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March 08, 2023

Say No to Pain Relief With the Best Mattresses

After a busy day out at work, we all need to sleep soundly to feel rejuvenated. This is essential to maintain a healthy regime over the long run and be fit. Regardless of the height and build of the person, the right  mattress  is out there that you can buy and use effectively. There are bedding varieties that are crafted from different kinds of materials that give a special effect. Read on to learn about the  best mattress for pain relief  available and its uses. 


Features of Various Types of Mattresses

The most common types of bedding available are  orthopaedic mattress,  memory foam mattress,  coir mattress  and  spring mattress.  The  best mattress for pain relief  available has been outlined below:


  • Memory Foam Mattress

The  memory foam mattress  is made from visco-elastic foam. This shaping material shapes up to the body's contours and spreads the weight evenly over the foam surface. Hence the person sleeping on the foam experiences relief from any pain in the body, especially in the joints. This is because the person's weight is evenly distributed without pressure on the joints. The foam also changes shape from the body heat emanating and softens according to the body's curves. This material is, therefore, ideal for those who are always cold inbed. The body heat is retained to a certain degree, which helps contour the bedding to the body shape. 

  • Orthopedic Mattress

Orthopaedic mattress  is specially designed to provide back support and overall body support in the most influential way. Not only does the bedding help relieve pain in the spinal column, but it also helps in a uniform weight distribution. The supportive layer of foam helps in body contouring whilst the pocket springs support the bones. Those patients suffering from back pain, arthritis, orthopaedic surgeries, muscular pain, etc., can recuperate n the most efficient manner on these beddings. There is no sinking feeling experienced due to the varying levels of firmness; the patient can therefore recover most efficiently. There are soft and firm layers within the bedding to provide even support at all times. 


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  • Spring Mattress

As the name suggests, a  spring mattress  contain several springs for underlying support. There are softer materials in between the springs for added comfort. Especially for heavier people, these beddings are ideal as they can quickly provide the best support. The types of soft polyfoam layers within the spring layers influence the overall comfort experienced. The thickness and quality of those plush materials and their pore sizes impact the feel of the bedding. The thickness of the spring wires is called the coil gauge, which affects the comfort experienced. 

Different kinds of springs are used in the beddings, like pocket, Bonnell, offset, and continuous coils. 


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  • Coir Mattress

The  coir mattress  is made from coconut husk coir material. Coir does not easily compress and is an ideal material for people suffering from back pain. There is no sinking feeling experienced on this bedding, and it is very supportive. The spine is aligned correctly with minimum contouring of the body shape. The bedding must be used with the right  pillow  due to the extreme firmness. Some varieties of these beddings are added with latex layers above the coir layer, which somewhat softens the surface but does not lower the overall firmness. Therefore, the firmness level differs in different kinds of these beddings. The extent of latex or foam bonded into the bedding influences firmness or softness. The heat from the body is dispersed sufficiently into the bedding, making it ideal for those who experience night sweats or hot flushes. Elderly individuals prefer airy beddings, which also provides excellent back support. 

Get the Best Mattress for Pain Relief

For a sound sleep and comfortable resting daily, check out the different kinds of bedding available at Nilkamal furniture.


Nilkamal Ortho Comfort 6" Bonnell Spring Medium Firm Mattress

This is an orthopaedic bedding that relieves back pain and helps in decreasing any body stress. The contouring nature of the bedding makes it suitable for a soft yet inner firmness. The adjusting bedding shapes up according to the body curves. There are strong edges around throughout that inhibit any sagging. 


Nilkamal Sneham XL 5" Coir Medium Soft Firm Mattress 

This is soft medium company bedding that has a thickness of five inches. It is available in an extra large size and is composed of breathable coir, PU foam, hard foam and PU foam quilt at the top surface.  


Nilkamal Flora 6" Bonnell Spring Medium Firm Mattress

This is a reversible bedding that has an even distribution of heat within. The spring-based bedding provides an incredible feeling throughout due to the airy construction. This is a medium firm bedding that is especially ideal in humid locations. 


Nilkamal Soft Bond 5" Foam Soft Mattress

The highly supporting bedding is best for those suffering from back pain. It is a completely bonded bedding that can be reversed periodically to provide a uniform surface. There is a layer of bonded foam followed by pure PU foam and super soft foam layers within. 


About one-third of our lives are spent sleeping, a mandatory part of our daily schedule. Hence, selecting the ideal bedding and bed for a good night's rest is essential. There are orthopaedic mattresses that are suitable for those suffering severe pain in the spinal column and arthritis. Foam mattresses are meant for those with joint pain, and coir mattresses are suitable for those with back pain. A spring mattress is ideal for those with hot flushes and sweating problems in bed for medical reasons. So choose and  buy mattress online  with the desired features from  Nilkamal Furniture,  where you will get attractive offers and the best prices with good quality.

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