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July 27, 2023

Outstanding Wardrobe Designs To Find at Nilkamal Furniture


A  wardrobe design  with functional features in a room can blend aesthetics and help you with storage solutions. You can choose a  wardrobe design  that matches your style, complements your personality and enhances the decor. Many factors play a pivotal role in  wardrobe like height, material, interior functionality, width, the quality of hinges, knobs, hooks and more. This blog gives you top trending  wardrobe design to make your selection easy. Get the  best wardrobe design online  with salient features and outstanding style.  Buy wardrobe  and make your closet functional yet stylish. 



Check out Different Types of Wardrobe Designs

Hinged Door Wardrobe Design

This design is a conventional elegance part of many households with shutters/doors on strong hinges. The  single door wardrobe's  wide-swinging option gives a ninety-degree angle and a full view of your closet easy to find your things on the go. Its hanging space lets you hang your accessories like bags, belts, ties, and scarves on hooks. If you have ample storage space in your  bedroom  or guest room, choose this  wardrobe design  for unmatched style and efficiency. This  single door wardrobe  design may not be ideal if you are tight on square feet and have a space cringe.


Free-standing Wardrobe Design

If you want to use vertical storage space and have a high ceiling opt for a free-standing  wardrobe design.  It is an ideal choice if you want to shift frequently and if you don't want to stain your walls or floor. These  wardrobes  are self-containing storage, allowing you to reshuffle furniture. If you don't have the space to accommodate a fitted  wardrobe,  select a free-standing style with many colours, finishes and flexibility.


Sliding Wardrobe Design

Do you want an extraordinary design that fits the contemporary decor?  Sliding wardrobe  is a worthy solution without relying on hinges to hold the doors. The metal tracks on the top and bottom slide the door horizontally, saving space without hindering traffic flow in the room. But this  sliding wardrobe  conceals one side while accessing the other without providing a full view of contents, unlike a  single door wardrobe.

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Walk-In Wardrobe Design

This  wardrobe  is a symbol of luxury and elegance with spacious storage space. White or beige fittings complementing walls and flooring with drawers for shoe storage is your bedroom's next level of sophistication. It encompasses versatile shelving options, brimming racks and overflowing drawers for your cloth, accessory and jewellery needs.

Mirror Wardrobe Design

If you want to combine the functionality of a  dressing table,  opt for a mirror  wardrobe design.  These  wardrobes  give a charming touch adding an air of modern style ideal for small homes that need a spacious portrayal.




Nilkamal's Modern Wardrobe Design Ideas

A functional and eye-catchy  wardrobe design  is all you need for your bedroom whether you choose a  sliding wardrobe,  single door wardrobe,  or  2 door wardrobe.  Let us explore the  best wardrobe design online  below:



Nilkamal Modern Riva 2 Door Wardrobe with Mirror (Walnut)

Riva  2 door wardrobe  is a trending modern design with a glam mirror perfect for decorating your bedroom. With internal drawers, one hanging rod and two shelves, they are highly functional, allowing you to sort and organise your clothes, accessories and jewellery in one closet. 


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Nilkamal Industrial Massif 3 Door Wardrobe (Urban Walnut)

If you want a simple  wardrobe  with an industrial touch, buy three-door  wardrobe  with sturdy wood and melamine finish. It houses large, medium and five mini shelves ideal for medium-space bedrooms. Use this understatedly appealing  wardrobe  to stock your T-shits, trousers, sarees, dresses, ties, earrings, bangles, bags, and perfumes on separate shelves. Its edge-bent visible edges, durable wood, spacious interior and urban walnut shade are must-haves for your bedrooms.


Nilkamal Low-budget Freedom Plastic Storage Cabinet - Pepsi Blue, Bright Red and Yellow

Are you running on a low budget or don't want to invest in wooden furniture for your bedroom? This plastic  wardrobe  has a unique colour combination, knockdown construction and lightweight design. Encompassing a safety lock and tower bolt, it can solve your storage solution at an affordable rate while giving a contemporary look and feel.


Nilkamal Chic Willy 2 Door without Mirror Wardrobe (New Wenge)

Do you want a chic and minimalistic  wardrobe  without much ornamentation or mirror work? This  wardrobe design  crafts a modern dual-door with high-quality particleboard and graceful design. It contains two roomy shelves and one hanging rod for your clothes storage. Opt for this no-frills  wardrobe design  with a reliable new wenge finish to fill the modest space of your room.


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Nilkamal Elegant Mirage3 -Door Wardrobe (Ivory)

Nilkamal's Mirage three-door  wardrobe  is an elegant beauty with a gloss finish for an out-of-the-ordinary  wardrobe design.  PVD gold coating gives a luxurious finish, and the fine groove detailing enhances your room's appeal. It stands tall on functionality, providing LED lights on top for ease of searching, multiple storage sections to segregate, and thick zoom locks for safety. Immerse yourself in its ivory shades subtlety and accentuate your decor with this functional beauty.


Nilkamal Timeless Riva 4-Door Wardrobe with Mirror (New Wenge)

This four-door Riva  wardrobe  is a timeless choice encompassing six shelves, two locked drawers, and two hanging rods. It is perfect for medium to large families providing a flawless mirror reflection on either side to elevate the room's aesthetics. It is the go-to option with a well-thought-out design that boasts classic new wenge colour with white stripes for a modish look.


Nilkamal Classic Rolex 6-Door Wardrobe (White)

Do you have a large family and inadequate space for a walk-in  wardrobe?  Fret not because the six-door rolex  wardrobe design  is ultra-spacious with bright white colour. It has two drawers, three hanging rods and twelve shelves with a lock and key. White  wardrobes  are a time-tested elegance giving you a rich and luxurious feel with over-powering utility.


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Nilkamal Furniture has the  best wardrobe design online,  with myriad options aligning to your tastes and inclination.  Buy wardrobe  from  Nilkamal Furniture  and accentuate your bedroom with lively and aesthetically pleasing designs.

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