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September 18, 2023

Explore The Extensive Design Collection Of Coffee Table


Every living room needs a  coffee table  to keep remotes, newspapers, cups, or decorative items. A  coffee table  is the living room's centrepiece that ties together other furniture pieces. Over the years, the  coffee table design  has evolved from a basic table to a more evolved and sophisticated structure. Trendier and stylish  coffee table  designs range from vintage to industrial, rustic to modern. With so many  coffee table design  options, it can be confusing to  buy coffee table online.  Explore the popular  Nilkamal coffee table  designs to help you choose the best one for your home. 


Popular Coffee Table Designs

The  Nilkamal coffee table  designs are also assorted as per the different choices. Here are the popular  coffee table  designs: 


Modern Coffee Table Design

Modern coffee table  designs are a vast category of  coffee table  designs. Historically, a  modern coffee table  design refers to the 20th-century style subset. A  modern coffee table  generally refers to a table design constructed with contemporary aesthetics incorporating unique and fresh elements. Most  modern coffee table  designs have simple and minimalistic structures for promoting aesthetic and practical purposes. Combining two materials in a minimalistic and practical structure is the latest trend in  modern coffee table designs.


  • Nilkamal Baron Coffee Table  - This  wood coffee table  has a minimalistic structure. For contemporary homes with limited space, this  modern coffee table  is a popular choice when they plan to  buy coffee table online.
  • Nilkamal Marcel Engineered Wood Coffee Table  - This stylish white-coloured  wood coffee table  is the perfect blend of simplicity with sophistication. This  coffee table design  and size make it ideal for any type of  sofa.


Rustic Coffee Table Design

Rustic  coffee table  designs are styles inspired by the countryside from ancient periods. Most rustic coffee tables are made from natural materials such as wood. Though made of wood, they have more subtle patterns or structures than traditional or  modern coffee table  designs. Often, rustic designs add a feeling of grandeur by adding metal fittings to the structure. 



Vintage Coffee Table Design

As the name suggests, a vintage  coffee table  style evokes an image of unique designs from the past. Vintage coffee tables are often constructed from perused materials such as reclaimed wood. Even new material can be distressed to look antique or old. These designs imitate little details of antique styles by using rustic screws, a distressed look, using perused materials, giving uneven colouration or a patina effect or using irregular or handmade carvings.


  • Nilkamal Zanus Coffee Table  - This elegant vintage  coffee table  is made with Sheesham wood. The two drawers with brass-finished handles add to the charm of this vintage design.


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Coffee Table Design With Storage

A  coffee table with storage  is practical and multifunctional. The convenient and contemporary design is excellent to use as extra storage space. You have a lot of different stuff in your living room with no dedicated storage place, such as newspapers, remotes, or books. The  coffee table with storage  comes with storage options such as drawers or cabinets to keep books or other stuff. Many  coffee table  designs with storage can have open storage shelves or side storage options. The contemporary, trendy designs of  coffee table with storage  not only help you with your storage needs but also enhance your living room aesthetics and appeal. 


  • Nilkamal Hope Coffee Table  - This stylish table in two-colour designs adds a chic and modern touch to your living space. This table has a spacious open shelf and a shutter compartment for ample storage space.
  • Nilkamal Zina Coffee Table  - This unique  coffee table  has an open shelf and a spacious drawer. The sophisticated style enhances any home interior with its timeless appeal.


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Marble Coffee Table Design

In recent years, marble  coffee table  designs have gained popularity. These designs mostly feature a marble top with a metal or wood base. However, the complete marble structure designs are also popular. The contemporary structure of a marble  coffee table design  exudes elegance and sophistication. The glamorous marble is perfect for adding a luxurious appeal to any living room décor.


  • Nilkamal Valora Marble Coffee Table  - The elegance of white marble is aptly enhanced with a simple table structure in this  coffee table.  Powder-coated sturdy steel legs are perfect to balance the marble tabletop.
  •  Nilkamal Luca Coffee Table  -This aesthetic  coffee table  with a marble table top is the perfect centrepiece for your modern living room. The contrast of the white wood table base and white marble enhances the appeal of this table.


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Minimalist Coffee Table Design

The minimalist  coffee table designs  are popular for their simplicity and clean structure. These designs mostly feature a glass tabletop with simple wooden or metal legs. Available in various shapes, these modish designs are perfect for any living space and a popular choice when people want to  buy coffee table online.


  • Nilkamal Stuart Centre Table  - Enhance the elegance of your living space with this stylish glass  coffee table.  The unique leaf-shape tabletop has a bottom open shelf in the same shape. Steel legs provide sturdy support for this minimalistic  coffee table.
  • Nilkamal Vinton Centre Table  - This minimalistic  coffee table  has a simple rectangular glass top balanced on curved steel legs. An open bottom shelf offers adequate space for keeping your remotes or newspapers. 


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Choosing the right  coffee table design  is paramount to enhancing your living space's appeal and functionality. You can explore the wide-ranging  coffee table  collection at  Nilkamal Furniture  to  buy coffee table online  for your home.

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