliner sofa  to keep it looking fresh like new despite using it for several years. 


Why Is It Important to Maintain Two Seater Recliners?

Owning a  two seater recliner  with a modern design is a dream for every homeowner, as this adjustable piece of  living room furniture  delivers unmatched comfort and relaxation while also demanding a fair share of maintenance. This furniture can be adjusted based on your preferences to recline back to lie comfortably and rest while relaxing all your joints and pressure points. To get a much-deserved break from a hectic lifestyle and fast-paced life, choosing a  2 seater recliner  is essential to unwind and get the much-needed relaxation. 

When you have a regular maintenance routine for your  recliner,  especially during the monsoons, it becomes the focal point of your  living room furniture  while assuring excellent comfort. To ensure that your  two seater recliner  stays in pristine condition irrespective of the season, it is essential to regularly protect it with  sofa care  to prevent wear and tear. 


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Tips to Take Care of Your 2 Seater Recliner Sofa

To have a fresh-looking  two seater recliner  every year, make sure you create the perfect  sofa maintenance  regime after considering the various aspects of your furniture. Factors like the upholstery fabric, the material with which it is carved, and other design elements play a vital role in determining what kind of  sofa care  is required to maintain its overall look. This  living room furniture  you choose must not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your drawing room but should be easier to clean to save you from a lot of strain. 


Below are some tips to help you maintain your  two seater recliner  in perfect condition. 


Cleaning The Upholstery Fabric

The upholstery fabric of your  2 seater recliner sofa  has a vital role in conveying your sense of style, determines the way it looks when paired with your  living room furniture  pieces and the process of maintenance it requires. Choosing a  2 seater recliner  with a posh upholstery fabric like soft velvet will lend a feel of elegance and a luxurious look. In contrast, the leather upholstered  two seater recliner,  on the other hand, will exude timeless appeal and sophistication. 

These types require delicate  sofa care  to keep it attractive and fresh like new. You can use products designed specifically to clean velvet and leather to maintain it without damage. Refrain from using harsh detergents or chemicals to clean these  leather recliner sofas,  as it might affect the outer coat and cause an unsightly look. 

If your home has kids and pets, you might have a  two seater recliner  with polyester upholstery, as it requires minimal  sofa maintenance  and care. You can clean the  upholstered recliner  with a soft cloth to remove the dirt or grime from the upholstery material to make it look fresh and lively. 


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Place Some Deodorising Products to Drive Away Odours

It is natural for your  two seater recliner  to have a musty smell due to the wetness and moisture filed air associated with the rainy season. Put natural deodorants like camphor tablets on the creases and folds of the  2 seater recliner  to remove the foul odours. You can also put naphthalene balls to keep your  living room furniture  smelling great while repelling insects as a part of  sofa maintenance

Both these products are an excellent choice to absorb moisture and to avoid infestation of pests during monsoon. You can also put some dried neem leaves or a few cloves to absorb moisture from the  pine wood recliner  and repel pests and insects while emitting a natural aroma that is not overpowering. 


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Move Your Living Room Furniture Off Your Walls

At the onset of monsoon season, moving your  2 seater recliner sofa  away from the walls is essential to protect it from the raindrops splatter. Ensure that the furniture pieces are moved at least 6 inches from the walls. During the rainy season, walls tend to soak up moisture, which can get transferred to the upholstery fabric of your recliner, leading to the development of fungi and insects. When there is enough space between your walls and the recliner, the walls will dry up quickly, and the recliners will be moisture-free. 


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Summing Up

Recliners offered by  Nilkamal Furniture  are modern pieces of furniture with several unique features like adjustable headrests, leg support and comfy handles to help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed after a long day at the office. Following a perfect  sofa care  regime is essential to maintain it in good condition and to ensure it performs its functions effectively. Make sure you use the proper cleaning materials to avoid damage and protect it from the forces of nature while not overloading the recliner.

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