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December 07, 2022

Stylish Bedside Tables by Nilkamal Furniture to enhance your bedroom decor

The bedroom is where we relax after a hectic day, sleep and rejuvenate to gear up for the next day. So, it’s no wonder everyone puts in a lot of effort when selecting the bed, mattress, and bedding. After all, a comfortable and cosy bed and bedding guarantee a relaxing sleep. And sound sleep is the basis of good physical and mental health. It enhances your productivity and elevates your mood. However, despite all the consideration and spending a good amount on a bed and mattress, sometimes your bedroom may not feel so comfortable and relaxing as it lacks a  small bedside table

You may argue how a bedside table can alter your comfort when you have a comfy bed. Well, your bed is for relaxing and sleeping and serves its purpose well. But when you have to get up from your bed to get a glass of water in the middle of the night or morning, or your mobile pokes your back while sleeping, or when you feel sleepy but have to get up to keep the book, you were reading, or your alarm clock is too far away from your bed, you get irritated. 

All these seem like minimal issues, but they alter your sound sleep and mood. And even a  small bedside table  can work magic to make your bedroom your sleep sanctuary.  Bedside tables  are not just decor pieces. But they are essential and highly functional furniture pieces. For example, a  side table with drawers for bedroom  is helpful to keep your mobile, book, medicines, charger, water glass, and many other things you need beside you during the night at arm’s length. A  side table with drawers for bedroom  is a convenient furniture piece for your nighttime essentials and enhances your bedroom aesthetic. A beautiful design of a  modern bedside table  makes your bedroom more comfortable and stylish. Read ahead to learn about the various designs of  bedside cabinets  and  side tables for bedroom  by  Nilkamal furniture.

Bedside table Designs

You can easily elevate the overall décor of your  bedroom  by adding a  wooden bedside table.  Side tables for bedroom  are must-have furniture pieces as they add beauty and functionality to your sleeping abode. A  wooden bedside table  is a perfect place to keep all your nighttime belongings as you wind down for sleep and display a beautiful lamp or décor piece. Here are the various designs of  bedside tables  for you to choose from:

Minimalistic Bedside Table

A minimalistic bedside table is perfect for any décor or  bed.  Whether you have an iron, wood or any other bed, it will complement it perfectly without overshadowing it. The minimalistic soothing design is impactful and functional. The simple stool-inspired design is perfect for keeping all your belongings. You can use the top to keep your mobile, night lamp, vase, or alarm clock, and the bottom to keep books, magazines, etc. The open design without drawers is ideal for people who don’t have many things to keep at their bedside. 

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Modern Bedside table

For the contemporary bedroom décor, a  modern bedside table  design is perfect. They are designed keeping in mind functionality with elegance. The compact size adds elegance to your bedroom without standing out and can be easily shifted anytime. Available in various finishes and colours, they offer ample choice. The simplistic design of a drawer with a bottom shelf is ideal for storing and keeping all your belongings, reducing your need to add extra storage space to your bedroom. As you can store everything in the drawer and the shelf, you can use the bedside table top for aesthetic beauty. Display a lovely lamp, vase, or your favorite family photo to elevate your bedroom look. 

Elegant Double Drawer Bedside Table

The  double-drawer bedside table  is for you if you prefer to keep all your stuff in drawers and don’t like open shelves. You can keep all your stuff, such as medicines, lotions, books, chargers, etc., in the drawers. The spacious two-drawer design has enough space to keep all your belongings. Utilise the bedside table top for keeping your mobile, water glass, etc. The no-fluff, elegant design is practical and cohesive with all kinds of bedroom décor. 

Simplistic Bedside Stool

You already have enough storage space in your bedroom and don’t want it to make it look stuffy. But there is nothing beside your bedside, so it seems a bit incomplete. To add a touch of simplistic décor to your bedroom, you can opt for a bedside stool than a bedside table with drawers. The bedside  stool  is perfect when you need minimal space to keep your mobile, water glass, or watch. 

Stylish Curve-edged Bedside Table

To add a lot of glamour to your bedside, go for a sculpted nightstand. The stylish upgrade of a stool design with curve edges is perfect. With curvy legs and a round-edged top, this bedside table will be a lovely addition to your room. This design is trendy with a timeless appeal, guaranteed to amp up the look of your bedroom. The bedside table top is perfect for keeping small objects, and you can use the quirky bottom for books and magazines.

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Bedside tables are perfect for adding aesthetic value and functionality to your bedroom. A stylish bedside table is a must to ensure sleep time is convenient. For ample options of beautiful and affordable bedside tables,  Nilkamal furniture  is the best choice.
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