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December 15, 2023

Timeless Elegance: Evolving Center Table Styles, Classic to Contemporary


This article will give you an idea about the evolution of centre tables, bridging the classic to the contemporary with finesse. Transitioning into the contemporary sphere, explore innovative materials like sleek metals and glass that redefine modern aesthetics. The discussion extends beyond mere aesthetics, delving into the multifaceted purposes this  center table for living room  serves. This  center table  serves versatile purposes, from being a social hub to offering practical storage solutions. Also, you will get an idea about the various materials, styles and utilities of these classic to a  modern center table  and how they seamlessly integrate into your eclectic interior design schemes. 



Living rooms serve as the gathering space for family members at the end of a busy day, providing a venue for sharing stories, enjoying tea sessions, and relaxing. The center table, positioned as a focal point in the room, plays a crucial role in balancing these gatherings. These versatile pieces can be available in various materials, colour options, storage facilities, designs, price ranges, etc. They are of different shapes, such as a  round center table,  oval  coffee table,  square  glass top coffee table,  and more. For some  center table,  you can find storage spaces under them to place your belongings for your convenience. This blog aims to explore the diverse types of  coffee table  and how they can be utilised to optimise space in your rooms. Explore a  center table for living room  options online to organise your space and elevate your home decor. 

Role of Centre Tables in Your Living Room

Being a centre of attraction in your living room, these centre tables play a significant role in both functionality and aesthetics in your daily life. 

Social Interaction Hub


The  center table  functions as a social hub within your room by encouraging interpersonal interaction among family members or friends. The placement of this table plays an important role in the social gathering. The table's surface provides a convenient and comfortable place to sit or stand, fostering face-to-face interactions. Apart from that, placing items such as snacks, drinks, etc., on the centre table makes them easily accessible to everyone in the room. This accessibility encourages people to gather around the table, promoting a sense of togetherness. Moreover, a  round center table  is particularly effective in promoting interactions. 

Aesthetic Enhancement


The  center table for living room  significantly contributes to the overall visual elegance and style of your space. Aesthetic features are crucial in interior design, as they influence the ambience and look of your room. You can find tables in an array of designs, ranging from traditional wooden styles to glass-made  modern center table,  like the  Nilkamal Vinton Center Table (Brown).

Colours and Finishes

You can find these tables in a plethora of colours and finishes to suit your diverse room decor. From subtle shades to darker shades, they are available in smooth-finished, glossy, and matte finishes to elevate your interior. 




The shape of the  center table  adds to the overall visual balance of your room. Whether it's a round wooden table like the  Nilkamal Fancie Wooden Coffee Table (Dark Brown),  a rectangular, smooth-edged  coffee table  or an oval contemporary design, the table's shape plays a role in your room's aesthetics.



The choice of materials, such as wood, glass and  plastic coffee tables,  influences the visual texture and style of the centre table. Apart from the aesthetics, the material of furniture also adds to its durability or life. Traditional wooden tables can provide warmth, while  glass top coffee table  or metal  coffee table  can convey a sleek and modern aesthetic. Moreover, these glass-top coffee tables are easy to clean. 


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Practical Convenience

A  center table,  strategically placed in the room, offers a practical and convenient surface for various activities and items. They can function as a convenient space to place everyday items such as coffee mugs, snacks, daily newspapers and decor items like idols, flower vases, indoor plants, etc. It enhances the overall convenience of the living space, making it more user-friendly and enjoyable for you. 


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Storage Options

Most of the  center table for living room,  such as the  Nilkamal Iris Center Table (Grey),  comes with ample storage space beneath the top. You can see that many centre tables are crafted with built-in compartments, drawers, or shelves, offering an organised space to store various items, including old newspapers, books, mobile chargers, TV remotes, etc. By adding these storage elements, the  center table  helps minimise visual clutter in your living room. It becomes a convenient spot for not only displaying decorative items but also for keeping essentials within easy reach. 

Coordination With Seating


This refers to the alignment and visual harmony achieved between the  center table  and the surrounding seating elements within a room. This  center table for living room  acts as a connecting element, bridging various seating pieces like sofas and chairs. It plays a key role in making a cohesive and uniform look in the room. This coordination also ensures consistency with the overall design theme of your room. 

Means of Self-expression


The choice of a  center table  is a means of self-expression and a reflection of your unique taste and aesthetic preferences. When selecting a centre  coffee table,  you can have the opportunity to showcase your style by opting for a design, material, and overall aesthetic that resonates with you. 


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Versatility Across Spaces


The centre table is adaptable and shows its ability to complement and enhance various areas within a home. For your bedrooms, you can use  side tables  near your bed for placing items like alarms, mobile phones, lamps, water bottles, etc. In addition, home office setups provide a designated space for laptops, documents, etc. Also, some of these tables are designed to withstand diverse outdoor conditions, making them suitable for patios, decks, or garden areas.


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Final Thoughts

Choosing the right centre table can help you both aesthetically and functionally. You can opt for the table, which is durable, sturdy, and of matching with your home decor. They can also help you with convenient storage and free up your living area. Also, you can browse the extensive collection of these  center table including  glass top coffee table, round center table,  plastic  coffee table  and other products at  Nilkamal Furniture.  So why wait? Explore the vast range online and buy one that suits your preferences.

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