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October 18, 2022

The festive cheer of Diwali sends everyone on a home decoration spree. Diwali is considered the most auspicious festival in India as it is the most important festival in the Hindu calendar. Therefore, it’s no wonder you want to decorate your home, making it Diwali-ready. Apart from the regular flower and light decorations, you also want to change your home interior by getting a new  living room sofa.  A new  living room sofa  will spruce up your living room and give a new look to your home. But what if we suggested something better? Instead of a new  sofa  for your living room, you can buy a  sofa come bed.

Why a sofa Cum Bed for your Home

Asofa come bed is the best space-saving furniture with the benefit of being multi-purpose. It is a  sofa  that can be your  day bed sofa  and a full  bed  at night. All in one. With a  sofa bed  for your home, you save space from getting that extra bed for your guests or kids. And we all know the value of space in metropolitan homes. Every inch has to be utilised to the maximum to make space for everything. The size of homes these days is just enough for a nuclear family. They have no extra room for an extra  bedroom,  study, or guest room. So, you are stuck on where to make your guests sleep when few of them visit together. Also, with so much work from home happening these days, you are stuck sitting in the living room when your spouse occupies your bedroom for office work. 

A  sofa bed  is an excellent space-saver for such city homes. It allows you to change your living room setting as per the available space or the guests coming to your home. Also, it can be easily converted into a  day bed sofa  when you want to lie down and leave your spouse working in the bedroom. A sofa cum bed becomes necessary for people living in one-bedroom homes or studio apartments. During the day, it can be used as a comfy couch; at night, just push the back and make it a cosy bed. It is a perfect and comfortable bed for the guests too. So, you must purchase one piece of furniture that will work as many pieces and leave your home space for other necessary things. So, this Diwali, enhance your home decor and space with a  Nilkamalsofa cum bed.

Why purchase Nilkamal sofa cum bed

Nilkamal is a premium brand known for its stylish, durable, and affordable products ranging from  sofas,  plastic chairs,  furnishings,  mattresses,  kitchenware, and so much more. Their  living room sets  are designed keeping in mind space-constrained modern homes. So, all of their options of sofa cum beds are space-centric and of the latest trends. Along with being of the newest design, the sofa cum beds by Nilkamal are suitable for all types of budgets and home interiors. They are manufactured with years of regular usage, so they are highly durable. The elegant sofa cum beds make it flexible to place them as per your choice. And when required, you can quickly shift its position by yourself. Read along to know in detail why purchasing a Nilkamal sofa cum bed is the best purchase this festive season. 

Multi-purpose Usage with portability

Sofa cum beds are designed to serve multi-purposes. During the day, use it as a  sofa for home  or day bed to sit or laze around. When you are too sleepy or lazy to go to bed, lower your sofa cum bed’s back and sleep in. 

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Comfortable length and breadth

The three-sitter  leather sofa  designs are perfect to suit all home sizes. So, all you need is a coffee or  centre table  and a few  chairs  per your living room size to complete your  leather sofa  set. The length and breadth of the sofa cum beds from Nilkamal are considered above average-height people. So, when you make it a bed, any height person can sleep comfortably without bending their legs. And as they are of good width, so when there are more guests, two people can comfortably sleep on it. 

Premium Quality Material and foam

The Nilkamal sofa cum beds are made from premium materials, ensuring full-body comfort and back support. The sofa body has an engineered wood frame made from solid Meranti wood. Together they provide reliable body support while keeping all the layers of sofa cum bed in their place. The sofa bed seat is made from S-springs and 3-inch webbings. The seat, made from a 32-inch thick foam layer, is ideal for sitting and lying down. The backside of the sofa bed has a 28-kg foam with 3-inch webbing for high back support. The whole sofa cum bed is made from super soft 280 gsm upholstery material for a gentle touch. The sofa fabrics are easy to clean and durable. So, you need not worry about extensive cleaning every day, after a party, or when your guests depart. The durable fabric can take daily usage without tears or threads breaking off. Nilkamal offers you many choices to choose from in various colours and designs, keeping in mind your home décor. 

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All you need to do now is go to  Nilkamal Furniture  and pick a  sofa for home  of your choice. The curated selection of sofa cum beds at Nilkamal saves you the trouble of searching the markets. And they also have a wide range of chairs, centre tables and  side tables  to complete different  living room furniture sets.
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