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July 15, 2023

10 Things to Consider While Buying a Wardrobe Design


The  wardrobe  is another essential bedroom piece of furniture contributing to aesthetics and functionality. Well-crafted  wardrobe design  can solve your storage woes and inspire contemporary design elements in your home. Only an organised cabinet and arranged garments can declutter your bedroom. But do you know how to select the perfect  wardrobe design  that complements your bedroom space? 

This blog discusses ten things you should consider before purchasing your  wardrobe  and maintaining the everlasting lustre in your bedroom. Get exquisite  wardrobe designs , from chic to sophisticated styles and functionality. Purchase  wardrobe design online  according to your preference and benefit from exclusive offers.


Major Types of Wardrobe Designs

Single Door Wardrobe

This  single door wardrobe  has shutters that hinge to the sides offering simple operation, full visibility and increased accessibility. You can choose a  single door wardrobe  if you have a tiny  bedroom  or add an expansion for an existing  wardrobe


2 Door Wardrobe

2 door wardrobe  is perfect for a medium-sized family with a blend of drawers and hangers to suit your requirements.


3 Door Wardrobe

A  3 doorwardrobe  is ideal for a shared bedroom or large family, setting them apart from a  single door wardrobe.  Also, you can  buy wardrobe  with three or more doors if you have massive clothing, shoes, and accessories wanting spacious storage.


Sliding Wardrobe 

A  sliding wardrobe  has shutters that move along the top and bottom rails, ideal for large spans and limited space between  bed  and  wardrobe

Choosing the appropriate  wardrobe  that exudes style and exhibits luxury with great functionality can be daunting. Choose  wardrobe design online  from single, 3-door, sliding,  2 door wardrobe  designs.



Top Ten Pointers to Consider Before Choosing a Wardrobe

Gone are the days when a single metal  almirah  was sufficient to store your clothes, accessories and stationaries in your bedroom. A stylish  wardrobe  complementing your bedroom decor is vital for your storage needs. Let us explore the top ten pointers to consider before choosing a  wardrobe design  that works for you. A  wardrobe  can affect the overall room appearance, and a perfect one is necessary to reap utility and aesthetic benefits.


Consider the below crucial aspects while choosing a  wardrobe  for your bedroom:


Size of the Wardrobe

Your  wardrobe  size should be on top of your list because the ideal size and dimensions determine the storage capacity. Other factors like structure, decor, and furnishings come after deciding on  wardrobe  size. Decide a place to keep your furniture, estimate the area and contemplate the perfect  wardrobe  size.


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Perfect Proportion of Room Dimensions and Wardrobe Size

Know your room dimensions before making a purchase decision. An incorrect furniture dimension can impact the bedroom style and underutilise / overutilise the available space. Measure the length, breadth and room symmetry before purchasing your  wardrobe design.


Storage Requirement

Another vital factor before investing in a  wardrobe design  is the storage requirement. If you have a vast collection of jewellery, accessories and garments, you need a  wardrobe  that can house your massive collection. Moderate furniture will do the job if you want to  buy wardrobe  for your kid with little clothing. Considering storage requirements can save you money, and a perfect  wardrobe design  complementing your requirement can blend affordability and functionality.

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Wardrobe Composition

Will your  wardrobe  tolerate the daily wear and tear? Is your  wardrobe  reliable, sturdy and a long-lasting investment? Ask these questions and understand the  wardrobe  composition and its resistance to external elements like dirt, dust, pest, and water. Check for its longevity, toughness, persistence and pocket-friendliness.

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Complement Your Decor

A  wardrobe  high in functionality is as significant as a stylish one that can upkeep the existing bedroom decor. Make sure your furniture's colour, type, tone, finish and design match your decor.


Check for Wardrobe Efficacy

Calculate the number of users in your bedroom and choose a closet accordingly. Depending on the age and utilisation criteria, you can choose more accessible designs. Decide if you want to go for an individual cupboard or share them with your partner or kids. Depending on your choice, check if the  wardrobe  is efficient enough to abide by your decision. 


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Decide on a Budget

Choose your budget depending on your affordability and purpose. Narrow down your selections depending on these two factors. Proceed with particular colour schemes and designs that solve your purpose. For instance, you can invest in budget-friendly  wardrobe design  if you shift your house often. If you prefer a one-time long-lasting buy, go for a more sturdy and costly one. This strategy helps you save more and prevent you from going overboard during purchase.


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Choose your Wardrobe Type

There are many  wardrobe design  types ranging from  sliding wardrobe single door wardrobe 2 door wardrobe,  free-standing, walk-in, etc. Choose a design that complements your style, budget, decor, storage and colour scheme.


Decide on Material

Choose a material depending on how much time you can spend maintaining them. Your  wardrobe design  should be durable, protect your essentials from climatic conditions, and fit your budget, with low maintenance for a busy lifestyle. Choose acrylic for a classy look, glass panels to make your room look spacious, budget-friendly plastic for low maintenance, and wood for a high-end finish/ durability.


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Decide on Your Level of Organisation

Do you want to store your accessories separately or hang your sarees to stay crisp and firm? Choose a  wardrobe design  that supports your level of organisation. A  wardrobe  can have drawers, pull-out hanger racks, shoe drawers, or hanger rails specific to the design type.

Apart from all these essential pointers to check before purchasing, you can opt for a customised design. Whether you want a monochrome wonder, elegant design, minimalistic, or classic  wardrobe design,  you can order more unique designs reflecting your personality.


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Storage, size, material, budget, and  wardrobe  types are quintessential factors that aid your buying decision. Nilkamal has a wide range of  wardrobe designs  catering to your needs in different styles and storage options.  Buy wardrobe design online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  and choose an attractive one that stands tall on elegance and functionality.

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