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December 08, 2022

Tips to Keep You Warm and Cosy in Bed This Winter 

As the winter months creep in, everyone desires a cosy night's sleep. But, despite being in  bed  for long, sound sleep comes after hours of tossing and turning and trying to feel warm. Sometimes, going to a cold  bed  feels like an arduous task. Most people take the help of a room heater to make their bedrooms warm. However, a room heater can have specific adverse effects on the body. And also, instead of making your bedroom feel cosy, it makes it stuffy. However, you can easily make your bedroom warm and comfortable without switching the heater. For a sound sleep during cold and long winter nights, you can insulate yourself and feel warm by making a few changes in your sleeping environment. Explore the wide range of  wooden bedroom furniture  to prepare your bedroom for winter.

Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Warm and Cosy

You can make your  bed  and  bedroom  environment warm and cocooned for cold winter nights with a few changes. Warmth is not an abstract concept but how you feel in your bedroom. To infuse warmth in your bedroom, you can follow these décor ideas:

Go for Wooden furniture

One convenient way to warm your bedroom is to go for  wooden bedroom furniture.  Wood is one of the warmest furniture materials. So, instead of a  metal bed  or chairs, choose wooden bed,  chairs,  tables, etc. A wood  king size bed  or  queen size bed  will restrict the coldness from air and floor to transfer to your  mattress.  Hence, making your mattress cosy and warm, perfect for snuggling in and sleeping off. Also, if you have wooden chairs, you don't feel cold when you sit in them.   

Always invest in Good quality Mattresses

A comfortable  mattress  makes a cosy bed. A good quality  mattress  will make you comfortable, relaxing, and relaxed for a sound sleep. Poor-quality mattresses can make you clammy and uncomfortable, resulting in poor sleep and waking up with aches and body pain. You can purchase a high-quality mattress or  double mattress  to ensure you get the proper sleep surface, support and warmth for a good night's sleep. 

Add a Bedside Table/Nightstand

Waking up in the middle of the night for water to keep your mobile or spectacles is annoying, especially in the winter season. Once you have snuggled in your warm bed, then getting up for anything is a tedious task. Therefore, purchase a  nightstand  or  bedside table  to ensure that you don't need to get out of your bed. You can keep your nighttime essentials, such as water, mobile, medicines, lotion, etc., on thenightstand. It is a highly functional and essential furniture piece to invest in for winter comfort and an all-year-round cosy sleep. 

Extra Pillows

Make sure you have multiple fluffy  pillows  to add warmth and cosiness to your bed. Piles of pillows make your bed and bedroom look cosy and relaxing. Also, when you are reading or working in bed, the pillows provide ample comfort and support. Use pillows of various sizes, materials, and colours for extra depth, warmth and texture in your bedroom. 

Go for soft blankets and duvets

Nothing warms you up in bed more than a duvet or heavy blanket. You will get the best sleep cocooned in the cosy warmth of the soft blankets. A rough blanket that irritates your skin will not let you sleep comfortably. So, ensure your blankets are warm and of soft material. Blankets and duvets with soft touch feel will relax and soothe you for a sound sleep.  

Add a rug

To drastically warm up your bedroom, you can add a rug or two to your bedroom. The rug will add texture and depth to your bedroom floor, giving off a feeling of warmth. Nowadays, carpets are available in various sizes, colours and designs. So, you will find the perfect one that suits your bedroom décor. Also, when you go to the bathroom, get up in the morning, or walk into your bedroom, the soft padding of the rug will keep your feet warm, protecting you from the cold floor. Make sure to get the carpet of the appropriate size per your furniture. A small rug that doesn't accommodate all your furniture will make your bedroom look cramped. A rug accommodating all your furniture will make your bedroom look spacious and open. 

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Bring in Greenery

During winter months, your bedroom is a closed space. So, sometimes due to closed windows and doors, it may feel stuffy. To ensure your bedroom is warm and airy, keep fresh plants in your bedroom. Plants will add life and freshness to your bedroom due to their air-purifying properties. Also, greenery helps you relax and improves your physical and mental well-being. 

Additional tips to keep you warm in bed in winter

You have made your bed warm and cosy for the winter months. Additionally, you can follow the below tips to keep yourself warm to enjoy a night of sound sleep: 

  • Wear winter-suitable night clothes- To keep yourself warm and comfortable during the night, wear winter-suitable night clothes such as a long T-shirt with pyjamas. Don't go for synthetic fabrics; opt for natural ones for more warmth. If you have cold feet, consider wearing socks to bed to keep your feet warm. 
  • Warm water bath or bottle- A soothing bath with warm water before bed can relax and prepare you for a sound sleep. Also, if you feel freezing, take a hot water bottle to bed with you. 
  • Warm drink before bedtime- Enjoy a warm beverage of your choice before bed to warm you up. If you don't like coffee or tea before bed, go for milk or plain water to keep yourself hydrated.

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Get inspired by these ideas to make your bedroom warm and cosy this winter. These simple and effective tips will make you enjoy a sound sleep on chilly nights. Check out the stylish range of bedroom furniture by  Nilkamal furniture  to make your bedroom winter ready.
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