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July 11, 2023

Ideas to Maintain and Organise Your Shoe Rack in Trendy Style


A stunning pair of footwear completes any ensemble. A lack of proper organisation can create a mess and lower the shoe lifecycle. Do you aspire for a tidy entryway in your home free from pesky shoes that cause so much clutter? An unorganised pile of shoes can create havoc in the hall/ entryway, and you may end up sole searching forever. If you want to tackle your  shoe cabinet,  follow the simple tips of this blog, maintain order in your shoe collection and elevate the aesthetic value of your living space. 

Buy shoe rack online  that offers exquisite collections depending on storage space, material, price and longevity. Choose from wooden  shoe cabinet,  plastic  shoe rack  and plastic  shoe cabinet  and benefit from exclusive offers.


Ideas to Store Your Shoes

Provide a designated space inside or outside your house to store your shoes neatly. Some ideas to stock your everyday and festive shoes are as follows:



A closet is a way out if you want to hide your favourite or costly shoes from visitors or a safe place away from dust and moisture. Try storing your smaller shoes in the entryway closet to occupy less space.


Behind the Door

Utilise the unused space behind the door to avoid investing in a  shoe rack.  Another suggestion is to buy an over-the-door show organizer or nail shelves behind the door to save  living room  space. 


Invest in Shoe Rack

Buy shoe rack online  with multiple storage options and stack those shoes in an organized fashion. Choosing a  wooden vs plastic shoe rack  is up to your budget and preference. A  shoe rack  helps you organize your sneakers, boots, sandals, and other types of footwear. 


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Store in a Garage

Those dirty cleats and athletic shoes may be smelly and invite trouble if not properly cleaned. You can store the jogging or running shoes in the garage, far from your living room.


Shoe Storage Boxes

Use shoe boxes to protect your shoes from dust, high/low moisture, sunlight, or extreme temperatures. Shoe boxes give your shoes the highest level of protection when you keep them spotless and dry, preventing mildew growth. 

Knacks to Clean and Preserve Your Shoe Racks 

Cleaning your  shoe rack  can be daunting and is often a pressing question before choosing  awooden vs plastic shoe rack  for your home.Below are some  shoe rack cleaning  hacks:


  • Arrange your shoes based on the season to avoid overcrowding and stay organized. Place the shoes you wouldn't wear for the upcoming season separately in your closet after thorough cleaning and deodorizing.
  • Make  shoe rack cleaning  an utmost necessity irrespective of whether you are tidy or have sufficient time. Mix olive oil and vinegar with soap and water to remove the harsh stains. Apply leather conditioners whenever necessary for soles and uppers.

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  • Deodourise your  wooden shoe rack  using scented oils and capture excess moisture using camphor or naphthalene balls. Always place your shoes in the  shoe cabinet  after thoroughly cleaning them in vinegar and water.
  • Throw your old and worn-out shoes that are no longer in use to save space and be clutter-free. Swap them to avoid unnecessary  shoe rack  mess.
  • For long-term  shoe rack maintenance  and storage, store them in wooden shoe horns and stretchers and keep their shape intact. If you want to avoid moisture inside a  wooden shoe rack,  leave your shoes outside for a day before inserting them into shoe horns.
  • Use acid-free tissues to stuff your footwear to keep moisture at bay and for long-term  shoe rack maintenance.  Use unbleached muslin fabric to wick away residual moisture for boots or thick leather shoes and protect buckles from scratches.

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  • Another idea to wick away moisture from your  wooden shoe rack  is to put silica gel packets inside the cabinet.
  •  Roll acid-free paper for boot storage and prevent creases from weakening materials at the ankle for snow or fashion boots.
  • Put bins near the door and ask your kids to stash their shoes. It helps to maintain tidiness in your  wooden shoe rack.  Avoid storing in attics or basements during temperature fluctuations. Always keep them in a climate-controlled environment to block humidity and climate fluctuations.
  • Wooden vs plastic shoe rack maintenance  differs because a  wooden shoe rack  need you to wick away moisture that can damage the wood. On the contrary,  plastic shoe racks  are easy to clean and don't need extra care during monsoons. 

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Choose from Trendy Shoe Rack Designs at Nilkamal

If you are wondering how to choose the perfect  shoe rack  for your living room, here is a trending list from Nilkamal. Decide on a  Wooden vs plastic shoe rack  depending on budget, time for maintenance and your design preference.


Nilkamal Baylor Shoe Cabinet

It offers multiple shelves for storing footwear yet adds charm to your decor. 


Nilkamal Multipurpose Rack 04 (Maroon)

A budget-friendly all-purpose  shoe rack  is a go-to option to save space and go minimalistic. 


Nilkamal Churchill Shoe Cabinet (Classic Walnut)

It is modern and elegant, with six concealed shelves to organise and deck up to ensure a smooth entryway. The classic walnut shade is a vintage charm with added functionality.


Nilkamal Cresta Shoe Cabinet (Ash wenge/Marble Beige)

This  wooden shoe rack  has open shelves for easy accessibility with a closed cabinet to store your function/occasion wears. A durable wood and blend of ash wenge and marble-beige shades are a stylish alternative.


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A  shoe rack  is necessary to avoid clumsiness and to prevent your shoe from climate conditions. Nilkamal has a fantastic collection of  shoe rack  catering to your needs and allows you to choose  Wooden vs plastic shoe racks  depending on maintenance, affordability and aesthetics.  Buy shoe rack online  from  Nilkamal Furniture  to avoid sole searching and messy storage.

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