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October 17, 2022

In the season of the festival of light, people start to revamp their homes. Buying a new sofa or changing the old  sofa  can give a fresh look to your living room. Apart from the traditional sofa sets, various options are available in the market. One can choose the trendy  L shape sofa.  These are available in multiple designs, sizes, colours and materials that complement every household. 

What is an L-shaped Sofa?

A usual  sofa  is designed to accommodate five people. These traditional sofa sets have a three seater along with two single chairs. At the same time, the  L shape sofa  is a three-seater sofa attached to a couch. The couch generally doesn't have a backrest. 

Let's look into why you should opt for the  L shape sofa.

Room for many

A traditional five-seater  sofa  will not be able to do justice to a large gathering. If you want a sofa suitable for more than five people, choose L shape sofa. Generally, they easily accommodate four to ten people. The  L shape sofa size  is available per the customers' different demands. You can choose your  L shape sofa size  as per your need and the size of your home. A sofa with a large seating capacity will help host the Diwali celebration at home. There will be no requirement for setting up the additional setting arrangements. 

Space Efficient

It is even suitable for compact and small houses. A fixed-design sofa will take up large space and will leave out corners. L shape sofa or  sectional sofa  is a flexible and adaptive piece of furniture, and they are designed to fit into corners easily. Unlike traditional sofas that waste lots of space, L shape sofas can be moulded and fixed into corners. Adding a small four-seater L shape sofa will light up the useless corners. You can utilise space efficiently and will have a comfortable and cosy seating arrangement. To  buy sofa online,  visit  Nilkamal furniture.  

Follows the minimalist design trend

Simple and minimalist aesthetics have become the new normal. Gone are the days when big bulky furniture with complex designs was in demand. People like to organise their homes with simple and elegant furnishings. The L shape sofa will give your living room a new clean aesthetic. It has a basic L shape design that can easily be set in a room. Its simplicity adds a feeling of calm to the living room. The L shape sofa is available in different materials like a  wooden sofa  or  leather sofa.  Choose the couch per your living room theme; if your other furniture is wooden, go for a wooden L shape sofa.   

Can be used as a bed

Multipurpose and versatile furniture is the new fashion. Your sofa can play more than one role. A trendy casual sofa by day and a comfy bed by night. The L shape sofa can easily be converted into a bed. Many sofas provide convertible  bed  options. Now no need to worry about the additional bed for the guest. 

Have a cosy balcony setup

Got a small balcony? Make it into a cosy seating space. Add a four-seater L shape sofa on the balcony, decorate it with cushions, and add a  table.  You can enjoy Diwali decorations and fireworks from the comfort of your balcony. For such an outdoor setup, choose a sofa made up of material that could easily withstand different weather. 

Light up your garden

Imagine a garden decorated with lanterns and fairy lights and a small sofa. You can decorate your garden, and adding the L shape sofa will give you a classic Diwali decoration. It would be a cosy place for your coffee and a place for a unique Diwali gathering. Apart from the festival season, It is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy nature and their daily routine. The critical thing to remember while purchasing a sofa for outdoor setup is the material's durability. A  wooden sofa  will not be an excellent choice for rain exposure. As outdoor furniture is exposed to different weather, it should be solid and durable.

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 Storage space is among the major concerns of people. With compact homes, it is not possible to have spare store rooms. Thus the furniture that can also act as a storage unit is a boon. Many L shape sofas provide storage facilities. The sofas with this additional facility have a hollow couch. When one lifts the upper portion of the sofa, the storage area will be revealed. The open space can be used for storing different household things. 


It is a budget-friendly option. First, it is available in different sizes, and one can choose to buy a smaller sofa that fits his budget. Another advantage is that the L-shaped sofa is multipurpose. A single piece of furniture eliminates the need for other furniture in the room. Like there is no need to buy additional  chairs  or storage units. Thus you can switch to a new sofa without burning a hole in your pocket.  

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 Maybe it is time to change your sofa and revamp your living room, or you could give new life to the weird corner of the house. You can choose a stylist and a trendy L shape sofa that will be budget-friendly and save lots of space. It is essential to focus on the sofa's shape and size. There are various types of sofas available in the market. You can  buy sofa online  from the comfort of your home.
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