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December 31, 2022

Bring Home Nilkamal All-weather Mattress For A Sound Sleep

The secret to excellent mental and physical health is a night of restful, uninterrupted sleep. Your body and mind are refreshed by adequate sound sleep, making you far more productive, intelligent, and focused. Everyone frequently tends to neglect the quality of their sleep while focusing on the number of hours they sleep each night. Because even though you may sleep for enough hours, if your sleep is interrupted, then the number of hours doesn’t matter. You are impacted on many levels by poor sleep quality, and sleep disruption affects your mood, energy level, and productivity. A prolonged period of poor sleep quality can lead to health problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and insomnia. 

There can be several reasons for disrupted sleep. Some attributes are under our control, and some are not, such as the weather. You may have noticed; your sleep quality is affected by outside weather. Changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature, precipitation and humidity affect your sleep. With some changes, you may sleep better, and with others, you may find it difficult to sleep properly. However, you cannot control the weather or outside temperature. What is in your control is to make your sleep environment suitable for changing weather. And one significant aspect of your sleep environment is your  mattress. Your  mattress plays a substantial role in your sleep quality. A mattress that is suitable for all-weather will help your body adjust better to changing weather conditions and provide sound sleep throughout the year. For the  best mattress to buy online, check out Nilkamal furniture. Let’s understand how all-weather mattresses help you get a good night’s sleep. 

All-Weather Mattresses for Uninterrupted sleep

An all-weather mattress is a mattress that is suitable for all weather. It has temperature-regulating, heat-retention, and breathable properties. This helps make your body cool during summer and provides warmth during winter for great sleep. All-weather mattresses also are hygroscopic, so they can soak sweat and keep you fresh during humid weather. Therefore, an all-weather mattress is the  best mattress to buy in a country that experiences different seasons. There are many types of all-weather mattresses available with other properties. Before you  buy mattress online, you must consider how its material will affect your body. You must evaluate the weather conditions of your place and decide what you need from your mattress. 

Popular Types of All-weather Mattresses Offered by Nilkamal Furniture

Choosing the right mattress is essential for sound sleep. Whether you are replacing your old mattress or want to  buy mattress online for your new home, it will impact how you sleep. Therefore, you need to pay extra attention to its quality. You will find a wide range of mattresses for you to choose from, per your requirement. The types of mattresses offered by Nilkamal are:

Coir Mattress

The  coir mattress is among popular all-weather mattresses, as it enhances sleep quality while providing vital support when your body rests. It is made from natural materials. Hence it is highly ventilated, sustainable and relaxed, perfect for different seasons. Due to its firm and non-flexible nature, it is ideal for people who prefer hard mattresses. Thecoir mattress has a flat surface. Therefore, it helps maintain the correct alignment for your spine whilst providing neutral support. One intrinsic quality of coir mattresses is their resistance to bugs. So, when other mattresses can get infested by dust mites, bed bugs or other bugs that can induce allergies, coir mattresses stay bug-free. With a long lifespan and minimum maintenance requirement, coir mattresses are the top mattress choice. The store offers many variants of coir mattresses with extra qualities such as  medium softness, firm base, reversible, dual firmness, memory foam, etc. You can choose the coir mattress as per your requirement and budget. 

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Spring Mattress

Another popular type of all-weather mattress is the  spring mattress. Spring mattresses are highly ventilated, super support providers for your back and body and highly durable. They are also called innerspring mattresses, crafted from numerous flexible metal springs. The coil gauge of the springs is the basis of the firmness of the mattress. These individual moving springs, interspersed inside the mattress, act as shock absorbers and provide excellent body support as they evenly distribute your body weight. Even when the other person sleeping with you tosses or turns during the night, your sleep stays unaffected. Due to the open construction of springs or the space between the springs, the  spring mattress has excellent air circulation and ventilation. Therefore, you won’t feel warm during summer or humid during monsoon. With soft and plush multiple layers of mattress material, they offer fantastic comfort making them more comfortable and supportive thanfoam mattresses.

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Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic  mattress or  ortho mattress is a specially designed mattress for back pain relief and posture correction. Doctors recommend it for people having body pain, arthritis, spondylitis or any other similar issue. Back pain or joint pain has become familiar to people spending many hours sitting and working on computers, and they need a unique mattress to relieve their body aches as they rest during the night. An  orthopaedic mattress moulds the body and aligns the spine to provide the utmost comfort due to its firmness. Made from a combination of coir and memory foam, an orthopaedic mattress provides ultimate support, comfort and firmness. Their firmness evenly distributes your body weight and doesn’t let your body sink into the mattress, letting you rest in the correct posture with optimum push-back for your spine. Regular use of an  ortho mattress helps correct your posture, promotes better blood circulation and enhances your sleep quality for a healthier body and mind. 

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Invest in an all-weather mattress to get a sound sleep with ultimate body support and comfort. Add comfortablebed accessories such as  pillows, comforters and bedsheets made from breathable materials to ensure a good night’s sleep. Check out  Nilkamal Furniture to purchase an all-weather mattress.
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