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April 09, 2022

Stunning 6 Seater Dining Sets to Add to Your Furniture Collection

Often the main piece of furnishing that commands all the attention of a living/dining space in a home is the dining table set. For a bigger living space, a 6 seater dining table with chairs is the right size. It also accommodates more people, so if you constantly have guests coming over or have a bigger family, you can buy a 6 seater dining table with chairs that best fit your dining space.

Below are some options you can look into and choose from according to your preferences. Your ideal furnishing options are always the one that complements the colour palette and the textures in the space you are putting them in the best. You can take the following ideas as inspiration for your perfect dining table set.

6 seater dining set in dark walnut

A simple yet elegant option to start us off with is a classic dining table set 6 seater that can offer more than just what you may assume. The allure of a classic dies hard, and the dark tone of the dark walnut wood, when matched with the right ambience, can give the right look to any space. The minimalistic design of the table can be enhanced by the right statement decorations. For instance, adding an ornate dining candlestand or a small vase to add life to the interior design of your home can add more value to the aesthetic of your home.

If you are looking to buy a dining table set 6 seater, you must visit the online Nilkamal Furniture store to find the perfect dining table for your home in the large collection of dining table options in various designs and prices.

6 seater dining set in chestnut

If something modern is not the right pick for you, but you still want your home interior to be subtle, the detailed design of the 6 seater dining set in chestnut wood is an impeccable choice. The biggest plus point of this particular design is its colour. The chestnut wood gives the furniture a red tone that can bring vibrance to any dining space. Moreover, the ornate detailing of the wood via carving and brass detailing makes it one of the more traditional-looking pieces of furniture.

You can easily incorporate simple items like small candlestands or small pottery that can bring a contrast to the vibrant red colour to maximize the effect of these furniture pieces in your dining space interior. You can find many Chestnut dining tables on online store websites.

6 seater dining table set in iron

Whether you are looking to furnish an outdoor dining space or just want a modern dining table set 6 seater, you can choose to buy an iron dining table set instead of a wooden tone. The iron furniture options are longer-lasting and do not need as much maintenance as their wooden alternatives. Additionally, if you are looking for a modern dining table set 6 seater that does not need any constant care, an iron dining table may be your best bet.

You can add small detail items to enhance the overall aesthetic of this table if you add small flower vases or crystal showpiece items to your dining tabletop. Explore the iron furniture collection at Nilkamal Furniture store to find your perfect dining table match.

Black 6 seater dining table set

Another great option to look at for a more minimalistic yet interesting design for a 6 seater dining table set is to consider a black 6 seater dining table set. The colour of the furniture item provides a sleek and modern look. When paired with comfortable seat cushions and an interesting design, it can truly be very attractive to anyone with a keen eye for interior design.

The dark tone of the surface of the dining set can be balanced by additional design choices of the space. For instance, to contrast, the black, a simple white vase or fruit bowl on the table is sure to add interesting detail to the furniture.

Beechwood 6 seater dining table set with bench

If you find folly in traditional designs for dining table sets or whether you have enough chairs already, you can choose a dining table option where two of the chairs are replaced by a comfortable and simple dining bench. A dining table in the light shades of beechwood is subtle and unassuming, but the added detail of the bench adds layers to the design of the dining table set. You are sure to find many similar options online, and you can buy the one that fits your requirements based on the colour palette and other textures in your dining space.

Moreover, you can get more out of your simple dining table set in beechwood by adding subtle details that complement the overall look of the furniture and improve your dining space's atmosphere.


In conclusion, whether you are shopping for home furniture for the first time or not, it is important to consider many factors before purchasing. For instance, the overall design details that have been put in the rest of the interior of both your home and the particular space you want to furnish play a key role in the decision of which furniture item is the best suited for you.

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