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September 13, 2022

This Navratri brings prosperity to your household by giving your home decor a stunning makeover. It is the right time to do it if you are thinking of making some changes to your living space. Festive celebrations are incomplete without family and friends. Impress your guests with trendy furniture and create memorable moments. Whether you are hosting a house party for your friends or planning a family reunion over the weekend, a comfortable seating arrangement is essential to flow the conversation smoothly. Your living room furnishings play a significant role in showcasing the overall beauty of your home as it is the centre point of attraction. Let's take a look at the vital things that need to be taken care of while buying a new sofa set. 

Follow This Guide To Purchase The Perfect Sofa For Your Home

Kickstart the festivities on the right note by purchasing the ideal  sofa set  for your living room. Consider these factors while making your decision to choose the right fit.


Choosing the right material is essential if you want a sofa that provides comfortable seating and is easy to clean. Fortunately, there are many types of fabrics to choose from available online. Whether you are looking for a material that makes your living room look luxurious or a durable fabric that lasts long and suits your lifestyle, there is a couch fabric out there for everyone. You can opt for materials like wood, metal, cotton, linen and polyester as they are budget-friendly and durable. If you want something a little bit different, you can pick leather or velvet fabric as they look sumptuous. Cotton can be a great choice as it withstands high temperatures, does not wrinkle and gives comfy vibes. 

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Room size and shape

Size is a major consideration when purchasing  living room furniture.  You should ensure it fits in your space conveniently, as the sofa will be the focal point of your room. To measure the couch, examine the entire space where you want to keep the sofa set. You should also measure the height and width of that room to understand which sofa shape and size will fit properly and clearly. Doorways and ceiling height should also be checked so that you don't have to face any troubles when the couch arrives. Browse online to check the various types of  sofas  and pick the one that suits you best. It is recommended to refer to the sizing chart to choose the right fit. 


It's easy to get attracted by how the sofa looks, but buying such a sofa is not worth it if it's uncomfortable to sit on. So, make sure to choose a couch that has comfortable seats and cushions. You need to check from different positions of the sofa if its cover fits correctly and feels soft while you use it. You might spend many hours on this couch, binge-watching your favourite series or just lounging on a lazy Sunday. If the sofa is rough and does not offer comfort, you may get back pain or aches. So, you should pick one where you can lie down and rest comfortably. A wide range of cushion covers, pillows,  side tables  and other living room furnishing sets are available online. 

Back support

Apart from the bed, a couch is the most used piece of  furniture  in your home. People use a sofa to lounge while watching their favourite shows and even during family gatherings. So, checking its height, depth and fill are important to ensure that your time spent on the sofa does not lead to muscle strains or backbone pain. Choose a couch that offers a good amount of lumbar support, has ideal seat height, and is not too firm or soft. A sofa set with the right back support promotes a healthy back and effectively takes care of your spine. Recliner sofas and sectional sofas can be great choices. 

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Select a sofa made of durable materials with a long lifespan of at least 3 to 5 years. One of the easiest ways to determine its longevity is to check the quality of the frame. A solid frame is an essential component of a good sofa. Cushioning construction of the couch should also be considered sturdy, implying the sofa can last long. You can opt for couches made of soft wood such as pine, kiln-dried oak, ash and more. Check the arms and legs of the sofa to analyse if it is strong and sturdy. These features not only help make the sofa bed last longer but also give it a stylish look. 

Wall decor

Choose a sofa set that blends gracefully with your wall decor and enhances the overall look of your living room. If your room decor is modernised, you should select a couch with a minimalist design so that it complements your home's wall decoration and colour. You can choose beige, white or grey-coloured sofas. If your living space has a traditional theme, you can opt for a couch with standard colours like beige, black or brown to make your room look elegant. Patterned sofas are also in trend, and you can check out the various designs online. 

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Festivals like Diwali and Navratri welcome new energy and make a fresh start. By purchasing an elegant set of sofas and other useful furniture like  side tables,  you can add a spark to the interiors of your living room for festivities. A good sofa set will make your home look stylish and also give you a good posture. Shop at  Nilkamal  from the comfort of your home and get your favourite products delivered to your doorstep.
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