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August 22, 2022

Redefine Your Space and Style with Everlasting Wooden Furniture

Doing up your living or work spaces can be a fantastic experience. As fun as it is, finding furniture to fit a specific room or theme could also be challenging. If you’d like to keep things simple, it is best to pick up the designs that will stand the test of time. Regardless of what is currently trending, these timeless pieces remain true to their form and function. Apart from being easy on the eye, these simplistic pieces are also often low on maintenance. 

If you already have furniture that matches a timeless piece's fundamental qualities, that’s great! If not, browse the extensive range of  wooden furniture  availableonline . With any choice, you can spruce up your home or office interiors in a jiffy. Read on for ideas to re-style your space on a budget or give your beloved wooden furnishings a once over so you can pass them on for generations.

Types ofWooden Furniture and Taking Care


Consider re-arranging this living room staple. Moving around the  sectionals  can make a world of difference to the space. You could also consider giving 1, 2 or 3-seaters  sofas  a new look and feel with a set of slip-on covers, printed cushions, or by adding a handmade throw. 

You could include seasonal elements to perk up your trusted  coffee table.  Depending on the time of the year, you could choose to place fresh flowers in a vase, use scented candles or a bowl of potpourri to lift your spirits. 

Upkeep basics: A round of dusting once every two months is essential to make sure sofa sets and other living room furniture sustain the wear and tear to which they are exposed. Use a soft cotton rag or cloth to wipe it clean if made of wood. You could also consider using microfiber cloth and feather dusters.  

Read about the amazing sofa sets from Nilkamal.


No matter which size or type is the highlight of your everyday retreat, you can choose from a range of furnishings and decor elements to give it an all-new look. Depending on the theme or ultimate look you wish to create, you could opt for bed sheets, quilts, and comforters in a particular colour or print.  

You could consider adding a nightstand or wooden bedside table to put away your book, phone, glasses or other paraphernalia before you doze off. This way, you also get to keep essentials within arm’s reach. If you already have one, consider adding a bedside lamp, and it can instantly warm up the ambience and give an additional dose of light to the room.

Another often overlooked basic is the mattress. If you have not had a deep slumber in a while, the bed (and you) need a new one. Check out the wide-ranging  mattress collection  to choose one that will help you rest well.

Starting from scratch, you can check out  Nilkamal  online store, which has a huge  bed collection  with  modern furniture design  and classic design options. 

Upkeep basics: Use a vacuum cleaner to rid beds and bed frames free of dust. You must regularly clean other bedroom furniture like  bedside tables,  dressing tables, and  wardrobes.


‘A family that eats together stays together.’ With minor changes in décor, you can easily make your dining space more inviting. You could use an attractive runner, candle stands (with candles!) or a floral arrangement as centrepieces on the  dining table.  Using sets of plates, cups, bowls or other delightful ceramic ware to serve food can make a simple one-pot meal feel like a feast! 

Upkeep basics: Dining tables are prone to spills, rings and other stains. For a quick rescue, use water mixed with vinegar, and this combo is known to remove even the most stubborn stains. Use table covers, placemats, coasters and the like as preventive measures. 

Read how to choose right dining table for your home.


Unwind, relax, and let nature work her soothing magic. You can make the most of such blissful outdoor spaces in your home by including a  garden sofa,  a bench or some other form of seating. You could also add garden  swings  or  outdoor chairs  if there is ample space. If you have a small balcony, you can still take heart – you can work wonders with some railing planters, foldable wooden furnishings, and a couple of pretty cushions thrown in together! 

You could also try some DIY solutions; For instance, you can give a new lease of life to an old wooden office chair. Use chalk paint to transform it into a delightful garden chair. 

Upkeep: Outdoor furniture can do well with regular cleaning, at least once every three months. Since they are exposed to UV exposure, moisture and dirt, you could consider adding a layer of protection. Oil-based solutions are an excellent option to preserve the integrity of the surface and the inner layers of the garden furniture. 

Study Table

You can boost your productivity with a clutter-free  study table  and an  ergonomic chair.  A quick way to create more desk space is to include additional  storage  in your study or home office. If you are furnishing the work area from scratch, you can explore desks with storage or opt for file racks,  book cases,  and cabinets to stay organised. 

Upkeep: Wood table tops and surfaces we frequently touch are breeding grounds for bacteria. Using anti-bacterial sprays and wood-friendly cleaning products can significantly ease your cleaning routine.  


Modern furniture design  or strictly old-school design options- you can find an assortment of options online. With collections for the living room,  dining area,  bedroom,  kids,  and more furniture available at your fingertips – a world of convenience is waiting to be explored. Your furniture choices can exude personality and individualism in office spaces or living spaces.
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