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April 28, 2023

Best Bed Design to Ease Back Pain Efficiently

Whenever we think of getting good sleep, we often focus on the mattress and whether it is the best mattress type. Little thought is given to the kind of  bed  frame we sleep upon. According to sleep experts, bed framing is just as necessary as the mattress we use. A lousy mattress and an uncomfortable bed frame can worsen matters and lead to severe back pain. Proper support must be given to the body when sleeping to prevent back pain problems. Check out the different types of  storage beds online  and select the  best bed for back pain


Factors Causing Back Pain During Sleep

Improper posture is the most critical factor that causes back pain when sleeping. The wrong posture can put immense stress on the spine, causing it to be strained in an uncomfortable position. The spine may get misaligned over the long run and cause permanent damage to the spinal column. One of the most common causes of a bad sleeping position in bed is the  bed design.  A wrong bed frame can change the spinal curve in a harmful manner due to the sleeping position adopted. Hence it is essential to find the  best bed design  that will promote a healthy sleeping position and prevent any pain in the body. A good combination of the proper  bed  structure and a comfortable mattress can be ideal in the long run. The bed frame must be sufficiently sturdy to support the person's weight adequately, and the quality of the bed material must be chosen carefully to rest on a sturdy  bed


What to Consider in the Bed Design When You Buy Bed Online?

Below are a few practical points to consider before you  buy bed online


  • Size of the Bed Frame

The  best bed design  must include sufficient space for easy mobility around the bed. Being cramped in  bed  is one of the main reasons to resort to the wrong sleeping position. This is especially true for couples who must consider the space required for both of them when sleeping. Also, the bed size must complement the  mattress  size for the perfect alignment of the mattress on the bed. Small enough a mattress on a larger bed can lead to unoccupied bed space that may cause you to hit hard surfaces when sleeping. Your bed frame must also be aligned with the  bedroom  size, allowing adequate room for easy movement around. A two- or three-foot space around the bed suffice for easy mobility. 


  •  Height of the Bed Frame

For good quality sleep in the best position, the bed's height must complement the mattress's size and vice versa. This will help in the alleviation of back pain, if any. Sleeping on too low a bed frame may cause you to buy very thick mattresses that may be uncomfortable for you to sleep in. Getting into bed and out of bed may become a hassle, too, when sleeping on a bed that has a shallow height. Any pressure felt on the back can get enhanced when getting into and off the bed for those with back pain problems. 


  • Plank System of the Bed

A sound-quality plank system of the bed will ensure adequate support for your mattress. A firm base under the mattress will give strong support for easy shifting of positions whilst sleeping in bed. Especially if you are using a lightweight mattress, this can be highly beneficial. 


  • Support from the Mattress

Modern bed designs with storage  give the required support to the mattress you are using. This built-in support ensures that any mattress variety you choose can be efficiently handled, whether heavy or light. Box-type storage, hydraulic storage or semi-hydraulic storage are available options. 

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Explore Storage Beds Online at Nilkamal


This engineered wood bed has a durable mattress panel for the secured placement of the mattress of your choice. There is a three-fourth hydraulic storage with three compartments for storing essential items. The headboard comprises PVC upholstery having LED lights. An additional box storage facility at the rear ensures more storage options. 


This modern bed is crafted from durable rubber wood with an elegant finish. Engineered wood support is also provided in the bed, along with a solid Sheesham wood panel in the headboard. There are four boxes available for storage of various desired items whenever required. 


This bed is made in a contemporary design with engineered wood. The headboard is stylishly crafted with groove patterns and two small shelves. There are LED lights also provided in the headboard for a striking finish. A reflective finish is provided on the bed surface with a golden acrylic look. Hydraulic storage is also offered for heavy-duty storage. 


This engineered wood bed has a firm mattress panel that holds the mattress in place. The headboard is beautifully crafted with a marble panel and routing design with bright LED lights at the centre for added illumination. There are four boxes provided for storage with easy access.


The bed is made from particle board and has whole hydraulic storage for easy access. There is an attractive aluminium design on the headboard for an elegant appeal. 


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Whatever type of material you decide to go within the preferred choice of bed, it is crucial to ensure that the bed frame has suitable dimensions. To avoid back pain, you can perform special back-related exercises. But if the problem persists, your bed size, frame, and design may have to be changed. Consider the points listed above when buying a  bed online  to get a well-structured bed that will alleviate your back pain. Buy the  best bed for back pain  at an affordable price and with suitable dimensions that complement the mattress type of your choice. Consider storage beds online from  Nilkamal Furniture  that will provide added support and a levelled surface.

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