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August 17, 2023

Create a Stylish and Coordinated Bedroom by Matching Bedside Tables With 2 Door Wardrobes


No matter how small, big, modern, minimalistic or rustic your bedroom chamber is, stylish coordination of  bedside table  with  bedroom wardrobe  can amp up the aesthetics and give a unique style. Trying monochrome textures, experimenting with bold paint colours, going for subtle stripes, creating curves or going big on blank walls can make your bedroom more eye-pleasing. Some simple changes to your bedroom can make an eye-popping difference. 

This blog will give you creative ways to match your  bedside table  with  2 door wardrobes.  Buy wardrobe online  with an exclusive display of trending designs at an affordable rate.  



Factors To Look For While Matching Bedside Table With Bedroom Wardrobes

Bedside tables  are highly functional, giving you medicines, alarm clocks, books, water bottles, and other essentials within your reach. To match them with  2 door wardrobe  in your bedroom, check for the below factors:


Watch Out for Size

Take the  bed  measurements and evaluate the space from your bed to your  bedroom wardrobe.  Choose a  bedside table  proportionate to the bed's height and  wardrobe  length. Opt for a smaller  bedside table  or DIY alternatives if you have a space cringe and a bedroom with a hinged  wardrobe.


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Match the Colour

Do you want a style statement and create a vibe in your bedroom? Ensure your  2 door wardrobe  matches the colour of your  bedside table  and bed. Choose the bedside table and  drawer chest  in the same style as your bed and  wardrobe.  For a retro charm, pick a vintage theme or go for delicate pastel colours for a refreshing vibe. For a coordinated bedroom, make all your  bedroom furniture  identical. Also, choose your beddings,  pillow  covers, blankets, and duvets in the same colour for enhanced coherence and order in the bedroom.


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Look for the Room’s Aesthetics

Always choose a  bedside table  design that resonates with your bedroom's colour, shape and texture. A coordinated bedroom should be entirely eccentric or conventional according to your tastes and preferences. Pick one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that vibe with the entire bedroom to achieve perfect symmetry.


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Create an Illusion

If you are not too inclined to buy similar furniture pieces, try creating an illusion of symmetry by tweaking them a little. If you have ample space, buy two  bedside table of the same height and size to give an impression that it is all from the same set. Use an illuminated  wardrobe  railing and add matching light fixtures to add a touch of symmetry. You can use pendant lighting or track light across your headboards as well.


Go for the Same Wood Finish

When you  buy wardrobe online  for your bedroom space, you settle for either MDF, particle or solid wood with a particular finish and colour. To visually tie everything together and create a coordinated bedroom, pick a  bedside table  with a similar finish. But make sure your bed frame has a different finish. If you go for a bohemian style, tweak your  bedside table  with a marble finish.


Create Cohesion

Try to unify varying elements and share the same colour palette altogether. For instance, experiment with double colour combinations like blue with peach or other neutral tones of mid-century modern furniture. Get complementary colours for new  bedside table  and paint your old nightstands with DIY methods to match them.


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Consider Your Personal Choice

Do you want a luxurious, organic or traditional feeling inside your bedroom, or calm or relaxed? Depending on your choice, modify your decor, theme and style. Grab those easy-breezy beddings and linens for a comfortable vibe or velvet beddings for a luxe one. If you do not want to tick to one style, tweak your  bedroom wardrobes,  beds and  bedside table  according to your taste.


Choose Your Bed and Then Other Bedroom Furniture

The bed occupies the maximum space and is more dominant than other bedroom furniture. Choose your bed, then bring about variations with the appropriate  bedside tables  and  2 door wardrobes.


Vary Furniture Shapes

Mix heavy-weight pieces with lightweight ones, or mix different furniture shapes to break the monotony yet create a coordinated look.


Perform Some Balancing

A balancing act can prevent overwhelming or missing looks in your bedroom. According to room size, change your furniture proportions and mix and match styles with the balancing act. For instance, in a transition design style, balance the light fixture with straight lines from the  nightstand  and a simple accent chair. For a curved bed, go for a pendant shade, driftwood  bedside table  and a marble combination wooden  2 door wardrobe.



Trending 2 Door Wardrobe Designs To Explore From Nilkamal To Match Your Bedside Table


Nilkamal Classic New Wenge Riva 2 Door Wardrobe with Mirror

This  2 door wardrobe  in a timeless wenge colour is a great addition to your bedroom furniture and matches classic  bedside table.  Buy wardrobe online  for a reliable choice and a functional appeal. Beautify your interior with classic  prime bedside table.


Engineered Wood Frosty White Nilkamal Wardrobe Without Mirror

Want to create a refreshing vibe and tweak a frosty colour scheme to your bedroom furniture? This 2 door  best wardrobe  is ideal for creating a coordinated yet stylish bedroom design. For a matching vibe, pair it with a  frosty white nightstand.


Nilkamal Ivory Gold Finish Mirage 2 Door Wardrobe

If you want to add sophistication and luxury, opt for this ivory coloured  2 door wardrobe  with a PVD-coated gold finish for an elegant bedroom feel. Pair it with an  ivory nightstand  to amp up your decor.


Max 2 Door Engineered Wood  Samoa Teak Wardrobe without Mirror

This classic and crisp design in Samoa teak shade is the  best wardrobe  to fit every decor and give a vintage charm to your bedroom. For a dual-colour combination, pair this with  a Romano nightstand.




Look for the factors given in this blog to create a stylish and eye-popping bedroom style.  Buy wardrobe online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  and find matching bedside tables to create a coordinated bedroom look without compromising quality and style. 

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