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November 09, 2023

Celebrate Diwali by Enhancing Your Adobe with Stunning Sofa Accents


Though every home will have a fully functional  sofa  that is spacious enough to accommodate growing seating requirements, having a well-decorated one to bring out the festive vibe is the need of the hour. When you have the right kind of  sofa accents,  adding a charming look to your living area is not a tedious task. Maintain a specific theme or style to decorate your  2 seater sofa  or  3 seater sofa  to achieve a vibrant and gleaming look to keep your guests gushing over it. It is essential to create the right balance when choosing stylish accents for your sofa without going overboard. Maintain a cohesive look this festive season by welcoming your guests with a well-decorated living room. 




Special occasions call for delightful celebrations with near and dear ones to mark the occasion of victory of light over darkness. But, as a homeowner, the major aspect to take care of before such celebrations is beautifying your living room to make it presentable and inviting. Even though you might have an  L shape sofa,  2 seater sofa  or a  3 seater sofa  to accommodate the guests, it is essential to personalise it with a festive touch to elevate the celebration mood. With the right kind of accents, create a comfy and aesthetically pleasing living room which your guests will love instantly. Read on to learn how to incorporate  sofa accents  to beautify and bring in the festive mood. Keep reading for style inspirations and tips to add accents to your  sofa for living room


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Top Ways to Experiment with Sofa Accents

1. Create Interesting Textures with Throws

Dressing up your  sofa  with a couple of throws and blankets will add some texture to plain-looking seats. Whether it is cosy evening parties or festival get-togethers, including a few  sofa accents  like throws with vibrant shades of lines can add a pop of colour to complement your decor scheme. Go for throw blankets with a lightweight design featuring bold patterns like diyas or crackers to bring in a seasonal vibe. Try draping it across the top of your  L shape sofa,  or  2 seater sofa,  or around the armrests to induce a Diwali effect. Let your guests enjoy a cosy night and snuggle up on your sofa after an exhaustive party time. 


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2. Layer with Sofa Cushions

Transform the look of your  sofa  by creating interesting layers with soft cushions. Mix and match sofa cushions with different fabrics and textures to create an interesting effect while keeping it chic and elegant. Create a cluster of cushions featuring unique patterns to grab the attention. You can also collect cushions with floral or geometric patterns for a playful look if your  2 seater sofa  upholstery has similar patterns in contrasting colours. You can also create a stacked-up look by placing one sofa cushion over the other in light and bold hues to brighten up the seating area. These  sofa accents  are easy to maintain and can transform the look of your sofa. 


3. Add Side Tables for Easy Accessibility

It’s Diwali time, which calls for serving your guests with lots of freshly prepared goodies. With a side table near your  sofa,  you can place drinks and snacks within your arm's reach to avoid visiting the kitchen often.  Side tables  are excellent  sofa accents  that help in keeping your furniture free from clutter. Ensure the side table complements your  sofa design  and is compact yet spacious enough to hold the refreshments and TV remote. If you have an  L shape sofa,  then you can place a side table at either end to help your guests get quick access to food and drinks. You can cover the  solid wooden side tables  with a table spread cloth featuring bright colours and festive motifs to maintain the celebration spirit. 


4. Choose Lighting Options to Brighten Living Area

When celebrating Diwali, it is important to lighten up your living area with bright  sofa accents  like lighting. Set up lighting features on each side of your  3 seater sofa  to create a picture-perfect living room effect for an inviting vibe. Go for lights with bold patterns or designs with impressive textures or sculpted shapes to make a statement. Select a few floor lamps with warm bulbs to set up a cosy corner to enjoy chit-chat to complement your  sofa design.  If you own a sofa in subtle or neutral-coloured upholstery, opt for brightly coloured lamps to create an interesting effect. 


5. Elevate Comfort by Choosing Footstools

Ottomans  and footstools are great  sofa accents  to elevate your living area. Based on the size of the ottoman you choose, it can also serve as a seating arrangement for your guests. These footstools and  ottomans with storage  facilities, give you enough reason to stash away those blankets, books and magazines to maintain a clutter-free look. Go for colourful ottomans with interesting patterns to create a lively effect when coupled with interesting lighting options. 


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6. Show Your Love for Art with Wall Art

Wall artworks are great  sofa accents,  as they occupy all the blank spaces close to your furniture. The artwork above your sofa can be a family portrait, an artwork by a renowned artist or the ones done by your kids. Invest in beautiful photo frames and choose photographs or artwork in vibrant shades mirroring your  sofa  colours to coordinate or contrast with your living room theme.  You can also try your hand at wall art by bringing out the artist in you using bright colours and eye-grabbing prints to grab attention immediately to your  sofa for living room.


7. Have a Stylish Coffee Table

Pairing your  coffee table  with your  sofa for living room  is essential, as it helps eliminate the empty floor space at the front. These  sofa accents  are available in various styles, wood options, and sizes to meet your specific requirements. When you team up your  L shape sofa  with a coffee table, it elevates the look of your home and gives it a cosy feel. Create an interesting look and finishing touch to your Diwali decoration by placing a few diyas lit up with a box of sweets to welcome your guests. You can also place flower vases or fill up a glass bowl with water and put fresh flowers to enhance the mood. Arrange the books or magazines and ensure there is enough space to keep coffee cups for guests. 


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Concluding Thoughts

Sofa accents  are a great way to enhance your festive spirit, as they can help elevate your living room decor. They are an ideal choice to elevate the overall look and feel of the room where you would celebrate together. Make sure you shop for sofas online by visiting the site of  Nilkamal Furniture  for your seating needs.

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