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April 25, 2023

Amazing Bed Designs for Couples

Slipping into bed with your partner after a long and challenging day at work is the epitome of the day for most people. Getting that perfect sleep is possible when the bedding is comfortable and big enough for easy shifting. For this reason, it is good to select a bed size that can easily accommodate both partners. Consider the different  bed design  and choose based on the height and weight of the persons who will use the bed. 


A perfect bed size is significant for maintaining intimacy between couples in bed. Whilst comfort must be the utmost satisfaction, sleeping close to one another will play an essential role in the relationship over the long run. Therefore, getting the perfect bed size is vital for couples to be happy. Unwinding on a perfectly sized bed will enable both partners to sleep deeply and wake up fresh the next day. Uncomfortable neck or back pain and other health issues can also be avoided. Especially beds with a motion isolation mattress will prove to be highly beneficial for couples to be least disturbed by one another in bed. 


Reasons to Check out a King Size Bed

If you and your partner love to have ample space on the bed for easy movement when sleeping, then a  king size bed  is the best option for you. You will have lots of room to stretch easily and use the added bed space best. A king bed size is also suitable if you have a large bedroom and therefore have sufficient space within to accommodate the bed. Whilst a master  bedroom  is a perfect size to fit a bed of this size, similar bedroom sizes also work well with ample room for movement around the bed. Those couples who are considering starting a family can also consider the king bed size as it is the ideal size to accommodate a baby. Those couples who own a pet and love to have it in bed can also consider buying a  king size bed  for ample space and homey comfort.  


On the other hand, king type beds are expensive and may only be affordable for some over smaller bed options. Also, the moving and relocation of the bed along with the mattress become a hassle for those who change their address very often. Extra workforce and labour may be needed to help relocate with a bed size this large. 


This is a plush bed size that comes in solid wood material, acacia wood. The headboard has a routed panel pattern for added aesthetics. The bed frame, sides, headboard and legs are crafted from solid wood, whilst the mattress panel is made from engineered wood. 

The bed is crafted from 15 mm thick MDF wood and has a PVC cushioned headboard. There is whole hydraulic storage in the bed for easy storage.


The stylish bed is designed from engineered wood and has LED lights on the headboard. The hydraulic storage below helps store various items in two drawers and compartments. 


Reasons to Check out a Queen Size Bed

Although the  queen size bed  is very popular with couples, the beds are suitable for those who do not need much space for movement in bed. Those couples who live in smaller bedrooms may consider this size of the bed. It is the perfect bed size for more intimacy when in bed for both members, and it is suitable for a relaxed sleep for two people with minimum shifting. 


But if the person sleeping on the bed is over six feet, there may be better sleeping arrangements. So consider this bed size if you have a lesser height and only need a little movement in bed. 


This bed is a mixture of engineered wood and metal tubes made in a contemporary style. The steel tubes reinforce the beds, while the engineered wood adds a rustic elegance. 


This modern bed comes with hydraulic and box storage in particle board material, and the storage may be used for storing items in both methods. 


The bed is designed from engineered wood and can be used for easy storage by a hydraulic provision. There is PVC upholstery in the headboard for a contemporary look. 


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Reasons to Check out a Double Size Bed

A  double size bed  is perfect for those couples who have a limited amount of bedroom space and prefer a clinging sleep style. So small bedrooms can be easily made to fit with these double beds. Couples can sleep with a snugging fit and have an affordable bed size too. The beds are fairly budget-friendly and are made for one bedroom apartments or studio apartments. 


This bed is crafted from high-quality particle board and has no storage. The sophisticated design is suitable for small apartments and is easy to maintain. 



This is a metallic powder coated steel bed with no storage in a beautiful design for couples. It may be dismantled and assembled quickly and is highly economical. 


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Bunk bed  and  single size bed  have little popularity with couples, double beds, queen beds, and king beds are some perfect recommendations. These  bed design  help get the ideal sleep whilst providing adequate space for movement and the slightest disturbance by the next person. So have a smooth relationship with your partner by sleeping on a perfectly sized bed.  Buy bed online  in the best size from  Nilkamal Furniture  for a healthy relationship with your partner over the years.

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