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July 07, 2023

Tide Up Your Bedroom and Give it a Calming Vibe


Heyaa folks! Today I want to tell you a fact. It is said that when your bedroom is dirty and full of clutter, your mind feels stressed, and when your bedroom is clean and clutter-free, your mind feels calm, and you get a pleasant sleeping experience. So, let us start deep  bedroom cleaning  and creating a cosy space to help you relax and refresh. So, let’s get started with some  cleaning hacks for bedroom.


Here are Some Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Below are some  cleaning hacks for bedroom :


Declutter, Declutter, and Declutter

First things first, whenever you start  bedroom cleaning,  first declutter everything and trust me, half of your job will be done. So, first, remove all the unnecessary items that you do not need from your room. Now, remove everything from your drawers and shelves that are useless or belong to other rooms. Through the waste into the dustbin and send the stuff from other rooms to their own space.


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Take Out the Bedsheets and Blankets

Your bedsheets and blankets may seem pristine and clean, but believe me. Actually, they are not. With continuous usage every day, they absorb dirt and stains. So, now it’s time to take out all your bedsheets and blankets and put them in the washer to do a rotating dance in the washing machine. Make sure you are  cleaning mattress,  bedsheets, pillowcases, and everything thoroughly.


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Move the Shelves and Tables Outside

The areas beneath the shelves and  tables  are not easily reachable, so they need to be cleaned daily. But when doing a deep clean, you should first move them all outside the room to clean each nook and corner of the room.


Clear the Dirt

Now that you have decluttered everything, removed the bedsheets, and moved the tables, it is time to start dusting. Now start  cleaning bedroom walls,  windows, and fans. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear all the dirt and dust from the floor. Finally, mop the floor thoroughly to remove any stains.


Sanitise the Surfaces

Well, switches, doorknobs, remote controls, and such items are the ones that are most used and frequent touches can make germs accumulate over them. So, now is the time to sanitise everything so they are clean and germ-free.


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Organise Your Wardrobe

A  wardrobe  is that piece of furniture that is most cluttered as we use it many times a day, and very often, when we are in a hurry, we throw our clothes in without proper folding, which leads to disarrangement. So, make sure you pay special attention to your wardrobe. First, take out everything from the wardrobe and divide them into categories. You can put the things you do not need in one place, the things you rarely need, and the things you need daily. Now throw away, donate, or recycle the things you do not need and arrange the remaining as per their usage requirements. You can also use organiser bags to arrange everything properly.


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Organise Everything

Finally, it is time to organise everything in your room. Move your tables, shelves, etc., back to the room. Remember to wipe off all the dirt before moving them in. Organise all their stuff back in neatly. Put on fresh bedsheets, pillow covers, and  mattresses;  your room is clean and tidy.


Let the Room Breath in Freshness

Now it’s time to give your room some fresh air. Open the windows, use an air freshener or add plants with air-freshening properties.


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Calming Lights

The lighting of the  bedroom  has a significant impact on the ambience of the room. So, add some calming lights to your room to create a calming ambience.


Add the Beauty of Nature

Nature has this magical power to boost the ambience and create a pleasant vibe in your room. You can add indoor plants to your space, or if you have a balcony in your room or receiver enough sunlight near the windows, you can also add flowering plants.


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Additional Bedroom Cleaning Tips

Here are some additional  room cleaning tips  after you are done with deep cleaning

  • Deep cleaning can only be done occasionally as it takes a lot of time. So, make sure that you go for light cleaning every day to retain the cleanliness of the room.
  • Be sure to tidy up the  bed  daily after you wake up. Fold the mattresses, remove the creases from the bedsheets, and arrange the  pillows  regularly.
  • Change the bedsheets and pillow covers frequently, and ensure you are  cleaning mattress  regularly. 
  • Avoid putting your things here and there. Always put them in their dedicated space after use to avoid cluttering.
  • Try using a vacuum cleaner daily and mop the floor every 2-3 days. Wipe the shelves and windows every 10-15 days.
  • Use vinegar, baking soda, and water to remove stains from the floor and windows.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals on the floor or walls, as they can damage them.
  • You can also use organising boxes or dividers to keep everything organised in the drawers and shelves.
  • While deep  cleaning bedroom walls  and floor, making a list of everything you need to do will help make the task easier.
  • Make sure to also go for  bedroom carpet cleaning  now and then.


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Lots of work. Right? But have a look at your bedroom after you have cleaned it. You will see that all the efforts are worth it. The calming effect of the clean room will soothe your mind and soul and let you have a pleasant sleep throughout the night. With the  room cleaning tips  and tricks for  cleaning mattress  and other things mentioned above, you can completely clean up your bedroom and make it your comfortable haven.

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