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August 19, 2023

Explore Spacious Modern Three-Door Wardrobe for Your Luxurious Bedroom


The trendy design of a  3 door wardrobe  has evolved as a statement piece of furniture in a bedroom. A  wardrobe  is not only confined to storing clothes. It is also involved in adding personal style to your bedroom decor. Wardrobes of different styles and storage capacities have emerged to provide convenience. The smooth functioning and innovative structures of wardrobes will help you to store all belongings safely. If you want to save space in your bedroom, a wardrobe can be of great use. The additional lockers allow you to safely keep your jewellery and other valuable belongings. You can  buy wardrobe online  and choose any style and design that can offer you a great opportunity to make your bedroom graceful.



Trendy 3-Door Wardrobe Designs for Your Bedroom

You can choose any one of the following 3 door  wooden wardrobes  as per your style and preference.


Nilkamal Willy Three-Door Wardrobe With Mirror

The smooth functioning of  3 door wardrobe  will allow you to store your expensive clothes safely. Its high-quality particle board creates a pleasing appearance. The graceful design of this  wardrobe  allows your bedroom to emanate a pleasing ambience. The seven spacious shelves offer a luxurious haven of clothing. The pristine external mirror allows you to see a perfect reflection of yourself. One hanging rod allows you to make your apparel easily accessible. The sophisticated structure complements your modern  bedroom furniture  well. The external security lock will allow you to keep your valuable belongings safely. It can be the perfect  bedroom wardrobe  for your modern bedroom.


Nilkamal Mozart Triple Doors Wardrobe With Mirror

The modern design of this  3 door wardrobe  is suitable to grace your bedroom. The flawless mirror will allow you to have a perfect reflection of yourself. The top-notch particle board makes the  wardrobe  long-lasting and sustainable. The smooth functionality and strong construction make the frame a stronger container for your valuable apparel. The timeless walnut shade will add an elegant touch to your space. This  modern wardrobe  with six shelves and three drawers provides ample space to keep your belongings safely. Two hanging rods will allow you to keep your coats and shirts in order. The stylish exterior handles attached to it will enhance the elegance.


Max Three-Door Engineered Wood Wardrobe

The white-coloured  3 door wardrobe  can be perfect for making your bedroom complete. This elegant piece of furniture offers ample space with eight wide separate compartments. The strong particle board makes the  wardrobe  durable by preventing easy wear and tear. The contemporary style complements a bedroom of any design. Max wardrobe can be the best choice if you have decided to  buy wardrobe.  Four drawers and a security locker will allow you to keep your valuable belongings safely and securely. Two sections with rods also allow you to arrange the clothes in the discipline. Frosty white shades will complement any bedroom decor.


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Eternal Three Door Wardrobe With Mirror

Save a lot of space in your bedroom with the help of this spacious  3 door wardrobe.  You can arrange your bedroom conveniently by keeping your belongings safe. Large  cabinets  and drawers allow you to store apparel inside. The multicolour appearance adds a pleasing look. This wardrobe can be an ideal choice if you want to  buy wardrobe online.  The blend of teak and white colour will enhance your bedroom decor's beauty. The smooth functional structure of the  wardrobe  will be convenient to use. 


Nilkamal Mirage Engineered Three-Door Wardrobe

Arrange your bedroom with this  3 door wardrobe.  The high gloss finish will enhance your bedroom look. The strong engineered wood will make construction long-lasting. Fine groove detailing enhances the appealing look of your entire space. It is one of the finest  wooden wardrobes  with an amazing visual appearance. The gold finish handles add a royal ambience to your bedroom. Multiple separate spaces allow you to segregate your belongings at your convenience. The spacious storage capacities offer easy access to your daily usable apparel. Thick zoom locks allow you to store your precious belongings without any worry. 


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Factors To Consider While Choosing a 3-Door Wardrobe

If you are considering buying a  bedroom wardrobe,  you should focus on some important factors. These will help you to choose the right  3 door wardrobe  for your bedroom.


  • Space Inside the Wardrobe

You should check the space of the drawers and shelves. Many wardrobes appear to be large, but some of them may not contain spacious drawers inside. If you need a  3 door wardrobe  with a spacious interior, check the size of the shelves and drawers. 


  • Style of the Wardrobe

There are wardrobes of multiple styles and designs. You should be sure of what type of style you want to have for your bedroom.  Wooden wardrobes  are available in contemporary, modern, etc. You should be aware of the style of your bedroom to complement it well before you decide to  buy wardrobe.


  • Shades of Colour 

Different colour shades serve the different demands of appearance. Even some  bedroom wardrobes  are also available in multiple colours. To pair your wardrobe with other bedroom furniture, you should choose the colour carefully. It will also help to beautify your bedroom positively. 


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  • Material

The material plays an important role in the durability of any piece of furniture. It is also not an exception in buying a  3 door wardrobe.  You should check the materials used for constructing the  wardrobe.  The stronger material will enhance the durability of the wardrobe. 


  • Size of Your Bedroom

The size of your bedroom also matters a lot when choosing the size of your wardrobe. If you want to save a lot of space in your bedroom, you must decide the  wardrobe  size accordingly. If you decide to  buy wardrobe online,  you should be aware of the size of your bedroom. 


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A  wardrobe  is very helpful to arrange your belongings perfectly. It can also save a lot of space by allowing you to store many apparels in one place.  Bedroom wardrobes  also make it convenient for making your bedroom look neat and clean. But it would help if you carefully chose the material and size of the wardrobe. Consider the above-mentioned factors to choose the perfect wardrobe for your luxurious bedroom. You should also prepare your budget before buying a  modern wardrobe.  Apart from the convenience, the appearance of your wardrobe is also necessary. If you want to  buy wardrobe online,  you can visit  Nilkamal Furniture.

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