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March 05, 2022

Smart Storage Solutions For A Small Bedroom Makeover

Has the designated chair piled up with clothes become a permanent fixture in your room? Has your king size bed with storage space also been filled to the brim? Then you are among millions of others who have more clothes than you need. But fret not. We are not asking you to throw away your items. Rather, we offer you an easier and less heart-wrenching solution to the problem.

All you need is to do is make up for more storage room to fit all your clothes and items and give them a designated place. 

You might point out a problem here. Do you not have enough space in your bedroom and have to make do with the storage you already have? Well, compromise is good quality, but not in this condition. We have several smart storage solutions here that give you the perfect opportunity to revamp your bedroom.  

Explore the smart storage solutions that will completely change the look of your room.


Solution 1: Cool and edgy cabinets

To change the look of your bedroom, you would first have to divert the prying eyes from that pile of clothes and knick-knacks spread across your room. For that, you need a catch-all cabinet that is large enough to contain all the necessities, from clothes, books, appliances, and other utilities. Once you have them stored, you can only begin the beautification project. Cabinets come in all sizes and structures; simply choose one that suits the overall look of your room. If you cannot buy one large cabinet, then buy two smaller ones that you can place against two different walls. Just make sure you have a good amount of open space in the room to move around.


Solution 2: Open storage shelves

Open storage shelves serve dual purposes: storing items like books and appliances and as a display platform. You could place ceramics, paintings, beautiful books, and any collectable on these shelves, and it will beautify the place and add a touch of personality to the room. Plus, if you want to store trinkets and daily use items, then put it all in a beautiful box and place it on the shelf. This way, it will be accessible and organised at the same time. Having a designated place for all your items will ensure that your room stays clutter-free for longer. 


Solution 3: Beds with storage space

Now, this is how you buy furniture with double utility. Invest in a double bed with storage or a queen size bed with storage space. It is a multi-functional furniture piece with ample room to store large items that are not required daily. You can store them easily inside the bed and ensure that everything stays out of the way. It is a good place to store your winter wear or clothing items that you seasonally.

Check out Nilkamal's range of queen beds and single beds with storage space perfect for small spaces.


Solution 4: Wall shelves at the top

Build or attach shelves directly to the walls to store large items, purses, heavy books, or anything else. Make sure to build the shelves high to stay out of the line of sight. Place the light source below the shelves to ensure ample light in the room. You can even place these shelves along the perimeter of the room. It is a great way to utilise this space without making the room look smaller. It keeps items away from the line of sight and is a clever way to utilise unused space. 


Solution 5: Binder clips for chords and wires

Forget the clothes and the knick-knacks; the jumble of wires lying beside your bed or your table also takes up a lot of space on the floor. Since one uses them daily, they cannot be stored away in a cupboard. Besides, the jumble poses a risk for a fall or even a house fire. A clever way is to hide the wires behind a cupboard and install binder clips that hold the chords in their place so that they do not get tied up. Even though this storage tip might appear to do little, it expertly hides the eyesore of wires away from sight.


Solution 6: Clothes hanger installed below a shelf

Check out this practical and organised way to store your daily wear clothes separate from the clean or fancy ones. Install hangers below a shelf so that you can hang and air clothes. Sometimes, you want to wear an item multiple times before washing them. Such clothes either go to the laundry basket or lie around the room. It is better to hand them so that they are aired and do not get creased. This is also a sustainable and eco-friendly way to utilise less electricity and water.


Solution 7: Bed headboard with storage

We are all lazy enough to want things to stay right within our reach. And that is why our bed is often cluttered with tiny things that have to be cleared every night. To solve this problem, buy a bed that has a headboard with storage space, drawers or a board to place things on. In this way, you can neatly keep small knick-knacks within reach and not keep them scattered anywhere and everywhere.

Buy from Nilkamal's extensive collection of stunning bed frames with exquisite headboards featuring storage spaces.



You can either buy any one of the enlisted smart storage ways or club them together. It is sure to make your room look better than before, and you will have more storage space than before. So bid goodbye to that chair with the pile of unfolded clothes on it. You can also browse through the Nilkamal website for a wide range of other storage solutions, such as storage drawersalmirahswardrobesentertainment units with extra storage and much more!

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