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July 18, 2023

Wall Mount or Stand Tv Cabinet: Which One to Choose?


What type of  TV cabinet  you choose to purchase is the most underrated decision you must make while buying a  TV cabinet.  Just as tough as what to watch on TV is deciding whether to mount your TV on the wall or let it stand upright in your living room. Even though there may not be a trick to choosing what to watch, there is a method you can follow to help you choose between a  wall mount vs on stand TV cabinet.  You can decide between a  wall mount vs on stand TV cabinet  for your living room by comparing their pros and cons and assessing your needs. Let's start with this discussion on  wall mount vs on stand TV cabinet  to help you  buy TV cabinet online.


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What is a Tv Stand Mount?

Placing your TV on a flat surface and mounting it to a stand or table is the simplest and fastest way to set a stand TV unit up. This is typically a  TV cabinet  or table that is about mid-height; it will lift the TV to a comfortable viewing height for you. These are frequently the simplest installation and may be completed quickly at home using simple tools. You can just set the TV on a table or  TV cabinet  that is already there and get started right away. Because the TV is stable on the  TV stand,  you can control the distance from the wall, handle the wiring, and use other equipment with the TV.


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Advantages of a TV Stand Mount

Reaching ports at the back of the  tv furniture  is simpler when it is kept at a fair distance from the wall. A  TV stand  frequently has shelves or storage, making it convenient to keep all the necessary TV accessories organised and handy.


Disadvantages of TV Stand Mount

There are some drawbacks to stand-mounting, the major being that the  TV stand  takes up surface area. To set the TV on, you'll need a tabletop or other flat surface that is large enough to accommodate the TV's base stand. The base stand or legs may be too wide to fit comfortably on the current  TV stand.  Additionally, the height of the  TV stand  determines the viewing height; if the  TV stand  is too low, many individuals may find the TV excessively high.


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The security of your TV and the kids and pets in your house is another significant drawback. The TV is merely perched steadily atop a level surface of  tv furniture  without being fastened to anything. Because of this, it is simple to tip over and tumble with even a slight inadvertent push, which could harm someone or cause damage to the TV.


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What is a Wall Mount TV Unit?

Using a  wall mount TV unit,  you may securely affix your TV to a wall. To watch TV comfortably, place it on the wall opposite your couch in your  living room  or  bedroom.  Compared to standing mounting, a  wall mount TV unit  requires more effort from the user to fasten the mount to the wall and the TV to the mount. If you don't feel comfortable using tools or drilling holes to attach screws, you might need to rely on professionals to install the wall mount and TV for you.


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Advantages of Wall Mount TV Unit

The amount of room that  wall mount TV unit  your TV saves is its main benefit. This feature can be helpful in a small space because you don't need a table or any other flat surface to put the TV on. Since a  TV wall unit  provides a simpler design and more flexibility to position your TV, this can also be aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, you can select the precise height of your TV on the wall. Additionally, the  TV wall unit  eliminates the size issue as it does not occupy space on the floor.


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Disadvantages of Wall Mount TV Unit

Getting a new  TV furniture  may become more expensive and time-consuming due to the frequent need for professional installation. Whether you do it yourself or hire a pro, ensure the installation is safe and correct because the mount will support your bulky (and pricey) TV.


Poor installation of the  TV wall unit  could result in the mount coming loose, which would cause the TV to fall and sustain damage. Additionally, you should exercise special caution when the  TV wall unit  is near construction sites, railway tracks, or railway stations. These regions may experience strong vibrations that could lead to the mount coming loose.


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Since most wall mounts are low profile and leave very little space between the TV and the wall, the  TV wall unit  could also make reaching ports on the back of the TV difficult. This can make connecting equipment to the TV or using specific cords challenging. Additionally, wires like power and HDMI might be visible if they aren't mainly hidden in the wall, which would require more electrical and civil work.


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The discussion on  wall mount vs on stand TV cabinet  will continue but the final decision between an on-stand and a wall mount  TV furniture  depends on your tastes and the demands of your space. When choosing between  wall mount vs on stand TV cabinet,  consider aspects like the design of your area, the amount of space you have, your aesthetic preferences, flexibility, and installation needs. So, compare between  wall mount vs on stand TV cabinet  and Choose the best TV unit per your needs from  Nilkamal Furniture  to  buy TV cabinet online  and make your TV viewing experience rocking. You can also explore complementary furniture options, including  ottomans,  side tables,  sofas,  etc., to enhance the experience to the best after you  buy TV cabinet online.

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