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June 23, 2022

Get Interior Designers Approved 4 Styles Of Best Double Beds

Beds are a long-term investment. A comfortable night's sleep heavily depends upon the quality of your bed. A spacious double bed adds to the grace of your room while ensuring functionality.

A double bed is ideally spacious to cater to two people and ensure a comfortable night's sleep. The factors you must consider before buying a double bed-

  1. Double bed size: India's usual  double bed  length is 60 inches by 78 inches. The bed size can easily fit in a double-sized spring or foam mattress to give you a cosy sleep. 
  2. Double bed design: Since a bed takes up a lot of space in your room, it is important to consider the vibe and interior design of the room. If your room emits more of a classic vintage vibe, sturdy wooden double beds will be the best pick. But for a more contemporary vibe, you can settle for a double metal bed for your bedroom.
  3. Double bed budget: Get a  double bed online  at Nilkamal in various price ranges. The price of beds mostly depends on the material and design used for the construction. You can get adouble bed design at a price as low as INR 15,000. However, the cost can vary from INR one lakh or more. The price differs if you want storage space available in your bed.
  4. Size of the bedroom: Depending on the available space in your bedroom, you can choose a perfectly suitable bed size. A double bed can fit in medium-sized bedrooms since they are the best fit for tight areas. However, it would help if you also considered having some moving space around your bed and positions of your windows, door, and ventilation to decide the right size of your bed.

Different Models Of Double Bed

Explore  the various models available for  a double bed design  in Nilkamal. You can choose according to their style, functionality and your choice. Since it is difficult to choose from many online options, here are some designers' best pick styles that you should have. 

Nilkamal Arthur King Bed without Storage

This subtle, graceful blend of modern and vintage vibe will transform your room. Crafted from particle board, the mahogany-toned  Nilkamal Arthur King Bed Without Storage  bed comes in a smooth wooden style, and the dark tone compliments the simplistic design. This bed is large enough to provide comfort even if you are sharing it with your partner, and the engineered wood material is made to last for a long. This king-size bed is ideal for couples who have just started a new chapter of their lives or people living on rent since it comes with easy installation. Change the mood of your room by pairing it with a minimalistic and contemporary wardrobe and dresser to add definition to your bedroom and enjoy your slumber.

Nilkamal Riva Queen Bed (Wenge)

Tune into sophistication with this eye-catching  Nilkamal Riva Queen Bed (Wenge).  Manufactured with a perfect width of 162 cm and height of 110 cm, this large bed is assured to provide you with comfort and rest. The rich wenge tone and smooth texture set this bed apart from other furniture. The sturdy engineered wood is made to stand year-long wear and tear. The particle board-made headboard comes with a smart storage facility where you can keep your night essentials within hand reach. The shelves are made to store books and other necessities without ruining the bedroom's ambience. The pretty wooden decoration stands out from the dark wenge tone. The bed is fully functional and a space saver due to the available storage facility. The six-part storage allows you to store seasonal essentials like blankets, winter clothes, unused clothes and other necessary items, giving you ample space to move around and saving on your budget to buy extra shelves or  wardrobes.  This polished queen bed is a must-have for people who do not have enough space to afford a king-size bed yet want to enjoy the comfort of the same.

Nilkamal Czar 1 King Bed Box Storage (Wenge/Knotwood)

Crafted from a unique colour combination of wenge and knot wood, this king-size bed is an absolute stunner. The sleek and attractive exterior changes the whole mood of the room. Apart from its eye-catching look, the  Nilkamal Czar 1 King Bed Box Storage (Wenge/Knotwood)  is a great space saver with additional functionality. You can enjoy the facility of casting away extra bedding supplies, winter clothes and much more. This bed comes with an intricately designed headboard with shelves and storage space where you can keep books and other essentials within arm's reach. The mattress is constructed from a 15mm thick pre-laminated particle board. This bed is a haven to recharge and escape the world. You are guaranteed to experience superior quality sleep while enjoying the best restful sleep. This bed is perfect for a large room with an ideal merge of style, comfort and functionality. Sleep easy with this high-quality Czar king bed.  Check out  all  king beds  only at Nilkamal.

Nilkamal Empire King Bed (Dark Brown/ Cream)

The Empire King Bed has a huge storage space, giving it an edge over other beds. The  Nilkamal Empire King Bed (Dark Brown/ Cream)  has inbuilt side tables and three half-open shelves in the headboard for keeping your necessary items within arm's reach. The six-compartment storage gives you ample space to organize your stuff. The hydraulic storage makes it easier to cast away sheets, blankets and other winter necessities. This empire king bed comes in 25 mm and 15 mm MDF engineered wood and is sturdy enough to last for years. The laminated finish ensures that it is dust-proof and easy to clean. This elegant bed will add to the charm of your room.


Hopefully, you have your room's perfectdouble bed design. Are you still looking for a comfortable and economical  double bed online?  Buy from  Nilkamal furniture.

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