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September 19, 2023

Top Reasons To Choose For 3 Door Wardrobe Over 2 Door Wardrobe


Choosing the right  wardrobe  is essential for an organised and visually appealing bedroom. One question that often pops up is whether to pick a 3 door  bedroom wardrobe  or a  2 door wardrobe.  In this blog, we will explore the top ten reasons why you should opt for  3 door wardrobe  and reap its benefits over 2 door  bedroom wardrobe.  Before we delve into the reasons for switching to  3 door wardrobes,  let us explore the different  wardrobe  types.


Different Types of 3 Door Wardrobes

Explore the following types of  3 door wardrobe  designs for your bedroom.


3 Door Sliding Wardrobe

Want to organise your clothes without clutter? 3 door sliding  wardrobe feature a modern design and efficient functionality to store all your clothing, accessories, and other personal items while freeing up space to facilitate effortless movement. 


3 Door Wardrobe With Mirror

A  3 door wardrobe  with a mirror is a statement style, with ample storage space to store your clothes and accessories. These  bedroom wardrobe  types feature a full-length mirror that revamps your  bedroom  space with elegance.


3 Door Wooden Wardrobes

Wooden  wardrobe online  stands tall on durability and adds an air of sophistication with its luxe finish. 3 door wooden  bedroom wardrobes  are a vintage charm with functional interior and exterior drawers, hangers and multiple compartments for storage.


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3 Door Metal Wardrobes

3 door  steel almirah  designs are always a cost-effective yet multipurpose solution for your bedroom/living room. If you want a budget-friendly pick, 3 door metal  wardrobes  can be a great organiser and a functional storage unit. Moreover, they are lightweight  wardrobe online  that enable portability and flexibility to move them around. 

Top 10 Reasons To Opt For 3 Door Wardrobe Over 2 Door Wardrobe


The right  wardrobe  design affects the bedroom aesthetics and storage space. look at some compelling reasons to switch to a 3 door  bedroom wardrobe


Ample Storage Space

One of the most prominent benefits of a  3 door wardrobe  is its additional storage space over a 2 door  bedroom wardrobe.  It gives extra room to store your shoes, accessories, clothes and more. It is ideal for a family or couple who prefer extra storage space without cramming the inside area. 


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Better Organisation

A  3 door wardrobe  allows for better organisation, and you can delegate specific spaces for your clothing, shirts, skirts, suits and accessories. It increases accessibility and lets you keep your items separately, saving time and preserving the life of your clothes. 


Enhanced Aesthetics

If you want a  modern wardrobe  with a contemporary outlook,  3 door wardrobes  create a visually appealing symmetry, making them a focal point in your bedroom. Unlike the 2 door almirah, 3 door wooden  wardrobe online  amps up your interiors and gives character to your bedroom.


Built-in Mirror for a Statement Style

Many 3-door  wardrobes  have a built-in mirror on one door that adds some depth to the interior with the reflection of light. It adds another functionality to your cabinet to use the  wardrobe  mirror for daily dressing sessions. Having a mirror within your  wardrobe  provides a convenient space for dressing and is useful, particularly in smaller bedrooms.


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Versatility in Storage Options

A  3 door wardrobe  offers more versatility where each section caters to specific storage needs. For instance, you can allocate one partition for hanging clothes, another shelf to store folded clothing or accessories, and a bottom space for shoe storage. It gives the power to customise your  wardrobe  as per individual storage requirements. Although you can use each section of a  2 Door wardrobe  differently, space limits hamper minute partitions.


Ideal for Room Sharing and Family

When two or three people share a room, a 3 door  wardrobe online  will make it easier to keep each of the belongings separate and organised. It prevents space conflicts and gives separate storage for everyone's needs. Also,  3 door wardrobe  is more efficient and has more storage space that accommodates kids, pets and all family members' items, unlike  2 door wardrobe  design.  


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Easy Access in Tight Spaces

3 door wardrobes  can be an advantage over 2 door  bedroom wardrobes  as they allow more storage and easy access in a limited space. For smaller rooms with irregular layouts,  2 door wardrobes  may be less accessible compared to  3 door wardrobes. 


Interior Lighting Options

Unlike  2 door wardrobes,  many  modern wardrobe with 3 doors come with built-in interior lighting options to illuminate the inside of the  wardrobe,  making it easier to find your clothing and accessories during nighttime. 


Additional Features and Customisation

You can utilise the extra space of a  3 door wardrobe  to include pull-out trays, ties, jewellery drawers, or built-in laundry. The extra space allows customisation and adding new features tailored to specific needs and lifestyles. 


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Long-Term Investment

Investing in a  3 door wardrobe  is an excellent long-term decision that gives you a functional and stylish piece of furniture. Unlike 2 door  bedroom wardrobe that may require additional storage solutions as your clothing collection grows, you have more kids or buy some more pets,  3 door wardrobe  can adapt to your changing needs over time.


Why Buy 3 Door Wardrobe Online?

Shopping for  3 door wardrobe  design offline by manually visiting stores can be intimidating and time-consuming.  Buy wardrobe online  offers a wide range of designs, the latest collections, 24/7 customer support and free shipping options without jeopardising quality. 


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Choosing the ideal  wardrobe  for your bedroom can be confusing and requires weighing the pros and cons of available  bedroom wardrobe  designs. While  2  door wardrobes  are good for a small family,  3 door wardrobe  designs outweigh their merits and give better versatility. Whether you are a shopaholic, you have a vast clothing collection or want a functional furniture piece for your bedroom, a 3-door  wardrobe  is a wise choice that can cater to your growing needs and provide long-term value.  Buy wardrobe online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  to organise your space with trendy and functional 3 door  bedroom wardrobe  designs.

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