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June 17, 2023

Decorate Your Indoor Garden With Coffee Table This Monsoon

Imagine sitting in your garden, sipping your favourite cup of coffee and admiring the view while it rains outside. Solace, right? However, in today's urban compact housing culture, having a garden sounds like a luxury. Should that deter you from appreciating the beauty of rain? Certainly not! You can now create your indoor garden setup by simply investing in a good-quality  coffee table.


Whether it's a  garden coffee table  or a  coffee table set,  you can buy any furniture piece that matches your preference. You can  buy coffee table  from their website and choose from various affordable and elegant  table  designs to make your home the talk of the town.

Indoor garden ideas for livening up your space.


We all want a cosy corner in our home where we can relax and unwind after a long day or sit and organise our thoughts. And it has also been scientifically proven that being surrounded by plants allows us to think and function better. 


Ideas to Consider While Designing Your Indoor Garden Space


Amp up Your Veranda With a Garden Coffee Table

Without compromising space, you can quickly transform your veranda into your mini garden with a little imagination. Hang your favourite plants in small pots from the railing. It can be decorative plants or fruits and vegetables plants that are also functional. Add hanging planters to complete the look. Add artificial grass to the ground to give it a more authentic appearance. Personalise the space by incorporating your favourite lamps, wall décor, and a swing (if space allows). However, with such a beautiful corner, adding furniture pieces, such as a  garden coffee table,  is necessary to enhance the space and create a perfect spot for sipping your favourite beverage and enjoying the rain.


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Along the Windowsill

Some houses have a large window in one of the corners. Using it effectively and creatively, you can transform that corner into a beautiful garden. There is plenty of natural light with a window on the side, allowing you to place many indoor plants that thrive in indirect sunlight, such as spider plants, money plants, snake plants, and ZZ plants, to name a few. Place these plants on wooden shelves,  racks,  or  table  tops for a fuller appearance. Add a round rug beneath your favourite  garden coffee table  to complete the look. For book lovers, a  bookshelf  allows you to add more plants to the space by placing them on top of  coffee table.  A peaceful and calming atmosphere, with your favourite  coffee table  beneath and plants hanging on top, will indeed become everyone's favourite spot.


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Hanging Garden

A whole garden may be impossible in today's space-constrained urban compact homes. This is why hanging gardens are becoming increasingly popular. Use creative containers such as bulbs or weaving baskets for a more elite and aesthetic appearance. Hanging plants such as pothos, English ivy, spider plants, and others are perfect for these gardens as they maximise vertical space. For a more sophisticated look, add your favourite lanterns and bulbs. One major benefit of these hanging gardens is that the entire floor space remains empty, allowing you to set up a  coffee table set  or a  center table,  giving everyone in the family a new corner to relax. 


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Enhance That Boring Wall!

If you have a blank wall near a window at home and are trying to figure out what to do with it, consider converting it into a mini garden. For such walls, it is best to grow creepers such as pothos with the help of a moss stick, which climbs up against the wall and provides a stunning backdrop for your photographs. With the plants to one side, you can easily place a  center table  or a  coffee table  and  chairs  to create a cosy space for your family to have heartfelt conversations while enjoying the rain. A  coffee table set  can serve as an ideal spot for book lovers to enjoy their favourite book while sipping their favourite cup of coffee. 


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Creating a Water Propagation Wall

The joy of expanding one's plant collection is unparalleled for plant enthusiasts. One of the most effective methods is water propagation, which is not only simple but also improves the appearance of the space. Add some shelves and store all of your cuttings in a well-lit area. Keeping them in glass containers not only improves their appearance but also allows you to monitor their growth. It is always best to propagate during the rainy season since the moisture promotes plant growth.


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Along with this propagation wall, you can add some tall plants, such as Areca palms, or plants with large, beautiful leaves, such as Monstera, to add structure to the space. You can make it a perfect place to entertain your guests by adding a  single-seater sofa  with a  center table.  Similarly, you can add a swing with a  table  in front to make it the ideal location for your relaxing me-time. You can read a book, play with your pets, or simply relax while the rain falls.


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A small indoor garden enhances the space and serves as a great place to relax and unwind. However, the furniture you choose can make or break the look. Choosing the right furniture can be difficult, especially when you need more options. With the world moving towards e-commerce, people prefer to  buy coffee table online  as it gives them a plethora of options to choose from. You can be confident in the quality of trusted furniture brands like Nilkamal, given that they are well-known for providing elegant and functional pieces at reasonable prices. Browse  Nilkamal Furniture  to see the various  coffee table online  options available to help you create your oasis of calm.

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