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August 16, 2023

How to Maximise Storage Space in Your Wardrobe


The teetering pile of clothes in your  bedroom wardrobe  and the never-ending online shopping haul can give you a hard time pulling off your favourite dress for an occasion. A well-organised  bedroom wardrobe  can be highly functional. Moreover, your clothes deserve to breathe to stay in a better condition. Reevaluating and maximising the existing space is a smart choice and can benefit you. This blog will share creative ways to maximise your  wardrobe's  storage space and avoid undesirable moments. Use the closet organisation ideas of this blog for a quick fix to your existing closet space. 

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Types of Wardrobes for Your Home

Buying the best  bedroom wardrobe  catering to your needs is the first step to achieving a decluttered  wardrobe  because your decision will evaluate your space constraints, room dimensions and style. Here are common types of  bedroom wardrobes  to explore before purchasing:


  • Walk-in Closet

Walk-in wooden wardrobes occupy a large area with separate sections to store footwear, accessories and clothes. 


  • Reach-in Closets

Reach-ins are ideal for small bedrooms because they are attached to the room without much floor space. Some wooden wardrobes include pull-out shelves,drawers, hanging space andshoe racks, giving the option to choose hinged/sliding wardrobes.


  • In-built Wardrobe Design

Inbuilt  wooden wardrobes  with interior design include wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling designs giving all-purpose storage. 


  • Sliding Door Wardrobe Design

These are space-efficient  wardrobe designs  with sliding doors that can fit into any crevice. Swing doors take away unnecessary space and are ideal for space cringe rooms.


  • 2 Door Wardrobe Design

If you share a room with your partner or friend, a  2 door wardrobe design  is a great alternative to stuffing clothes in the closet. Check out functional  2 door wardrobes  from chic, contemporary, classic to minimalist  wardrobe designs  at affordable prices. Add  bedside tables  with drawers to keep your night essentials and elevate your bedroom aesthetics with  bedroom wardrobe  trending designs.


  • 3 Door Wardrobe Design

If you have a lot on your plate and want to store your footwear and luggage in your  bedroom wardrobe,  a  3 door wardrobe  is a go-to option. Additional shelves and racks aid in organisation. You can choose from 3 door sliding wardrobes, hinged  wooden wardrobes,  metal wardrobes  or  3 door wardrobes  with mirrors. Buy  3 door wardrobes  with a chest of drawers and ample storage space to stock clothing, linens and other accessories. Try  4 door wardrobes  with robust wood and aesthetically pleasing designs to accommodate large families.


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Designer Tips for Squeezing Every Inch of Your Wardrobe

  • Use the Floor

If your closet has unused floor space, utilise it to store your seasonal shoes or winter wear.  


  • Double Up

Did you try double hanging in your available wooden  wardrobe  space? Instead of working on shelving space, you can double up your hanging space when you have too many clothes and insufficient space. Try colour-coding your hangers to identify your dresses easily.


  • Use Internal Dividers

Use trays with drawers and other dividers to segregate and get more space for storing your accessories.


  • Work on the Clutter

Highly cluttered  wooden wardrobes  can clamp the available space and impact space productivity. Work on your organisation skills and arrange everything neatly. Fold all your clothes properly, and if possible, iron them to save space and accommodate more. File folding can maximise the space and make your closet look tidier. Remove the empty hangers, unused boxes/trays and clean the old /worn-out clothes. Consider your lifestyle and sort your most used ones on the top and less used ones towards the bottom.  


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  • Use Baskets and Bins for Organising

Storing loose items can make your  wardrobe  messy, leaving an untidy look. Using baskets and bins separately to store your accessories, files or ties and categorising your belongings can help. Use a dedicated bin for your wallets, bags, socks, bedding and blankets. Label them to have clarity and easy accessibility.


  • Use the Empty Wardrobe Space

The doors and empty vertical space of  wooden wardrobes  can be a storage solution. Place a hook or a cloth hanger, or add railings to put your ties, socks, scarves, etc. Go for a pegboard on the rear side of the hinged doors to hang your daily essentials.


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  • Increase Your Vertical Storage

Invest in under-shelf baskets to hang from the existing shelves. Use shelf dividers to increase the vertical pace if your  wardrobe  has extra height. Segregate short-hanging and long-hanging clothing and utilise the space below short-hanging ones by using storage boxes. Use the space above the cloth hanger in your wooden wardrobe to keep bags and accessories.


  • Purchase Hanging Organisers

Multi-tier hangers are a go-to option for stacking multiple pants, shirts, belts, etc. Hanging organisers with small pockets help store mini items. Use S hooks for compact storage.


  • Consider the Corner Space

You can use an underutilised corner space for corner shelving. Match your room aesthetics by purchasing either wood, metal, or wire.



Quick Hacks for Saving Closet Space

Do you have overflowing accessories, makeup items, hair clips, belts or sunglasses? Store them in a drawer for easy accessibility and organisation. Another way to save space is by hanging your neck pieces and hats on hooks. Utilise under-the-bed bins to steer clear of overflowing closets. Place an additional garment rack outside the closet for an open storage solution and create more space in your  wardrobe.  Try colour-coordinating your containers or baskets on your floating shelves for a more cohesive look. Bringing order to a cluttered  wardrobe design  is easy with these ideas, no matter the chaos.  


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Summing It Up

Evaluate your  wardrobe  and determine how much space you want to empty. Try creative methods, from using slim hangers, using doors, and maximising vertical space to incorporating file folding and investing in bins/baskets.  Buy wardrobe online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  and choose from single, 2 door and 3 door or4  wardrobe designs  catering to your needs.

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