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May 18, 2023

Modular Bed Designs to Give a Stunning Makeover to Your Bedroom

If you think your current bedroom looks dull, then it’s time to revamp it with a refreshingly modern design while investing in some modern furniture pieces. Having a serene bedroom setting featuring classy silhouettes and clean lines can help you feel rejuvenated and fresh when waking up. However, the first things that you need to pay attention to are the basics, like buying a  modular bed,  high-quality mattress, and soft pillows to feel recharged after every nap. When you invest in a quality bed with a modular design, you can transform your bedroom into a peaceful retreat to de-stress and energise by sleeping comfortably. Plus, choosing wardrobes and incorporating them with bedroom furniture will help in storing all your stuff to offer a clutter-free look.


A revamped bedroom with a  modular bed  can be a perfect  gift to self  if you worked hard last month and wish to pamper your sore joints with a spacious  Nilkamal modular bed  and firm mattress. Tap into your creativity to revamp your bedroom to make it more inviting and ravishing to meet your resting preferences. Read this blog to learn about the different bedroom designs that can incorporate modular beds to transform the place into a comfortable abode. Whether you wish to mimic the bedroom that you loved when staying at a posh hotel or try to create a minimalist bedroom with  modular bed design  elements, choose from various styles of beds and mattresses.


Top Bedroom Styles Suitable for Modern Beds


Mid-century Modern Bedroom: For A Laidback Retreat

Homeowners are keen to incorporate the mid-century modern theme into their bedrooms, as it is the epitome of the collaboration between comfort and function. Transform your bedroom into a stunning abode by adding interesting elements of traditional décor while choosing a  modular bed with storage  to flaunt a clutter-free look. Sleek furniture pieces will complement the rustic décor of the room while helping you get rid of the stress and anxiety related to work as soon as you step inside.


Selecting the  Galaxy Max Bed With Storage  for your bedroom makeover will be a great choice, as it flaunts impressive grace while supporting impeccable utility. It lends a distinct charm to your bedroom while giving you an efficient storage solution. This  modular bedroom design  is a good option for your compact-sized bedroom, as it can serve as a bed while doubling up as a storage box. This  bed with box storage  is designed with a comfortable headboard featuring a marble pattern and studded with LED lights to create an illuminating effect. You can add a couple of  bedside tables  to the  modular bed design  to place a vintage-style bedside lamp and a few metal figurines belonging to previous centuries to give it a perfect mid-century yet modern look.


Scandinavian Bedroom: When Comfort Meets Style

Bedrooms created in Scandinavian style are touted for their cosy-chic interior elements and simple furniture that serves the desired purpose, which is a  gift to self.  Furniture pieces with lots of textures, a clean look, natural décor, and soft neutral wall colours make up this style of bedroom. If your bedroom enjoys a lot of natural sunlight, then the Scandinavian design can be an apt choice to create a warm and exciting feeling at the same time when using the  bed with box storage.  Go for  Slew Bed With Box Storage  in a walnut wood shade to complement the light-coloured window screen, and add a rug in a contrasting shade to create an impressive look.


Choosing a  king size bed with hydraulic storage like the  Electra Premier Bed with Full Hydraulic Storage,  built with solid rubberwood with a rustic headboard, is a perfect choice for this bedroom style makeover. This  Nilkamal modular bed  has a hydraulic storage feature with dual drawers and two storage compartments to stuff your bedsheets and other things without any clutter. To go well with the bedroom theme, choose pillow covers and linens in earthen shades to complement the  Maple Max Wood Bed with Box.  Add a few potted interior plants to add a pop of green colour to your bedroom.


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Art Deco Bedroom: The Maximalist Style

If the maximalist style has always made you fall in love, it is time to give your bedroom an art deco makeover. This  modular bedroom design  is all about using glamorous details, an upholstered bed, embellished decor, and linens or curtains in bold colours with catchy designs. Showcase your love for eclectic glam by opting for moody wall colours that have a calming and soothing effect. Feel special and essential when you walk into the art deco bedroom featuring striking furniture pieces that make a statement about your elevated style preferences.


If your bedroom has wooden floors, choose the  Noir Premier Bed,  designed with a complete hydraulic storage solution to pack your belongings neatly to create a neat look. The modern headboard is wrapped in soft PVC upholstery in a brown colour to complement the rustic look. Feel like a royal when sleeping on the  king size bed with hydraulic storage  featuring an upholstered headboard that lends a hint of luxury. This bed is crafted with premium fabric to cover the headboard and take your comfort level to new heights. Opt for light fixtures with gold accents that spot loud geometric designs to light up the cosy bedroom space, throwing glow on the swanky interior elements. Invest in heavy linens made from heavy materials and rich textures to decorate your modular bed with storage.


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Transforming your bedroom into a stunning place that best reflects your tastes can be a joy-filled activity when you can find a suitable modular bed that goes well with the makeover theme. Visit  Nilkamal Furniture  to find modular beds with hydraulic storage, semi-hydraulic storage, box storage, and more to cater to your sleeping and storage needs at affordable prices. To enhance the overall look, ensure you complement the furniture by adding linens, curtains, rugs, decor, and wall colours.

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