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April 24, 2023

Coffee Table Or Ottoman: Which Is Better?

Your living room is the centre of most activities in your home. Whether it’s the weekend get-together, Sunday brunch or kid’s game time, every type of socialising happens here. Even when it’s your family time, you all gather in your living room. A few years back, everyone opted for a standard  coffee table  for their living rooms. All they needed was a  table  to keep their refreshments, remotes or some books within reach. So, the standard  coffee table  sufficed those needs. 


Coffee tables are also a décor piece, so instead of plain tables, decorative tables in various materials and styles were purchased. However, with changing lifestyles, the living rooms also became family rooms. So, there arose the need for cosy and comfortable furniture. This trend led to the popularity of ottomans. These laid-back and upholstered tables were perfect for a casual and relaxed setting. However, now the designs of ottomans have evolved, and various types of ottomans are available, from simple to luxurious. And there began the  coffee table vs ottoman  war. 


Now, like most people, you too wonder which one to go forottoman or a coffee table when buying a  table  for your living room. To help you decide between both, we have compared the  coffee table vs ottoman  in detail. Read along to learn the key features to decide which is more suitable for your living room.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables  are timeless and classic furniture choices for living rooms. Since forever, they have been used in every home to serve eatables, tea/coffee, keep magazines/books and other things.


Here are some key features of coffee tables :

  • Wide Variety

Coffee tables are available in numerous designs, styles, materials, colours and sizes. Choosing the right one for your  living room  is convenient from many options. Their diverse styles make them complement every décor style. You can easily  buy coffee table online  of your choice. Select the design, colour and size per your living room décor, aesthetic and space availability. 


  • Easy Cleaning

Coffee tables are made of hard materials such as wood, metal, or stone. Therefore, when anything gets spilt on them, or dust settles, they must be wiped or cleaned with a damp cloth without any stains or damage to the surface. For more stubborn stains, you can easily clean them with soap, water or surface cleaner. 


  • Sturdy Built

Made with hard materials, coffee tables are sturdy. So, they are minimal chance of anything toppling over them. So, when you serve eatables or drinks, they won’t get spilt or knocked over. 


  • Versatile Looks

Depending on their design, coffee tables can be of so many variations. They can be anything from casual to formal and minimalistic to glamorous. 


  • Storage Space

Some coffee tables can have storage space depending on their design. Even if they don’t have storage space, the tabletop is enough to keep books, decorative items, etc. 



Everyone recognises the ottoman as a soft, padded, and upholstered table in various shapes and sizes. It adds a vibe of cosiness and casual sophistication to any living space, and  ottomans  are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.


Here are some key features of ottomans:


  • Wide Variety

The ottomans have become popular, now available in various styles, colours and sizes. With so many variations in upholstery, you can easily find one that complements your living room décor. With the material used for upholstery, ottomans can look casual and formal.


  • Upholstery Change

If you don’t like the upholstery of your ottomans, you can change it with a fabric of your choice. However, it can be done by your local carpenter or if the furniture shop agrees.


  • Hidden Storage

Ottomans come with concealed storage option. So, all your clutter or extra stuff can be stored away from sight. They are perfect for storing extra bedding,  pillows,  etc.


  • Soft Edges

Ottomans are padded and upholstered. So, even if they are square-shaped or have edges, you cannot get hurt or bruised if you accidentally hit them. They are perfectly safe for houses with kids or pets.


  • Extra Seating

As ottomans are padded when you have many guests; they can serve as an extra seating option. They are especially advantageous for small homes, as they serve both as able and as  stools.


  • High Maintenance

As ottomans mostly have fabric upholstery, they require regular cleaning. If any drink or snacks get spilt, you must clean them immediately to avoid stains and spots. Also, you need to be careful if you have pets. They can tear the fabric with their paws.


  • Soft Top

The padded top of the ottomans is soft and valuable to prop your feet up as you relax on the sofa. However, it can be difficult as the tray kept on it may get knocked off. And you cannot keep your tea cup or water glass on it.


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The Final Winner?

Both ottomans and coffee tables are equally good. The final choice of style of centre table for your living room depends on your requirements. After considering several factors, you should make a choice. Depending on the size of your living room, décor and layout, you can choose between a coffee table and an ottoman. A coffee table will be more appropriate if you have a large living room. For a small space, an ottoman will better serve the purpose as it can double up as a seating place. When you entertain a lot, you need a firm base to keep refreshments, so the coffee table is. 


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The choice between a coffee table and an ottoman depends on your preference, living room décor and needs. Both have unique features and a few similarities, so selecting between the two depends on your lifestyle and choice. You get ample options when you want to  buy coffee table online  at  Nilkamal Furniture.  From a  modern coffee table  to a  glass table,  every type is there.

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