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October 11, 2022

It's essential to consider tables when choosing furniture for a new home or when you're adding or replacing pieces in your current home. All shapes, sizes, and styles of tables are used as accent pieces as well as suitable places to display items for your home. To best use a room, it is essential to know what type of table to choose. Considering that, when should you use a side or  end table?  Learn  side table vs end table.

Side Table Vs End Table

  • Side tables  tend to have a wider surface area than end tables, which is the main difference between them.
  • End tables  are usually placed next to chairs or at the end of sofas, while side tables are generally placed at the side of rooms or against walls.

They are both smaller than  dining tables.  Additionally, end tables and side tables have both decorative and functional purposes. Both of these words are usually considered synonyms.

End Table 

Side Table

The table next to a chair or the end of a sofa.

The table is usually placed against a wall or at the side of a room.

The surface area is smaller.

The surface area is more significant.

It places items like mugs, remote control, keys and books.

Depending on its use, you might use it to put a minibar, storage unit, or place books.

Side Table

The size of a  side table  is usually smaller than that of a dining table. It is a piece of furniture that is highly versatile. Usually, side tables are used beside  sofas  and  chairs.  It also looks good out in the open, although they are typically placed against walls. Side tables can add to a room's overall design despite their smaller size. Different designs, colours, and materials are available for side tables.

Uses of Side Table

In addition to their aesthetic value, side tables also serve a functional purpose. It was initially used to serve tea, i.e., servants would place the tea set on the  side table  and serve guests. Side tables are used in various ways today. 

  • Using a side table as a  bookshelf  is easy. 
  • It is also possible to use side tables as small storage spaces. 
  • Adding two side tables to a  bedroom  can also provide symmetry. 
  • In the bathroom, some use side tables to store toiletries and other items. 
  • Alternatively, it can be used as a minibar with different beverages and mixers.
  • For small television sets, side tables can also serve as TV stands.
  • Aside from flower vases, plants, and pots on the side table, they also add a decorative touch to the room.

End Table (H3)

We can place an end table near a chair or at the end of a sofa. The termsend table and side table are generally interchangeable. These names may refer to two distinct types of tables, however, by somefurniture sellers. When shopping for side tables, remember that they are a little larger than end tables and have a stronger sense of style.

Uses of End Table

  • Generally, it's about the height of a  chair arm,  making it easy for us to place cups, drinks, remote controls, and books. Thus, they help store small but commonly used items. 
  • In addition, they enhance the decorative value of a room.

Side and  end table prices  in Nilkamal are budget-friendly. Check out the  best end table  collections.

End and Side Table Similarities

  1. The dining tables are more extensive than these  tables.
  2. A side table and an end table both have a decorative and functional purpose.
  3. They help store small but frequently used items.
  4. Generally, we use both terms interchangeably.

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Side Tables and End Tables: Tips for Shopping

  • Measure your key furniture pieces before shopping for side tables and end tables. 
  • In general, side and end tables should be the same height or slightly lower than the armrests of your chairs and sofas. 
  • Choosing coordinating side and end tables instead of matching ones makes for a more exciting space. 
  • For example, choose two similar tables with different table tops. 
  • You should be okay if you work within the same style and choose at least one common element within each table. 
  • It is also important to note the height of the side tables. It's essential to ensure the side and end tables are approximately the same height when designing symmetrical designs (for example, if you want lamps on either side of your sofa). 
  • Under the light of the shorter table, you can stack books to make up the difference. If you don't want symmetry, then feel free to choose tables that differ in height.   
  • Finally, consider how it will be used when purchasing an end or side table. This information will help you determine the most suitable material's surface area. 
  • The table surface may need to be large enough to accommodate a lamp if placed beside a reading chair. 
  • If you want to drink coffee while you work, you may want a place to set it down. 
  • Instead of coasters, choose a table with a glass, ceramic, or stone top if that's your style.
  • No need to tell you that leather and wood are prone to rings, and the fabric is the worst.

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End and side tables are two distinct types of furniture, although they are sometimes used interchangeably. Many people use an end table as a nightstand, however, and each table style has other uses. The height of most side tables makes them seem out of place when used as coffee tables, although they can be used this way. Whether you use these tables in your home or office, you'll always have various options. Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  to get the  best end table  and side table
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