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June 14, 2023

Easy Ways to Take of Your Wooden Furniture During Monsoon

Monsoons bring much-needed relief from the hot and humid weather. With the lush greenery all around and everything looking so good, the rainy season also brings termites, dampness, and fungus, so some things require extra care during this season. The  wooden furniture  is one of them! Due to the elegance and utility they bring to your homes,  wooden furniture  is a common sight in every household. However, it is critical to maintain the shine and lustre of these  furniture  pieces, especially during the monsoon season.


No matter how high-quality your  wooden furniture  is, it requires extra care during the monsoon season to ensure its longevity. Follow this  furniture care guide  to learn how to protect your valuable  furniture  pieces during this monsoon season so that they can improve the look of your home for a longer period. Whether looking for  tv unit furniture  for your  living room  or modern all-purpose  bed furniture,  provide high-quality, long-lasting  wooden furniture  at reasonable prices. They are available in various designs and are sure to complement the vibe of the space.


How Should You Care For Your Wooden Furniture During the Monsoon?

During the monsoons, certain factors such as dampness and high moisture cause fungus and pests that create havoc, making it more critical than ever to take special care of our  wooden furniture.  Some pointers to remember are:


Regular Polishing Is the Key!

When the  furniture  is brand new,  all enjoy its gleam. However, the shine fades as time passes due to constant wear and tear and dirt accumulation. As a result, you must get your furniture polished after a certain period to maintain its shine and keep it looking new forever. One tip to remember when having your  wooden furniture  polished is to avoid getting it polished during peak monsoon season. It is critical to allow the pieces to dry thoroughly in the sun after applying a coat of polish or varnish. If polished during the monsoon season, they do not receive enough sunlight to dry, allowing moisture to seep into the surfaces and attract pests.


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Keep Wet Clothes at Bay!

Many of you may be perplexed by the title and wonder why anyone would do such a thing! But believe us when we say that with the rain pouring all day and no place to dry your clothes, you may dry them on the  furniture.  Damp clothes draw moisture into the  furniture,  making it a breeding ground for pests. During the monsoon season, it is always recommended to use an indoor clothes rack to avoid the hassle of drying your clothes all over the house, which can ruin the appearance of the space. To clean the  furniture  surfaces, always use a dry cloth. Using wet clothes to clean them can cause damage to your  sofa,  bed furniture,  or even  tv unit furniture,  as well as soften the finish of the wood.


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Keep Them From Touching the Walls

It is always a good idea to keep  wooden furniture  a few inches away from the walls, especially those facing the outside of the building. There is a possibility of seepage in the walls due to the constant rain hitting the walls. Furthermore, if the  wooden furniture  like  sofa  is placed too close to the wall, the moisture may damage it. You should also keep them away from windows or doors where they could come into contact with rainwater. Bring all  outdoor furniture  inside or set it aside when it rains heavily to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. It is also recommended that the  furniture  be kept in well-ventilated areas so that the higher moisture content in closed spaces does not damage them by reducing the chances of mould growth. When it's not raining, keep the windows open to keep the space airy and flowing.

Invest in dehumidifiers.


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Humidity is the enemy of  wooden furniture.  With the weather being so humid, it is critical to keep the environment dry to keep your luxurious  tv unit furniture  or multi-functional  bed furniture  from absorbing moisture and eroding day by day. You should invest in good dehumidifiers to avoid this situation. There are many different types of dehumidifiers on the market, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. If you don't want to spend money on dehumidifiers, you can go back to the basics by using camphor or naphthalene balls. Placing naphthalene balls in your  wardrobe  is common in many Indian households as they help remove odours and keep your clothes smelling fresh. Other traditional methods, such as neem leaves or cloves, produce the same results.


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Lubricating the Hinges

It is also advised to oil the hinges of doors and windows to prevent the creeky noise. It is common for the locks on  furniture,  drawers and doors to become stiff over time, making them difficult to open. Such edges should be thoroughly oiled to seal the surfaces where moisture can enter and damage the  furniture.  Oiling should be done before the arrival of the monsoon, as drying the  furniture  becomes difficult once the monsoon arrives. 


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Purchasing  wooden furniture  is a significant investment that should be done with caution and consideration for the long term. Replacing  bed furniture  can be inconvenient; therefore, proper care should be taken to maintain them to serve us longer. You can increase the durability of your furniture by following the  furniture care guide  above. On the  Nilkamal Furniture,  there is a wide range of  wooden furniture  available, such as  sofa,  outdoor furniture,  bed furniture,  tv unit furniture,  and many others, and you can easily order the one that suits your needs and also matches the aesthetics of your space, making your living abode the talk of the town.

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