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September 15, 2022

Decorate your living room with the most attractive ideas for Diwali 2022!

Diwali, also known as the Hindu Festival of Lights or Diwali in India, is the most celebrated holiday. Diwali commemorates the victory of light over shadows and welcomes Goddess Lakshmi, the festival's main god. The 5-day Diwali holiday is marked by bright lights and decorations lighting to bring prosperity.

Indian-style Living Room Design

An Indian living room interior features rich colours, intricate patterns, and textures. A room with an Indian aesthetic is often associated with bright and bold colours, especially in an earthy palette. A space filled with souvenirs, artworks, and other decor elements is another common way to invoke an Indian aesthetic. The Indian modern aesthetic is the balance between contemporary Indian elements and traditional Indian elements. This  living room decor  has an Indian touch through accents and a neutral backdrop. Modern Indian-style living rooms are designed to blend traditional elements with contemporary surroundings.

Essentials for an Indian-style Living Room Design (H2)

  • Living room decor in Indian design  is known for its warm colours and earthy tones. This aesthetic is popular with browns, mustard yellows, and reds.
  • Indian-inspired living rooms often feature home decor, traditional artefacts, and antiques.
  • This type of living room incorporates ethnic patterns and prints, particularly in the home furnishings.
  • Natural materials such as terrazzo, kota and terrazzo.
  • Artworks with such an aesthetic can also invoke a sense of Indians, such as Tanjore paintings and Warli art. 

Essentials for a Small Living Space in Indian Style

  • An Indian-inspired aesthetic can make the living area appear too dark and cluttered if space is limited, such as in urban apartments. You can incorporate Indian elements in a lighter, more neutral space.
  • Mixing the old and new can create an ethnic feel in a modern home. Brass accents or smaller wall artwork are an excellent way to achieve this.
  • To make a small living space feel larger and more spacious in Indian style, it should get plenty of daylight.

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 Indian Living Room Furniture and Colours

  • Hardwood is the best option for decorating Indian living rooms. However, utilise dark wood.
  •  The living space must be enormous. Or else, it may appear too dull.
  • A great way to add style is to add a traditional piece like a daybed or  diwan.  A traditional swing is possible if space and layout permit.
  • A swing can add an exciting element to your living room.
  • Warmer tones are the best choice for Indian-style living rooms. 
  •  These shades are best for wall paints, as they can make the space appear too dark.

Decorative ideas for your house in Diwali 2022

Make your environment vibrant

To welcome Diwali lighting, decorate your living room. Use beautiful fabrics such as silk and brocade to cover  tables  or  chairs.  You can wear your favorite gold jewellery and cover yourself with layers of colourful clothes, such as saris or Tunis. To enhance the aromatherapy effect, arrange pooja items neatly to the sides. Light some incense sticks on top. Add some sweets from the pantry and flowers from your garden to create a Vivid Ambiance.

Show Fresh Flow

Fresh flowers and plants can also be used to represent wealth, happiness, and purity. Flowers decorate tables at celebrations such as weddings, religious festivals, or birthdays, and flowers create a peaceful atmosphere to celebrate the occasion. Keep flower arrangements visible to the guests of honour, especially on the  living room table.  Sitting at a beautifully decorated  living room table  for a family meal is more enjoyable than eating from paper plates from Costco or a picnic blanket made of cardboard.

Light Candles & Incense Sticks

Dhanteras is the Indian term for the period when Diwali occurs. People who cannot travel abroad can celebrate the holiday at home by decorating their homes with candles, incense sticks, and decorative lights.

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Diya is a small clay oil lamp that is the main symbol of Diwali. Diyas are made from earth and have cotton-wicked wicks placed in ghee or vegetable oil to aid them in burning. Some are sold in a simple form, while others can be painted in beautiful patterns or colours. These lanterns are so crucial to the holiday that they got their name. 


A rangoli design is hand-made and created on the ground with colourful materials like dyed rice, flour, or flowers. This decoration serves to welcome guests into your home and to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, the main deity worshipped at this festival. A rangoli must be drawn at the front of the house on Diwali. This decoration brings strength, kindness, and good fortune to the household. Designs often reflect Indian traditions, folklore, or practices unique to each region.

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Use a deep yellow tablecloth to display colourful ornaments

You can also decorate your dining area with ornaments like marigolds or flowers and dried fruit representing prosperity.  Browse for  other options, such as paper lanterns and little statues of God of Wealth, which can also add some flair to your design. It is essential to make sure everything you do looks fair and harmonious, and one small figurine can balance many colours.

Floral Decorations

Two essential elements of Diwali are lights and flowers. There are many ways to use flowers. You can make curtains with long strings of flowers, hang them on walls, or leave them floating in brass or earthen basins filled with water and candles. If you cannot find flowers in your local area, you can make or use paper flowers. You can decorate  home furniture  with flowers, such as mirrors and the edges of curtains. For extra flair and fun, add ribbons to flower garlands. 


These eight ideas will transform your living space. You now know the best things to do for your home this Diwali. It's time to start off looking for a place where you can  shop now!  Nilkamal Furniture  sells excellent products, was one of my favourites. You can shop a variety of products and also find decorative pieces that will make you feel special this holiday season. You can also order India delivery, so you know your gifts will be delivered to you no matter where you live.
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