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March 07, 2023

Ways to Commingle Different Dining Chairs for an Assorted Look

Making the right choice in  dining chairs  is one thing, and pairing them up to get the most appropriate setting is another. You deserve to design your dining room how you wish, and what better way to start than by choosing the best chairs and dining table? But How can you select the most appropriate chairs? A few pointers are mentioned in this guide that will help you choose the desired  dining chairs online  and buy them in the required numbers. 


Tips to Mix and Match Dining Chair for Unique Design


Material and Quality of the Dining Room Chairs

The best way to begin is by making a match in the materials of the  dining table  and chairs. Can you pair chairs with a different fabric for the dining table? The answer is yes. The reason being the chairs will have a unique look of their own. There will be a contrasting look to the whole dining set, which will give the entire dining room  an eclectic look. The chairs will now have their statement look and bring a positive ambience. Having an armchair with full upholstery at the ends of the table and metallic chairs in matching designs to the metallic dining table in between is one suggestion to go with. The fully upholstered chairs at the ends will give a nice contrast yet be comfortable  dining chairs  for those who want to dine in a fully rested position. Other options include metal chairs with a wooden table,  wooden dining chairs  with a marble tabletop, glass-top tables with metal chairs, etc. 


Shape and Heaviness of the Dining Room Chairs

One of the best ways to mix dining room chairs is to use chairs with contrasting weights, which positively contrasts the  dining set.  Choosing most of the chairs in a similar theme to the dining table with a matching shape and weight and adding a few chairs with a heavier design and another shape can bring about a sophisticated appearance. Differently shaped legs are one way to go when selecting different-weight chairs, and high bar type chairs or armchairs are different leg shapes. 


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Well-spaced Chairs Give an Extensive Look

When considering if you want an open-spaced look or a closed-spaced look in the dining room, you can choose the spacing between the chairs, keeping this in mind. You can make an informed choice and  buy dining chairs online India  to get that open or closed look. Adding the correct number of chairs to the dining table can bring a well-spaced appearance and a comfortable movement around. Mixed silhouettes in contrasting chairs can be a modern mixing style of differently designed chairs. Modern designs and traditional chairs can be combined in the right spacing to give a contrasting look. 


Consistent Colours with Different shapes in Dining Room Chairs

Add a tweak to the dining set by assembling dining room chairs with different shapes in the same colours. Whether you want to have director’s chairs or pine chairs, you can have contrasting shapes with similar colours to give a uniform look. 


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Table Design and Dining Room Chairs

When considering mixing and matching dining room chairs, keep in mind the shape of the table. This is important if you have a round table, as you cannot mix contrasting shapes at round tables. Mixing differently coloured chairs at round dining tables is a finer and more appealing option. 


Consider Using a Dining Bench

A  dining bench  can be a real space booster to the dining set regardless of the types of dining chairs around. The bench can serve as a seating space for two or three persons and save a lot of seating room on chairs. Children and persons of a smaller size and build can use these benches at the dining table. You can choose between an upholstered or plain bench that matches the other table chairs. 

Get Matching Dining Chairs Online from Nilkamal Furniture

Some options to consider in  dining chairs India  are listed as follows.

  • Nilkamal Vera Solid Wood Dining Chair (White)
  • The chair frame is made from solid rubber wood with an MDF board for the seating. The chairs have an AC lacquer for a durable effect. The red-coloured upholstery on the seat and back provides a comfortable yet stylish look. The contrasting red and white colour gives an elegant appeal to the chairs. 


  • Nilkamal Wonder Solid Wood Dining Chair (Honey)
  • The chairs are made from Sheesham wood and plywood seating. A melamine finish on the wood for protection makes the chairs long-lasting. The PU upholstery on the seating is waterproof, making it durable. 


  • Nilkamal Isaac Dining Chair (Black) 
  • MS steel is used to craft chairs that have a modern design. The PVC upholstery present on the seat is soft and durable at the same time. The upholstery is waterproof, allowing the chair to be used in any setting. The side rail construction in the chairs makes them an excellent choice as  dining chairs India


  • Nilkamal Nector Dining Chair (Brown)
  • The chair is made from solid acacia wood in a brown colour. There is fabric upholstery on the chair seating in white colour. The PU foam within the upholstery gives supremely soft seating. 


    Whichever way you design the dining room, make sure to have a beautiful contrast in the designs. The shapes in the chairs may be mixed and matched whilst the colours can be kept the same for an elegant appeal. Whether you choose  wooden dining chairs  or plastic, there are ample  dining chairs online India  at  Nilkamal Furniture.  Select the most appropriate  dining chair price  and  buy dining chairs online  for a convenient shopping mode. You will be ensured with suitable quality materials and attractive designs in the chairs.

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