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February 14, 2022

Why A Queen Size Bed is Perfect For You?

Want to buy a bed for your home? Wondering what size you should pick? A queen size bed or a king size bed? You’re not alone. Most people find it hard to choose the right size. That’s why, in this blog, we’ll tell you for whom a queen size bed would be a good choice.

Why should you buy a queen size bed?

You might think there’s not much difference between a king size bed and a queen size bed. But there is. A queen size bed is a double bed, meant for two people. Queen beds are available in standard sizes. However, some brands have their own queen bed sizes.

A queen bed is ideal for those looking to buy a double bed. If the size of the room is not quite large for a king size bed, then a queen bed is ideal. It will help you make your bedroom look spacious. If a queen bed can fulfill your requirement, why go for any other size?

Typically, people who are short heighted prefer to go for queen size beds. Another reason many people prefer queen size beds is because it leaves more space in the bedroom.

Factors to consider when you buy queen beds


A quick search for queen size beds online will throw up thousands of options. You’ll be surprised to see the wide range of colors, materials, styles and price range. From contemporary to modern to transitional, you can find all the latest designs to match different tastes. Moreover, you can select a design that matches the other furniture in your bedroom such as study tables and WFH chairs. Another factor is storage – you can choose between a queen size bed with storage or one without storage.


Buy this queen size bed with box storage. It features two underbed storage boxes that give ample space to store clothes, blankets, and other personal items.


The material is one of the key factors to consider when buying a queen size bed online. You can choose from - engineered wood, pinewood, solid wood and metal beds. But one thing to keep in mind is the material of the other furniture in your room.

For example, if you have a computer table made of metal, a wooden bed might not blend in. Your choice of material should depend on the decor style of your bedroom. No matter what material you prefer, you can find the latest queen size bed online.

Check out this queen size bed in wenge finish. The classic design on the headboard makes it a timeless bed to have in any home.


Pick a color that is the dominant color in your bedroom. The color you choose can help you create a cozy feel in your bedroom. You can find a wide range of colors – different browns to black, white, and even multicolor. Choose a color that matches the color of your bedroom walls, curtains and the general color theme of the room. If you like stylish and bold, you could also choose a bed in a contrast color. Both ways, the color of your bed depends on your personal taste and the bed's design. When you choose a queen size bed online, make sure you pick the right color.


Explore this queen size bed in walnut shade, made of particle board. With the box storage and headboard with display space, it’s ideal for a small room.


The price of the bed will depend on many factors. And the best thing about buying a queen size bed online is that you can compare the prices of the different beds that you like. You can either begin your search by your budget, or make a comparative choice.

The cost of the bed will depend on the size and material. A queen size bed with storage will be more expensive than a normal bed without storage. However, you can choose beds that are on discount. If you look for beds online, you can start your search based on discounted beds.

Over to you

We’ve told you why you should go for a queen size bed and for whom is it an ideal choice. We’ve also made it easy for you to select the right kind of queen size bed online. So, it’s time to start your search for the right bed on Nilkamal online store.

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