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July 11, 2023

Organise Style With Trendy Shoe Rack Designs


A  shoe rack  can organise your footwear and declutter mess in your entryway while complementing the aesthetics of your living room. Entryways are a great place to store your shoes, while over-the-door shoe racks can save space. A  shoe rack  cabinet with drawers and closed doors are ideal for organising multiple pairs of shoes. You can choose from metal, wood and plastic materials for shoe storage and arrangement. 

Extensive  shoe rack  collections with various storage options can leave you intimidated. This blog gives insights about  trending shoe rack  designs that stand tall on utility and elegance.  Buy shoe rack online  for your storage needs.


What Are the Benefits of Investing in a Quality Shoe Rack?

A  shoe rack  is an essential furniture piece capable of decluttering the mess in your entryway or front door. Some benefits include:

  • Choose your ideal pair without digging through a pile while going out.
  • Protect your costly footwear from dust and temperature fluctuations.
  • Keep your floor tidy and devoid of debris and mud stains.
  • Use a  multipurpose cabinet  for your daily essentials and shoe organisation.


Which is Better- An Open or Closed Shelf Rack? 

You may need clarification about choosing open and closed shelves for your  shoe rack  storage. Different  shoe rack design  give many storage options. If you want your shoe rack to be highly accessible, go for open shelves that give the benefit of optimum ventilation. But, if you want to hide your shoes in your  living room  space or prevent them, from spoiling the room's aesthetics, go for closed cabinets or shutter compartments. When you  buy shoe rack online,  don't keep stinky shoes, and invest in moisture absorbers/scents to keep your shoe fresh.


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Trending Shoe Rack Designs from Nilkamal to Try in Your Home

To combat the growing shoe clutter problem, you may opt for clever shoe storage ideas like ender-the-bed bins, revolving racks, hanging shoe organisers, over-the-door organisers, entryway benches, narrow cabinets, cube organisers or baskets. Here are some  trending shoe rack  to try in your home:


Nilkamal Tetris Shoe Cabinet (Urban Walnut)

It is a  trending shoe rack  with a contemporary touch and visually appealing feature, with five large shelves for your footwear arrangement made from engineered wood. High-grade edge bending provides durability while adding an air of sophistication to your home. With a dash of contemporary flair, this  shoe cabinet  makes a statement with five roomy shelves to organise your flip-flops, sandals, boots, shoes and other footwear in order.


Nilkamal Metro Engineered Wood Shoe Cabinet (Walnut)

Do you want to comfortably sit on a cushioned seat, relax and wear your footwear from the  shoe rack?  Then, choose this engineered wood marvel, a  trending shoe rack  that complements any colour palette and decor style yet provides room for accommodating eighteen shoe pairs. Ideal for a mid-sized family, this wood  shoe cabinet  blends strength, style and elegance. It is your go-to option if you want to benefit from a crisp, metro  wooden shoe rack.


Nilkamal Cresta Shoe Cabinet (Ash wenge/Marble Beige)

Do you want to experience a twist of marble beige on a  wooden shoe rack  that boasts aesthetic beauty yet stands tall on utility? This Nilkamal Cresta  shoe cabinet  is a  shoe rack design  that combines closed and open shelves to organise your indoor, outdoor, and seasonal wear separately, depending on your preference. Moreover, it entails a spacious drawer to store essentials like keys, locks, shoe polish, shoe brushes, torches, candles, quick notes, pens, etc. This durable engineered wood construction offering a chic style is a spacious  shoe cabinet  for a modern decor living room.


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Nilkamal Freedom Mini Shoe Cabinet Rust and Weathered Brown

Do you want a lightweight plastic yet  trending shoe rack  with a strong build? Explore the Nilkamal mini  shoe cabinet  crafted with high-quality plastic with ample storage space. They offer multiple shelves to store and organise footwear with a sturdy door lock and tower belt. The brighter side of owning a plastic show cabinet is its easy maintenance during extreme climatic conditions. Opt for this free-standing plastic  shoe cabinet,  a one-stop shop to store your pair of heels or sneakers. 


Nilkamal Stella Shoe Cabinet

It is yet another  trending shoe rack  design with top and side panels for storage. You can place your showpieces, souvenirs, small potted plants or lamps on top of the  wooden shoe rack  to complement your decor. Two shutter compartments can declutter your home and create a lasting impression on your visitors. It can stand the test of time with thick particleboard and saves your shoes from absorbing dust and dirt from the outside. 


Nilkamal Multipurpose Rack 03 (Marble Beige)

It is a compact, minimalistic, budget-friendly rack with three open shelves to declutter your home corner. It is a multipurpose rack that is lightweight and easily movable. If you do not have many shoes, keep your essentials on the first row and shoes on the bottom.


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Nilkamal Claymont Engineered Wood Shoe Cabinet

If you want a tall and  trending shoe rack,  the Claymont  wooden shoe rack  is a go-to option. It has a shutter compartment with enough storage space to stock all your footwear without a mess. You can keep them in your entryway to accommodate your family and guests' shoes/slippers. The classic walnut shade gives inviting vibes, adding character to your space.  Buy shoe rack online  to add sophistication and glamour to your entryway.


Nilkamal Tuskar Shoe Cabinet

Are you looking for an elegant design encompassing a shutter compartment and drawer? This Nilkamal's Tuskar  shoe cabinet  is a stylish alternative with levelled shelves and industry-standard MDF for resistance that helps you do away with unsightly footwear crowded near the front door and hall entrance.


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Buy from various  shoe rack designs  from Nilkamal to create Pinterest-worthy home decor and declutter your space.  Nilkamal Furniture  has exquisite collections of wooden shoe rack,  plastic shoe racks, and plastic  shoe cabinet  categories.

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