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June 24, 2022

Design your Child's Bedroom With Some Style and Panache

Creating a space for your kids to play, grow and nurture their personalities must be a fun experience. The task of designing your child's bedroom could be a challenging one. You can create an elegant and functional children's room to dwell in now and in the future is a tall order! It would help if you simultaneously struck that balance between being practical and beautiful. Pre-decorating tips could help design your child's bedroom and garner those compliments. Whether starting from scratch or re-decorating an existing space, the tips below are a healthy source of inspiration.  Explore  the options available once you have followed the basic steps to creating a design template.

Tips  For Designing a Child's Bedroom

Below are some amazing tips for designing your child's room.


Research and Plan

Children's bedrooms are likely to be smaller, so planning and researching  bedroom furniture  are vital. Get some paper and write down measurements and then see the kind of beds you want to instal.  Bunk beds  are a good option if there is a lack of space. Take into account the windows and doors so you can check where exactly you wish to place the furniture.  Buy furniture  that will fit into the area and leave enough leg room.

Keep it Simple

For a kid's bedroom, less is always more. Keep the décor and furnishings to a minimum to leave more space to play and explore. It also helps lend a neutral canvas you can modify as your child grows. You could have house frame beds that double up as play zones and open shelves which offer storage solutions for toys and books that can double up as accessories.

Make The Most Of The Space Available

Irrespective of whether you are working with a small room and large imagination or vice versa, make sure to use every inch of space. Using space does not mean cluttering the area but applying useful ideas to create elegant designs.Bunk beds with study desks below,  loft beds or beds with  study desks  are some great options to use space and also leave room for play. 

Make Space For Storage

Kids have a lot of stuff from toys, games, books, and ever-changing wardrobes. Hook rails, under-bed storage or beds with shelves are great options for storing bed linen, blankets and other stuff. Tall chests and wardrobes are great for their clothes and books.

Design your Child's Bedroom With Some Style and Panache

Create space for their hands to be busy

A kid-friendly work area with a desk for them to colour, build and create will be ideal if you want your child to have a healthy physical and mental development. This space could become their study corner or homework area as your child ages.


Make A Gateway Space

Adults or kids need a space to unwind and break away. It could be a reading corner or relaxing nook to spend quality time with themselves. Make a cozy corner with some  mattresses  and spreads that hang above to create a tent-like haunt. It could well be your kid's start to a developing hobby.

Plan for those sleepovers

When you have children, you have to parent their friends too! Keep that extra space ready for sleepovers or those visitors over a long weekend.Bunk beds and trundle beds provide additional sleeping space, while futons and sofa cum beds could be a good choice.

Choose The Right Desk

A desk is an important addition to a kid's room. Giving a child their own study space will yield great benefits. A study table can provide a dedicated space for your child to do their homework and organise school materials. Find desks that match the other  bedroom furniture  to create a seamless look.

Avoid Trends When Designing Kid's Bedrooms

When designing children's bedrooms, try to clarify current trends like colour palette, murals, and wall tones. Trends keep changing, and you must know that as children grow, they have their tastes. So try to opt for  bedroom furniture  that will have a timeless appeal and last long to accommodate your child's changing needs and demands.

Use Soft Furnishings

To enhance the trendy appeal of the room, throw some rugs, cushions and  pillows  in the bedding area. A kid's bedroom needs to have some grit and be a place to roll and crawl when they feel like it. Soft furnishings tend to reduce the risk of accidents when they fall over.

Design It To Make Cleaning An Easy Job

Kid's bedrooms can become messy very soon. Kids can mess up their room quickly by throwing things around and even messing up walls and furniture. Make sure you invest in  bedroom furniture  that can be easily cleaned and have less stuff in the room so that you can move clutter around swiftly.

Incorporate The Child's Personality

We need to avoid trends; however, incorporating your child's favourite things like characters, colours etc. could help create a homely vibe for your child to thrive. Some personalisation could be included and favoured in place of functionality.


Designing a kid's bedroom could be a creative block and trap- very often, one could be carried away by the child's interests, obsessions, and theme of their bedrooms that may become outdated soon. While decorating a child's bedroom, one must ensure that it looks good and is completely functional. The main aim is that it must stand the test of time. The answer is to create a scheme that is pleasing to them and has longevity in terms of practicality and grandeur. It is easy to lose vision. The key is to create a sanctuary where you can let them live and let their imagination wild. Check out  @Nilkamal furniture  for the furniture of your choice to balance your child's demands and your desire for elegance.

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