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October 10, 2022

Dining Chairs VS Dining Benches: Which is More Comfortable?

Whilst dining chairs have always been the normal seating arrangement at dining tables, are there any alternatives available? Find out why  dining benches  are now widely used by people of different ages and eating habits. There are different pros and cons of the traditional dining chair varieties that you must know about before choosing a combination of  dining chairs & benches.  Also, read about the different types of dining bench varieties available.  Buy dining chairs  and a dining bench with the  best dining set  of your choice after reading about both seating arrangements. Check out which having a dining bench is better or the  dining chairs  in the set.

Dining Chairs and Benches, Which are Better?

Even though both  dining chairs & benches  are used for the same purpose of seating when eating, they both have different aesthetic appeals. Find out the pros and cons of  chairs  and benches used with the  best  dining set

Pros of dining bench varieties

Space saving concept

The best part of a  dining bench  is that it saves space as it lacks any backrests or armrests. The bench can also be neatly tucked under the  dining table  when it is not used. Kids who do not need much space may be allowed to use a bench. In this way, you can make the best of the space available. 

Simple cleaning option

Most  dining benches  varieties do not have fabric upholstery and are, therefore, much easier to clean. On the other hand,  dining chair  varieties that have fabric upholstery are not so easy to clean. Just spray some cleanser solution on the bench and swipe it away with a clean duster. 

Accommodate more people

Compared to one or two chairs which take up the same amount of space as a dining bench, more people can be accommodated on one bench. In this way, more people can use the dining table. Two chairs would accommodate only 2 people instead of at least 3 people can use the same space. Smaller-sized people and kids can very well use a dining bench instead of a chair and save space. This is handy when there are unexpected visitors in the home. 

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Cons of a dining bench

Not easy to shif

Due to the length of the dining bench, it isn't easy to move it around when you need to. It may need two people to shift a dining bench when required. This difficulty is not experienced with a dining chair, as one person can quickly shift it around whenever needed. 

No support

Some dining bench varieties do not have a backrest to lean upon and are really uncomfortable to sit on. Also, some benches do not have soft cushioning and are, therefore, hard to sit upon. Sitting on the benches for a long time makes it difficult. 

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Advantages of dining chair varieties

Very comfortable

Most dining chair varieties have upholstered cushions which are very comfortable to sit on and dine on. Some  chairs even have armrests  and cushioned backrests that enhance the comfort factor. 

Heightened appearance

The different designs and shapes available in dining chair varieties enhance the home's overall look. There are modern, contemporary, carved, traditional, etc. concepts to choose from in dining chair varieties. These may be selected based on the other  furniture  present in the room. 

Easy to shift

The small size of the chairs makes it easy to handle and shift them wherever required. One person can quickly shift the chairs to any desired place, like the living room or balcony. 

Disadvantages of dining chair varieties

Space consuming

Since the dining chair types are meant for a single person, they occupy more space than the benches, which can accommodate more people. 

Harder to clean

Since dining chair varieties mostly have upholstered cushions, cleaning and maintaining them is more complicated. 

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Points to Consider Before Getting Dining Furniture

Before investing in dining furniture, it is essential to consider the different options available. Some issues to consider before getting dining furniture are listed below.

  • The frequency of having guests over for dining.
  • The number of family members living in the home.
  • The preference of seating arrangement by family members and friends. 

Different Dining Furniture Options

There are different dining furniture options to consider when choosing them. Besides the traditional dining chair and dining table combination, there are other options to consider too. Dining bench varieties are now available that may be combined with dining chair options. These enhance the appearance of the  dining room  and add a cosy feeling. Some  dining set  varieties have a little bench that can fit into the dining table when not used. Whilst other sets have larger benches and cannot be accommodated within. These benches usually have more comfortable backrests. When aligned with the wall, the benches can save space as the dining table can be shifted closer when not in use. 


Before investing in dining sets with a bench, one point to keep in mind is that the type of bench you desire must be available. Since most sets are available with a backless dining bench, it is easier to go for them. Benches with a backrest with or without upholstery are more challenging to find and may have to be customised. The kind of upholstery may be chosen, whether fabric cushioning, leather, or synthetic. Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  to invest in a good quality  dining set.
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