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April 22, 2023

The Ultimate Living Room Table Trends For 2023

A stylish  center table  grabs the attention of anyone entering the living room instantaneously. It is a functional furniture piece and balances the living room's aesthetics. A  center table  aptly fills the gap between the sofa, chairs and other furniture, making the living room look spacious. 


A stylish and trendy  living room table  can uplift the overall décor and vibe. And the dual purpose of aesthetics and functionality is achieved aptly in the  modern living room table  designs. Therefore, it's not an exaggeration when it is said to center tables are the hearts of the living room. That is why you want to  buy table  for your living room from the latest trendy  table  designs. But how to know what is the newest  table  trends? We have curated here the  modern living room table  trends for 2023. Read along to learn them and buy the trendiest  living room table.


Center Table Trends For 2023


Here are the top  center table design  trends to enhance your living room décor:


Minimalistic Center Table Design

Simple and elegant are timeless. Therefore, for 2023 the minimalistic designs of the center table are in vogue. With clean lines and a sleek structure available in various geometric shapes and monochromatic colours, these center tables are here to stay. They are also perfect as a  coffee table  or a corner sofa table. They provide the ideal balance between bulky furniture pieces with their sleek structure. Even though they can be of smaller size, but still with their elegant appeal, they look significant and grab attention. 


Abstract Center Table Design

Abstract designs of center tables are gaining a lot of attention these days, and they are perfect for contemporary living spaces. Made from various materials such as metals, wood, ceramic or glass crafted in unique designs, they are decorative and ornamental. Their exclusive shape and style make them a one-of-a-kind center table design. 


Natural Material

The natural material used is one of the most noteworthy trends of the 2023 center tables. Whether it's solid wood, marble, or stone, all-natural materials are becoming popular for center tables. Natural materials are known for their unique beauty, versatility and durability. They can be crafted in numerous ways in different designs, shapes and sizes of center tables. And also, they can be used with other materials such as glass or metal conveniently. So, you can opt for a completely natural material table or go for a living room table design with a natural material base or tabletop. The most famous natural material center tables are stone finish tables made from natural stone. The broad and sturdy table top made of natural stone comes with a stunted base. Another popular design is a base made of tree trunks or solid wood with a marble or glass table top. 


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Bold Colours

Along with the understated elegance of minimalistic designs, bold colour center tables will trend in 2023. Bright hues like blue, green, yellow and red canter tables add a pop of colour to neutral living room aesthetics. You can also opt for a bold black finish center table. It will add drama to your living space while maintaining an elegant and sophisticated look. Adding bold colour center tables creates a dynamic and eye-catching focal point in the living space. Tying together other  living room  accessories, such as a rug,  pillow  or art, with the bold colour table will create an exciting décor theme in your understated living room.  


Multi-Functional Center Table Design

The trend of multi-functional designs will be popular in 2023. Therefore, center tables will be more than just decorative pieces or a place to set down the refreshments. The chic designs of center tables with built-in storage, stools adjusted underneath for extra seating, adjustable height feature, etc., will be a significant draw. Versatile and practical center tables are ideal for people with small living rooms or who need multi-functional furniture.


Geometric Nesting Center Table Design

A cleverly slotted smaller table under a chic geometric-shaped coffee table makes its style statement in any living space. This clever design trend is appealing, artistic, and tasteful and saves valuable space in your living room. You can pick a nesting  table online  in the geometric triangle shape that folds into itself or a stylish circular shape that opens into a broken circle is playful and unique. Besting table designs open up your living space and add a unique personality. 


Metallic Center Table Design

Metal is both elegant and sophisticated. So, it's no wonder metal center tables or center tables with metallic finishes are a trend for 2023. There is nothing better than a metallic table to give an upscale and luxurious appeal to your living space. These table designs often exude a vintage charm due to their sleek structure, smooth texture and chic glaze. These tables are handy as a  corner table for sofa  to keep a stylish lamp or small knick-knacks or your family photograph. 


Glass Tabletops

Glass has been a forever trend in center tables and will still be trendy in 2023. The timeless elegance and sophistication of glass tabletops are perfect for adding brightness and airiness to any space. They can be paired flawlessly with any material base, making them versatile. 


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Statement Center Table Design

Statement designs for center tables will be a prominent trend for 2023. Center tables in unusual shapes, bold designs and colours are sure to grab the attention of everyone and make a significant impact. These are perfect for people who want an accent table or prefer risky décor themes. One important thing to remember is not to overdo the living room décor with other statement furniture pieces. Otherwise, the aesthetic appeal of your statement table will be diminished.  



2023 is the year with many stylish and exciting center table design trends. There are vivid and extensive options from minimalistic to statement and from natural materials to metallic finishes. So, whatever your décor preference is, you will find a trend that fits your living space. Check out the stylish center table designs available at  Nilkamal Furniture.

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